Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Presenting at the Oscars

Taylor and Kristen presented a retrospective of the horror genre.


  1. Niki Lynn says:

    Did anyone else find it ridiculous that they included Twilight/New Moon in the horror genre?

  2. Julie M. says:

    They did great! So good to see them up there.

  3. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    it was strange to add New Moon in there…. maybe it was because Kristen and Taylor were presenting? idk. but if it was there b/c it’s considered horror, wouldn’t they put the ballet scene or jacob transforming into a wolf? bella and jacob staring at each other is NOT horror. HAHAHAHA!

  4. They did? I wasn’t watching that part. I hate horror. Can’t stomach it. Well, depends. But anyways.. they were so cute!

  5. I don’t even remember seeing that… huh… I don’t remember twilight/new moon at all

  6. who cares if they were in the horror genre .. new moon got its moment at the oscars and that all that counts

  7. New Moon in the horror genre was sad to watch.

  8. Kristin looked beautiful! Taylor handsome as always.
    Well done both of you.

  9. I was also shocked about them throwing New Moon into the mix. Though Edward Scissorhands was in there also – so clearly some idiot was chosen to put that montage together.

    Kristen & Taylor looked awesome. You could tell Kristen was worried about tripping when they entered.

  10. I found it completely ridiculous that they included anything Twilight related into the horror genre…its way way too fluffy to be horror…I also found it a little comical Kristen and Taylor were even talking about horror…

  11. taylor was great. Kristen? She seems kinda nervous and she even coughed and judging by how she presented, it was kinda like she was introducing the beer-pong players in a college party. No offense to anyone who loves kristen, i’m just saying what I think. I mean, this is the Oscar awards, can she act a little elegant, and pretty-professional like?

    • I agree-she may be developing into a really good actress but she needs to work on her poise and presentation. She seems to not respect that though and wants to stay the ‘indie girl”. That attitude will only hurt her career.

      • She does respect the fact that it was the Oscars, which is why she was probably more nervous than usual. She was on stage in front of actors she has the utmost respect and awe for. She’s nervous as it is because she is such a klutz and din’t want to fall or drop anything. She dressed the part and looked glamorous. She did not wear the rings she normally wears and she left the edgy look at home. So just because she is shy, don’t say she doesn’t respect the awards. When Rob is nervous, hunches over, laughs and just rambles like an idiot, everyone says he’s hot.

  12. cynthia says:

    that’s the thing… she was herself. i don’t think she necessarily wants to be the “indie girl.” she seemed like she was very much like she is in each interview, a little fidgety. maybe a little nervous, yes. perhaps she’s having allergies or a cold, and that’s why she coughed. if she keeps delivering such performances and stays as popular as she is, she may have more opportunities to wear long fancy dresses and walk down staircases and speak into microphones in front of thousands of people. but i don’t think that means she’ll suddenly have the “grace and poise” of kate winslet. she’ll still be kristen stewart. 🙂 and that’s okay.

  13. Folks generally speaking…. ANYTHING with a werewolf or vampire in it is almost ALWAYS considered horror, because werewolves and vampires are horror icons. The only time this will be an exception is IF, the story is somewhere along the lines of a fantasy such as LoTR or Harry Potter. Whether you like it or not, even though the Twilight Saga doesn’t delve too far into traditional horror motifs, it is still going to be considered horror, just because of the fact of its relations to the genre.

  14. I thought it was ok for them to present the horror section. I mean both Jacob and Edward refer to themselves as monsters, and I thought it brought some humor to it. I also thought that it was silly for Jacob and Bella to be included in the clips, especially due to it was the pre-wolf Jacob. There is not much scary about that.

  15. Twilight is considered part of that genre. Nothing wrong with that. Glad they were there to represent. Both seemed very nervous, a little overwhelmed, but I was glad to see them all the same.

  16. They looked beautiful! Kristen did a fine job – I would be very nervous too. People should take that in to consideration.

  17. Jennifer says:

    They did “great” except for Kristen hacking into the mike. Time to quit smoking maybe, when you can’t even make through a 5-second intro without coughing???

  18. danacullen says:

    Why is everyone so hard on Kristen? So she coughed. Other people (Miley Cryus) messed up their lines or stuttered. I bet if Rob had been up there and cpughed no one would be giving him a hard time. He probably could’ve burped out loud and everyone wouldve said “OMG, how cute is it that he can totally be himself”. Give the girl a break. She did a great job for her first presenting and she looked gorgeous.

    • Jennifer says:

      With that assumption, you are wrong. I would have knocked Rob for coughing (not cpughing) as well. It’s a disgusting habit. They are setting TERRIBLE examples for their young fans who will want to do whatever they do and they BOTH need to quit. Yeah, yeah, I know they are adults & can make their own decisions, blah, blah, blah. I stand by my statement.

