Backstage With Robert Pattinson’s Family on The View


  1. Cargonza says:

    Ah too cute!

  2. They are the ones that keep him grounded, nice family

  3. Yes, nice looking family. Robert’s sisters are very pretty also. Sorry to hear that his dad is not feeling well – I wish him a speedy recovery.

    I watched the interview on TV this morning…it was kinda hard to watch just because his co-star, Emilie (spelling?) didn’t get much airtime. It was like she shouldn’t even have come, I mean she got less than 5% of the questions that were asked & spoke very minimally. I did enjoy Robert though:)

  4. INVADED BY PATTINSONS’!!!!!!!! AHHHH! no, jk, they look nice!

  5. Victoria says:

    Poor girl,
    imagine falling in love with the twilight books and then finding out your brother is playing Edward :S
    gahh… weird…

  6. I felt bad for Emilie too! That’s the first thing I said when watching the replay. What I think they should have done was booked them on separate days. I know this press run may be a little time crunched since he needs to go back to Bel Ami and she still has Lost episodes to film, but I just thought that was crap that she barely got to talk.

    His family is very good looking though. His sisters are very pretty.

  7. Lovely family. That is so sweet and has to help. I didn’t see the show. Emilie is a wonderful actress and she’ll have other films and work she gets more noticed for. Perhaps after the movie comes out she’ll get more calls on her own.

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