Examiner interviews Rob Pattinson

The Examiner has a new interview with Rob Pattinson about love, fans, and “Water for Elephants.” Be sure to read the article on their website for information not found in the video.


  1. I have that book (Water for Elephants) it’s kind of slow in the beginning so I haven’t finished it. My friend says it’s a good book. I might give it another try soon before the movie comes out.

    • oh my goodness says:

      Seriously look for the transcript and read that, then you’ll get passed that first part. I thought the same thing – very hard to get passed the first 50 pages – but then it really picks up! The transcript is good, but the book is better – I’m not quite done with it yet.

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      yeah, it’s a real good book. i’d say definitely keep on plugging and it’ll pick up.

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  2. Water for elephants is an amazing novel. I’m happy Robert”s a part of it. 馃檪

  3. The book is a really slow starter, but it gets better. I could so see Rob in the lead.

    He is also getting much better at interviews…he hardly giggled or played with his hair at all! LOL Of course, the interviews are just as good with the volume off!

  4. i am impressed with how well he is getting a grasp on the whole “fame monster” I think he is dealing well, also his interviews are getting better, not that I haven’t always enjoyed them, but he seems more comfortable.

  5. Yay I heard Rob was up for this role! I read the book a few days ago for that reason and the book is AMAZING! Rob is perfect for the role of Jacob! Hope he does do it!

  6. LOOOOVE HIMMMM!!!!!!!!

  7. Alexandra Rey says:

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  8. owl_lover says:


    why must they take EVERYTHING, every good book out there and turn it into a movie?

    it’s so unnecessary.
    ‘water for elephants’ is one of my favorite books.
    this is breaking my heart.

    • I think Water for Elephants has a really good chance to be a great movie, the cast is amazing! Rob, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. And the script was on the black list, if I remember correctly. People who have read it think it has oscars written all over it, especially as Waltz is in, his character is incredible. I can’t wait to see this. Rob chooses so good projects, I’m so glad he got this one.

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