Twilight Actors to Appear At DVD Release Parties

The Twilight movie twitter is releasing info location by location…sort of…they are releasing the cities involved.  All the cities have now been announced with the talent that will be there.  As you can see, there is no information of location aside from the city.  We don’t know what stores, but if it’s like last year they will be at various Borders, Barnes and Nobles, and Walmarts and other stores hosting midnight parties.  We will inform you if we learn anything more about their locations.

New York City:
Peter Facinelli


Edi Gathegi


Chaske Spencer & Tyson Houseman

Melissa Rosenberg

Salt Lake City:
Mike Welch, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon

Daniel Cudmore

Liz Reaser

Charlie Bewley


Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon

Los Angeles:

Nikki Reed & Chris Weitz

Pel (Laura) from the Lexicon and Kara from Twilight Moms will be doing a DVD release party and podcast at the Borders, Columbus Circle.

Borders New Moon DVD Podcast

The podcast will start at 10:00pm. We’ll be discussing our experiences on the red carpet, the set visits, current Twilight news and we’ll be doing some trivia with giveaways. Come on down and enjoy the fun!


  1. I wished I lived in New York. 🙁

  2. OMG!!!! HOPEFULLY SOME1 GOOD GOES TO BUFFALO!!! bc i might have to go over the border to the US if theres a release party bc in Canada theres none…..the walmart’s in canada r just gonna be open at midnight theres no special thing so i might go to buffalo to the borders!!!

  3. whoot! i live in new york. hv 2 find out where the party peter facinelli is attending! totally goin 2 c him.

  4. Danielle says:

    I might very well take trip down to NYC to see him… It’s only a 6 hour drive… hmm. It’s possible.

  5. I really hope Edi is gonna be at the Borders release party that i’m attending. Otherwise, i’m gonna have to crash other parties to find him…haha.

  6. Lily Cullen says:

    I wasn’t going to go but I guess I am now! Whoo! NYC! I really hope he goes to the one you’re going to, Lexicon.

  7. uuh all we get is Melissa Rosenburg in Washington? How dissapointing.

  8. Hey, anybody know where in Atlanta???

  9. missbluejuju says:

    Pittsburgh? Really?
    Holy crap. We never get ANYTHING. You’re sure that’s not a typos? LOL.

  10. I just wanna say, I love how it says Texas. Texas is HUGE. Can we narrow that down a bit? I mean, 2 hours or 2 days worth of driving is a little different haha.

  11. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    Anywhere else on the East Coast?

  12. anywhere in the midwest??? We’re actually having nice weather where I’m at. I promise it won’t rain on them!

  13. twifan18 says:

    anyone know where in NY? im only 30 mins from the city but i wanna see peter!!!!

  14. Nothing in Chicago…WOW

  15. Ummmm…yeah. You guys do know hat Texas is ginormous, right? Better be Houston. Dallas always gets the good stuff.


  17. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    SO I have to say. This place helped me out a lot last year for the twilight dvd release party. Somehow someone figured out exactly which place Catherine Hardwicke would be at and I was able to go and meet her 🙂

    This year I’ll be in NYC on vacation and, along with going to The Runaways premiere and fan event tomorrow, I’m hoping to be able to find Peter on friday for the New Moon premiere. So if anyone has any AMAZING information for me like you absolutely wonderful people did last year that would be spectacular! 😀 You guys rule!

  18. Ok, so they will be in SLC, but WHERE in SLC?????

    • My guess would be Salt Lake City, Utah.

      • I wonder if they will divide the actors to three different parties or all three to one location. I am excited for the release of New Moon. Yaaayyyy!!!!

        Last year it wasn’t even in Salt Lake City, but in Riverton which is south of SLC. I hope we find out soon so we can be prepared.

  19. Veronica says:

    Yay something is happening in Arizona for once!!! I’ll try to take to 2hr drive to Phoenix.

  20. Ok, let me get this straight, Chaske, Tyson and Daniel will be in New Orleans Saturday March 20th for Vampire Baseball? But not one cast member will be here in New Orleans for any of the release parties?? What’s up with that????

  21. Don’t worry Denise you’re not the only one disappointed. I live near enough to Chicago that I could have easily made one if someone was coming. But alas, no one. I find it strange because of the small fact that Chicago is the birth place of Edward. I understand we got Nikki last year, but unfortunately, I was unable to go because I didn’t know until about an hour before and it takes me a good two hours to get to the city. And this year she’s in LA. Hopefully my friend does find the place because she has promised to send me a signed copy if she does.

  22. I think it really sucks that people are complaining about who they got in their city. At least they got someone. I’m from Chicago and we aren’t get anything. Like someone else mentioned, Edward was friggin’ born in Chicago and was turned by Carlisle there!! Throw us a friggin’ bone!
    Maybe wishful thinking….we will get a special guest like Rob, Kirsten, Taylor or Anna?? yeah right

  23. FINALLY a Cullen in Arizona!!!! Showing the hometown some LOVE! Thank goodness! Hopefully I can find her or I will be sad.

  24. any idea when they will release “where” in each city?

  25. Excited that someone is coming to Arizona, but I wished more details of where will be given!!

  26. I’ve been looking all over for info on the Cinci release party…anyone know where in Cincinnati this is going to happen!??!?!

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