Kristen Stewart: Elle Style Woman Of Year Acceptance Speech

Kristen Stewart was named Elle magazine’s Style Woman of the year and was able to accept the award the day after the BAFTAs in London.

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  1. twilightgirl68 says

    You’re right Kristen , fashion isn’t one of your thing , what was ELLE thinking of ???

    • trust me, im thinking the EXACT SAME THING…..y the heck is Kristen winning and award like this??? this is f-ed up!!!! shes not even that pretty

      • Kristen has her own sense of style and it works for her. True, some probably prefer the boring red carpet styles most actresses wear but Kristen is edgy, never boring. She is a stunning, natural beauty…Rob certainly thinks so!

      • Wow. Jealous much you guys? Jeez. Grow up. I wish I was her every day, but I would never say she’s not pretty or does not deserve this award. Leave her alone.

      • Are you dellusional? KStew is GORGEOUS!!! And totally deserving of this award.

      • DONT comment on this post if you’re only going to moan and complain about Kristen.

        She is GORGEOUS. Shes unique, she wears whatever the hell she wants to.

        Looks like someones jealous.

  2. Wow, what an honor. I love Kristen’s ‘red carpet’ style. Kind of rocker glam? It’s edgy yet sophisticated. She always looks classy at events.

  3. Sorry…love Kristen but she is not a fashionista!

  4. Style and Fashion are not the same thing. Kristen may not know a lot about fashion but she knows what she likes and has a style of her own and it was that style that was celebrated. Congrats Kristen!

  5. no she is not a fashionista but that is why it is so cool she doesnt wear something just because its “in” she is who she is and I love that they are recognizing that!

  6. i gotta agree with Sara! She isn’t a project runway snob or a Kim K wannabe…shes KRISTEN! and i love her off the wall wacky style! Shes comfortable no matter what she does and i think thats awesome especially in Hwood! Her red carpet look is gorgeous but when shes just trottin around from gig to gig shes just relaxed! Love her! 🙂

  7. Kristen should work on her “thank you” speeches… It always feels like she doesn’t want to be there… She seems an articulate young lady so she should work on public speaking!

    • If you know anything about Kristen, she doesn’t like doing this kind of thing. And so what if shes not that good it. That’s what makes her so unique and why so many people like her! She’s REAL, not fake, not typical hollywood.

    • You try standing in front of a massive group of people and hundreds of a photographers.

      DON’T say its her job because it’s not. Shes an actress. She didn’t ask for this.
      Telling her to ‘get over it’ or ‘learn to give speeches’ is not the answer. If you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it.
      If she had to do this a year ago, it would’ve been worse.

      Give the poor girl a break.
      And this makes her what she is. Kstew wouldnt be Kstew without the awkwardness and stuttering.
      Shes not like everyone else.

    • She deserves it. She always wears such unique things.
      And she can pull it off.

      Shes so beautiful it hurts

    • I’d rather see Kristen’s sweet teenage humble awkwardness than someone who has been in the business for decades yet can’t stop babbling and blubbering. Read: Drew Barrymore.

  8. I have to agree with you, Nadia! Even at the baftas, I got the impression she either didn’t feel she deserved the risisng star award. Perhaps she feels like anyone who played Bella would have been getting this attention. I hope I’m wrong because I really do appreciate the work Kristen has done. 🙂

  9. Really? She doesn’t wear anything unusually different. I see hundreds of girls dressed this same way, and I’m pretty sure most of them don’t know who Kristin is (no Offense) so it’s not copying her look. You can go to any store in any mall and find countless outfits to look like kristin stewart. I’m not hating I actually really like Kristin, it’s just enough with the “she’s so different” crap cause, she’s really not…
    What would be different is someone who didn’t try to act different.

    • Lol where are you from?
      I don’t see anyone wear stuff like she does.

      But she pulls it off.. most people wouldn’t.
      Shes got the body, and he relaxed look. Its perfect.

      + She doesn’t care what people think. She doesn’t go out of her way to flaunt herself like many people do. Shes just.. herself.

      And that it what makes her different to anyone else wearing that stuff.

  10. It’s not about being glamorous, it’s about being real and Kristen nails that. Way to go, Kristen!

  11. Love Kristen’s style! It’s edgy and daring, never boring. She knows exactly what she likes. Congrats on the award Kristen! She’s a talented, humble, beautiful young actress. Isn’t this a fan site????

  12. I really love the fact that there are fansites where we can be part of the community of something we love. I dont understand though why people like to comment negatively about people they have never even met! I dont understand why people talk about “celebrities” in a critical way, there only doing their job why hate on them when there is serial killers and other people who make very strange decisions out there??

    Personally I think Kristen totally rocks and i would love to meet her one day to thank her for her contribution to the arts and for making me smile:)

  13. I wouldn’t say Kristen is my favorite actress, but I appreciate style in a person when I see it! (Spoken from someone who has ABSOLUTELY NONE and wished that she did!)

    Sometimes the fashion world has a really warped idea of what is style. It’s so far removed from the common people that we can’t relate to it. Kristen is down-to-earth with her choice of clothing. It’s young and hip and carefree. I like that.

    She probably won’t improve on her speech delivery unless she takes some public relations lessons on that. From what both she and Rob have said, they’re NOT going to do that unless forced. They both do NOT wish to be “handled” by someone dictating their every move and writing their every acceptance speech. If you want to be a fan, you have to accept everything about your actor/actress: the good and the bad, the normalities and the eccentricities alike.

    I know one thing for a fact:

    I am soooooooooooo jealous of this girl because she regularly inhabits the same breathing space as Robert Pattinson! LOLOLOL

  14. I have seen Kristen in person at Sundance this year. She is gorgeous! Beautiful, flawless skin and a presence about her that can’t be described.

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