Access Hollywood Interviews Remember Me Cast

In the first video Rob talks about filming, his Details magazine interview, and the “cab incident”

In the next video Rob covers how Remember Me doesn’t fit into a set genre, breaking away from Edward, and co-star Pierce Brosnan.


  1. DUH….I figured out right off that he was joking with the “allergic to vaginas” statement. My gosh…people need to lighten up and quit pouncing on every little thing like it’s the end of the world. This guy has a weird, dry sense of humor, and if you don’t know this already, you’re not much of a fan. I’ve been following him since the very beginning (Harry Potter)and he’s just strange sometimes. LOL He never meant to insult women, or imply he was gay! He was uncomfortable with the photo shoot, and when Rob’s uncomfortable, he often falls back on humor to get him through it.


  2. Mimi Cullen says:

    Rob is so different from Edward in character but still charming to listen too.

  3. “Access Hollywood caught up with the young actor at the ‘Remember Me’ junket in New York on Sunday, where he broke down his comments that made millions of women take pause.

    “‘I was just talking about this earlier. I was just saying like I had two lessons, don’t try and make jokes in interviews and then the second one is like, just don’t do interviews at all … Don’t talk about vaginas, people are very sensitive about them!… The whole story was because I thought people would be offended by the photos and [t]hen they get offended by the little joking explanation of it. I don’t know. The world’s a weird place.'”

  4. Am I dreaming? I think they’re the same videos.

  5. Yeah, they are the same. There are two different clips though. Nice interview, Rob is charming as always!