Melissa Rosenberg: Earth’s Mightiest Interview


Melissa talks about what it has been like to work with all three directors of the Twilight Saga. Check out the audio interview here. Via TwiFans


  1. This was a good interview. I found it interesting that she wrote a lot of humor into Twilight & Catherine H. had to reel her in about that. The last thing I’d want is to see Twilight as a comedy-type movie.

    The irritating part for me was when the interviewer asked her about the shirtless scenes with Jacob, etc. His tone was pretty strong. He obviously doesn’t understand that there is a real purpose for those scenes. First of all, it’s in the book. It’s so important to show Jacob’s physical transformation. And Taylor’s subperb acting ability took care of showing us Jacob’s emotional transformation. And Rosenberg was right about how important that scene is where Jacob takes his shirt off when Bella crashes on the motorcycle. IDK, it seems movies are OK when females are showing their chests or whatever but when a guy does it, eyebrows are raised. I mean, what’s up with that?

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  3. im on an i pod touch and it wont let me watch the dang video can someone please tell me about it or something


  4. I’m sure she’s a nice person- hate her script writing.

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