Robert Pattinson Weighs in on Tyler vs. Edward

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  1. What are Edward’s commitment problems? Isn’t Bella the one who has trouble with commitment?

  2. “None at all!” So cute!!!

  3. Yes…Edward had a commitment problem. He’s lived 108 years as a vampire, and if we’re to believe the little SM told us about those years, he never got involved with a woman!! Not a girlfriend, not a date, NOTHING!! I’d say there’s a problem there. LOL Every one of the other Cullens readily found someone to share their life with.

  4. girl_ACH says

    lol donna, i`m still laughing – “it might be a problem if you didnt have a girlfriend for like 108 years” weeeeell, it seems logic *haha*
    and yessss, none at all!! haha! he`s so cute. but i still think he has some, which arent bad, thats why hes so shy and grounded, if he hadnt these problems, he would act like a cocky guy and he hadnt have so much fame.

  5. He could also be talking about the fact that Edward though in love is not willing to commit to Bella willingly by changing her into a vampire. Of course this could be read as lack of commitment but he is not willing to commit out of not certainty of his feelings but uncertainty about hers.

  6. Aww, so cute! A nice interview.

  7. think about it – don’t we all have commitment issues?


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