The Bewliers Interview Their Man

What’s a Bewlier you may ask? Check out the Charlie Bewley fans website and find out.  The girls who run this site had a chance to interview Charlie recently.

You can catch part 2 of their interview here.


  1. What an adoreable guy, he was at the Nashville convention and he kept everyone entertained. I have to admit if he spoke to fast I lost him. lol But the accent was awesome.

  2. I was at ET3, and never have I conme across a Twilight cast member (I’ve met 17) who took so much time with the fans. Lovely guy, a bit random at times, but incredible charismatic! Oh and good job on the interview Talie and Ray Ray!!

  3. katheryn says:

    okay i know these guys (sort of) and wtf is up with the camera!?!?! at least keep it at one angle. i cant concentrate when its moving around so much. i love charlie, but wtf asked about the hoedown throwdown?! thats just embarrassing and kinda was open to him insulting miley (as i am a huge fan and no miley is NOT 3years old!!!) I never thought Talies website would get so popular.

    • The camera angle was filmed by someone who had never dealt with the camera before, and i think she did amazing 🙂

      Charlie Bewley has a sense of humour – it’s the way he is. Funny and amazing – if you don’t get it that’s your fault.

      Hey ho you thought wrong 😀

      Thanks again TL for pimping us <3 It's appreciated so much!

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