      • danacullen says:

        First of all, I am aware that it is spelled “coughing”. But thank you for pointing out my typo. Secondly, while you are right, smoking is terrible and they are not setting a good example for their fans you do not know that THAT was the reason for her cough. I could have been nerves or a cold. She also did not hack INTO the mike, she turned her head and coughed away from it. My only point was she did a great job for her first time presenting and we should quit critiquing every move she makes. She in only 19 and has done very well for herself considering her age. Hopefully next time she won’t cough (or cpugh). 🙂

        • superduper says:

          ITA with your original sentiment. Vapid hollywood cookie-cutter starlets get away with so much nonsense, I think because KStew does not fit that mold, folks just don’t get her.

          Gotta love some one who picks on your spelling, that is a class act!! /sarcasm

          • Jennifer says:

            I’m entitled to my opinion, as you are to yours. I’m not saying Kristen should change who she is – just her bad habit which will kill her before her time. And I am not “HATING” on her. It bothered me so I commented on it…my right as a human. Incidentally – I can also admit when I’m wrong. It’s part of being an adult. She talks about it to Leno and explains what happened. So…fine…it wasn’t the smoking. Does that make you feel better?

            Yes, I point out people’s misspelling & typos. If it bothers you, use spell-checker. While we’re on the subject, it’s “someone” not “some one.” hahahaha

      • Julie M. says:

        You don’t know that she coughed from smoking. Maybe she has/had a cold or it could be allergies. Or hey! Maybe she was nervous. did you ever think of that?


        • Jennifer says:

          OMG! NO! I NEVER EVEN *CONSIDERED* SHE MIGHT BE NERVOUS! No need to yell. And THAT, folks, is sarcasm…

    • Exactly! Yes she was nervous. She is still learning. I am amazed that she finds the courage to put herself out there because she is shy. And yes, Miley messed up up her lines and talked way to fast and she has the stage experience.

  19. How many embarassing public appearances will Kristen dish out before we stop excusing it just because she plays Bella?

    She slouched and sulked her way down the entire red carpet. I think I’ve seen one or two pictures of her with a smile on her face. No one cares if she’s “indy” – she looks bored and conceited whenever she plasters her “I’m so much cooler than all of this” look on her face. The red carpet at the Oscars is no place for symbolic eye-rolling at the establishment.

    Taylor was great. He smiled. He stood up straight. He seemed happy to be there. He looked reporters in the eye and answered questions suscinctly. This isn’t hard.

    And any way – if she’s such a great actress, than why can’t she fake it for the red carpet and a two second presentation? She PRETENDS for a living. Pretending to be calm and gracious while dying of shyness and nerves is kind of part of the game, isn’t it?

    The cough was inexcusable. It seemed more like nerves because her up-do wouldn’t let her turn away from the camera and run her fingers through her hair.

    And PLEASE to whomever excused her pitifulness to her age and compared her to Miley Cirus. Miley is a pox on modern society that NO ONE should be looking to for guidance on anything. Is she really the bar we want to be measuring against?

    Kristen has just worn me out. Her bored, salty attitude is embarassing and I’m tired of people defending it just because she landed the role of Bella 3 years ago. As a fan, I’d love to see a better public representation for the Saga than what she’s giving us.

    • Amen Sis-tah!

    • As far as Kristen’s “attitude” goes, I highly doubt that she’s thinking she’s so much cooler than everyone. Can people just accept the fact that’s that is how she is. She’s very awkward in her presence and attitude. She was nervous as all heck at the Oscar’s and honestly the cough wasn’t that bad. If she didn’t clear her throat she probably would have ended up sounding like a toad for the rest of her lines. And if you didn’t see her face, she look embarrassed for herself because she had to cough.
      So before people go and start judging her attitude and assuming she thinks she’s all high and mighty and above everyone else, have an open mind and maybe think that she’s just that awkward all the time. Give her a break it was her FIRST Oscar’s.

    • Not everyone has to ‘smile pretty for the camera’. She will never be that kind of actress. Yes, she could use some polish where public appearances are concerned, but acting is more than just pretending, especially if you take it as seriously as Kristen does.

    • very well said, much gets over looked with Kristen because she plays Bella. behavior of an actor or actress has nothing to do with the parts they play, they are not their characters, people have a hard time separating them it seems like. I find Kristen brash and sulky, not attractive qualities to my mind. she carries herself like she belongs in a biker gang, I don’t see why people hold her up as someone to look up to.

    • Jennifer says:

      Chloe, haha! And thank you! Well said on Miley. I don’t agree with everything you said though. I do think Kristen is getting better. She was great with Leno.

