Madame Tussauds To Add Robert Pattinson to Their Collection

RobertPattinsonTussaudsPerhaps the world’s most famous wax museum is adding Robert Pattinson to their Hollywood stars collection in their flagship, London museum. The price for this in American dollars is roughly $225,000. According to the museum’s site:

“We expect to spark fan frenzy today as we’ve just confirmed the next actor to be admitted into our attraction is the hottest celebrity of the moment, Brit born A-lister and star of the phenomenally successful Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson. The wax figure of the British heartthrob will be revealed in March, ahead of the release of his latest film, Remember Me, in early April.

The studios team are busy recreating R-Pattz’s trademark sultry expression and messy hair, whilst the figure’s outfit will reflect his rugged style with an open collared shirt and skinny trousers. The figure making process takes four months of intense work to complete at a cost of £150,000. …”

See the rest at the museum’s main site. No word if they will also commission versions for their New York and Las Vegas museums.

Via Pattinson Online


  1. Carmen C. says

    I knew it was only a matter of time before they made a wax figure of him =).

  2. They better have extra security so some crazy fan doesn’t go and try to steal his head or something HAHAH jk… It could totally happen though… look at all the door things from BK that got stolen…

  3. Now, they’ll need a lot of security for Rob’s wax figure too.

  4. That is so crazy, he was barely known 2 years ago and now its mania. That just shows how these books have effected so many in so many different ways (the Quiluettes, Forks, etc) Amazing how Stephenie has touched so many without really trying. The sculpture looks amazing, I wonder what he thinks about it.

    • Haha…I’d totally love to watch a video of Rob’s reactions to this news AND when he views the finished product! 😀

  5. That doesn’t even look like him

  6. Will it have the squishy butt like Brad Pitt?!?!

  7. BEE i think it looks exactly! Like him…they got his smirk down Patz hahaha no pun intended (ok maybe a little) i bet it will be awesome when its done! Although the sideburns are a little longer than his

  8. Sandee West says

    I want to see the whole Twilight cast “immortalized” in wax!!

  9. OMG They should make it in marble and paint a clear coat of glitter over it!

    LOL XD