Robert Pattinson: The Role That Got Away

robert-pattinson-remember-me_aDuring the Remember Me press junket, Hit Fix asked Robert Pattinson about roles that he either regretted not taking, or roles that he wanted and didn’t land. It looks like Rob passed up an opportunity to audition for a chance to work with Oscar winning legend and industry idol Daniel Day Lewis:

“Pattinson not only spoke on films to come, but also ones that passed him by. When asked if he’s ever been offered a script or role that he turned down for feared of not pulling it off, Pattinson revealed that Academy Award-winning “There Will Be Blood” “will always be one of my biggest regrets.”

“I remember reading the script and thinking it was the best script ever. I just couldn’t do it. And I was so pissed off afterwards. I was gonna go into the audition, but I was just, like, I can’t do it,” he laughed. “Also ‘The Assassination of Jesse James [by the Coward Robert Ford]’ — that was the other. I don’t know why I’ve pussied out of these things. I wouldn’t do it ever again.”

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  1. I doubt he would have gotten a major role in either. He was not well known pre-Twilight.

    • That’s true but being well known has nothing to do with one’s ability to act. He was a great actor before he was well known.

      • word!

      • I didn’t see There Will Be Blood, but I remember that it was a strong contender at the Oscars and Daniel Day Lewis got the statuette for it.

        I really hope that Robert will never doubt himself again when it comes to his acting ability. He had me already when he played Cedric 🙂

  2. Nicola Gray says:

    Robert, Please don’t feel guilty that you didn’t do it, You are still a wonderful actor in any other films.

  3. OH Robert.. we are here to support you.. you will always remember it ok..

  4. i wonder if he was in the lead to play Daniel Plainview or his son or Paul/Eli (i think their name was). i can’t imagine anyone else screaming “I drink your milkshske! I drink it up!”

    he would have done awesome as Paul/Eli.

    i doubt myself too sometimes, Rob… it sucks.

  5. For Patterson and for Stewart … Twilight was their defining moment of their career. Like William Shatner’s Captian Kirk role… it will be who they are… even if twilight series ends at breaking dawn.

    • Oh my goodness, I couldn’t disagree with you MORE! Robert has potential to be an amazing actor! He’s already taking on roles much different from Edward, and he’s very versatile. Kristen, on the other hand, seems to seek out the same types of roles, and her acting style looks the same from film to film. She’s the one I’m not so sure about. But Rob’s going to go far if he keeps his head on straight.

    • Maelina says:

      Would you please bother checking the spelling of Rob’s name before bashing him? Using ‘Patterson’ doesn’t really add to your credibility.

      • Again this shows how ignorant you guys are. They will forever be known for Twilight no matter how good they are. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter. Ian McKellan (although has been in a million things) will always be Magneto. I don’t like pigeonholing but you guys seem to worship the character so I doubt that you really could see him as anything else. If you do respect him, get rid of the twilight crotch panties that you’re wearing and throw away all the freaking posters.

  6. Turned down a movie that stars Daniel Day Lewis. That’s when you crawl under the covers and cry. Well more will come his way. I’m glad he’s realized he can’t pass movies like that up again.


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