      And I NEVER thought I would say this, but I am starting to appreciate her as an actress – it took watching “In the Land of Women” to do it, if you can believe that. 😀 She was just so dang stiff in Twilight but I think that had more to do with bad direction – sorry Catherine Hardwick fans (I’m sure I’ll get attacked for that statement, too but so be it). I’m not scared. hahaha

  20. Chloe, I kind of agree with you. *ducking* LOL Kristen could do a LOT better. She just doesn’t want to. Neither her nor Rob want to be “handled” by a PR person who tells them everything to say and do. They’re winging it on their own, and it shows! LOL I too would like to see her more polished in interviews. I don’t think it’s asking too much, considering how much money they get for these films. It’s a wonder Summit hasn’t INSISTED that they get speech lessons or something! LOL She embarrasses herself every time she’s in front of a microphone, and she’s well aware of it.

  21. I think you all need to get over it and stop picking everyone to pieces- the actors and each other. Get over it. Chill out. If you don’t like Kristen, fine. But you don’t need to type 12 1/2 pages about why you don’t like her. This was supposed to be a comment section on Taylor and Kristen presenting at the Oscars, so leave it at that. If you want to complain about every aspect of her life, do it somewhere else. And people cough. It happens. GET OVER IT.

    Now, as far as the presenting went- Taylor was excellent. Kristen definitely seemed nervous, but I felt like she did well. At least she didn’t say the wrong name like Cameron Diaz… (How do you confuse Steve Carrell for Jude Law?!)

    • superduper says:


    • (@SaysMe) people are commenting on Taylor and Kristen’s performance at last night’s event. It just happens Kristen did poorly at presenting herself in an appropriate fashion. She needs to get over shyness and the idea that because she’s “indie” she thinks she better than others. She plenty of other events where she has had to present so should have been prepared for all that going to award shows entails…
      Bottom line, she wasn’t poise and she was flustered and it showed and it made her look even worse.

      • Julie M. says:

        Why does she need to get over it? She doesn’t think she’s better than everyone else. Have you SEEN any of her interviews? THIS IS WHO SHE IS AND WHY WE LOVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Yes I have seen her interviews…they’re all the same. She seems totally uninterested and looks as if she doesn’t want to be there at all which is absurd because she could say no to the Oscars. I feel that if she doesn’t like the attention she’s getting (which is the way it seems by the attitude she exudes) she needs to choose a different profession…

    • With regards to Cameron Diaz confusing Jude Law and Steve Carrell that was part of the skit. It was supposed to be humourous as they were saying how beautiful and hot actors and actresses are but not necessarily Steve as he was just a replacement.

  22. switzgal says:

    First of all I’d like to say that once again Taylor delivered, was poised and very mature.

    The minute they announced them, I was expecting some awkwardness with Kristen. I don’t know she’s just either too shy for the spotlight or just want to be left alone with all the Hollywood stuff. But I ask this “Why did she get a career in showbiz” if she hates the spotlight so much? Really? It’s part of the package and if she wants to be known as a great actress someday, she’ll have to get used to it. Anna Kendrick, (which I believe has less movies under her belt) beat her to a nomination, as well as the newbie from an Education (don’t even know her name-that’s how new she is).

    If she wants to be successful in the industry she chose as her profession, she’ll have to really either get some interviewing, public speaking lessons or rethink her career choice. She looked beautiful and she’s such a pretty girl, I don’t know why she gets so uncomfortable.

    • Carey Mulligan-An Education. Carey’s first film was “Pride and Prejudice” with Kiera Knightley. I’ve also seen her in some BBC Dickens’ production.

  23. I was glad that Kristen actually looked polished and put together tonight. However, she looked uninterested when she was speaking. And she couldn’t have coughed before she went onstage? I feel that she is going out of her way to convey that she doesn’t really like Hollywood. But she’s going to havae to get used to it, after all, Hollywood is paying her check.

  24. Maelina says:

    Kristen and Taylor did well enough, they were clearly nervous but still handled it pretty well. About Kristen’s attitude, if someone mistakes her nervousness for being arrogant or disinterested, I seriously think they should get to know Kristen a bit better. Twilight fans have b*tched about her behaviour since day one, it’s getting old. She has explained many times enough already that she’s very awkward in situations like this. So what? She is who she is, maybe with time she’ll get better at it.

    • I totally agree with you! “Fans” have attacked Kristen constantly sometimes even for the very same things that Rob does. She mentioned that she was nervous about the awards, she didn’t want to fall or drop anything. She looked glamorous and dressed the part – she showed respect. And she will get better at it. When your shy, it takes practice.

    • There are some things in every job that you don’t like or don’t have a talent for. But if you want to keep your job you will have to learn. A nurse who can’t see blood will have to get over it or leave.

