Jamie Campbell-Bower To Join Game of Thrones

Jamie Campbell Bower at InStyle partyHBO has a new fantasy series in the works with a cast that includes Sean Bean, Jennifer Ehle and others.

“It’s official, HBO has given the go ahead for the upcoming series Game of Thrones based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. Talk of the pilot being picked up has been floating around the rumor mill for about a year now but things didn’t become official until March 2nd…HBO has requested a total of ten episodes, including the existing pilot. Filming is said to resume this June, locations include Northern Ireland and Morocco. Although the number of actual seasons is dependant on ratings, it’s said each season will cover the storyline of at least one book.”

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  1. Becky Williams says:

    Please tell me they’re not making that stupid book into a movie/drama/or whatever it ends up being on screen. What a waste of time that read was!

    • Yeah! They do this all the time! Just like Twilight which was plain shit, they turned that into a movie(which was ten times shittier)!

  2. Hiya, Jamie did already made the pilot episode last year. He won’t be in the sequence, because his character is only part of the prologue of the books.

    Love from Germany, Ann xx

  3. Where did you get this?

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