      • Maelina says:

        I don’t think you can compare the two professions. Shyness doesn’t affect actor’s performance in a film, it only has an effect on how the actor is perceived as a persona. I really don’t think Kristen will lose job offers because she’s not a great public speaker. As long as she gives good performances, she’ll be fine, I mean, it’s not like she’s aming at getting her own talk show.

        • Unfortunately studios (=money) will take it into account. There are quite some good young actresses. So if you have the choice between a good actress who is also good with public relations and well received by the press and one that is equally talented but not good at advertising the movie, why go for less?

          And yes, I can compare all professions. There is no job that doesn’t come with something you don’t care for, don’t have a talent for. For some of these negatives you will not even be required to get “perfect” but you will be expected to learn and give it your best. And if you can’t handle it on your own you can ask for help.

          Someone here said: she’s an actress so act when you’re in a public situation – I absolutely agree. This is what even non-actors do.

  25. Kristen looked beautiful last night, and at the BAFTA awards, BUT

    She needs old-fashioned poise and deportment lessons! I can appreciate her humility and that she is in it for the art of the craft, not the awards.
    However award shows and red carpet arrivals are a part of the PR biz of movies.

    She looked like she was uncomfortable in the situation both last night and esp. at the BAFTA rising star acceptance. i want Kristen to be herself – I also want her to be poised. Poised and being yourself do work together – try it!

  26. I think while Kristen is very comfortable in front of a camera when she is ACTING, she is NOT comfortable in front of a camera when she has to be ‘herself’. Lets keep in mind she is just a 20 year old girl who does seem rather shy in real life. I think that maybe it is just very overwhelming for her and being in the public eye like this makes her a nervous wreck. Ya, I know as an actor this comes with the territory (being in the public eye), but as a KStew fan, I would NEVER want to see her conform to Hollywood standards. I like her because of who she is now – and that is herself…..

    And my goodness – am I ever glad I don’t know some of you in real life. You’d pick my many flaws to pieces………geez………No matter what the girl does, she will never please everyone. So she coughed – big deal…….you could clearly see how nervous she was when she and Taylor walked out on stage. It probably takes alot of courage for her to stand up there in front of everyone and deliver her lines…….I don’t care if your an actor or not – being in front of that many people on live TV as to be nerve wracking!

    • Amen.

    • apollo8 says:

      Totally agree Jodie.

      How many of you could have walked on a brightly lit stage, in front of not only your peers but a television audience of millions, in 3″ heels and not felt nervous about slipping up or over!

      At 20 I was thrust into a public speaking role with my job and it takes practice not to let the nerves show – which still happen 20 years later and much more life experience.

      Kristen will get better as she does more of these things.

  27. Kristen is in this career because she loves acting. Not for the fame but because she loves to bging characters to life. She was nervous as many other actors were, even some of the most experienced actors are nervous when on stage in front of their peers. I remember when Ann Hathaway was on Oprah promoting Brokeback Mountain – she could not even answer a question in a complete sentence. And I really could not grasp what she was even trying to say. She was silent when she wasn’t directly spoken to. Now look at her. And Johnny Depp – you can tell he isn’t comfortable with interviews. He’s very quiet and avoids the limelight by living in France. There are many personality types. Being shy doesn’t mean you should stay away from a field you really love. She is not disrespectful, she dressed her part and looked glamorous. She only considered herself an indie actress because her films never made it to theatres before – she went with her heart to make movies. She is not snubbing anyone. On the contrary, Kristen is putting herself out there to show respect to the industry and I admire her for that. She’s not some media junkie that will do anything for the attention. Give her time.

  28. I love how so many of you totally know exactly what it takes to be a poised and graceful actor/tress bc everyone WATCHING the Oscars are experienced actors themselves. *sarcasm. If you’ve presented to millions of people live on television, in front of hundreds of older, more experienced actors, then you have a right to an opinion about Kristen’s “performance”. Otherwise, you really need to keep it to yourself as you have never experienced something of that magnitude and would never understand the intimidation of a moment like Kristen’s.

  29. KRISTENS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I thought that little cough was the cutest damn thing ever.


  30. Barbara Streisand suffers from extreme performance anxiety. She confesses to even vomiting at times before a performance. But did anyone know this before she revealed it publicly? NO! Her singing was always flawless and no one even suspected the courage it took for her to take to the stage. Every show she put on was amazing! That just goes to show that it CAN be done if there’s the will to do it in the first place.

  31. OMG!!!!! She coughed! It’s not like she picked a wedgie or hocked a loogie. My goodness!

  32. She always looks and talks like she’s stoned. It’s really annoying.

  33. don’t attack me, God forbid, but guys, seriously, it’s a cough. It wasn’t even a big deal. I read the comments first and then watched the video. I was expecting something bad, and then I see that. SERIOUSLY!!!!! IT’S A COUGH!!!! i hardly even noticed! get over it, people! talk about obsessive, rude, and over-analytical. yeesh.

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