IESB: Kristen Stewart on the Yellow Hankerchief

kristen-stewart-VF-outtakeIESB has a terrific interview with Kristen Stewart that covers the work she did on The Yellow Hankerchief, the Runaways, and her hopes for Breaking dawn and other future projects.

“Q: What was it like to play this character, when you hadn’t done too many major roles, at the time you did this film?

Kristen: Anytime you have to play a person who is not yourself, you’re stepping out of a comfort zone, but that’s what we do. If the role is bigger, that’s just more to chew on, and that’s always good.

Q: What about Martine resonated for you?

Kristen: I can relate to her, in that she’s such the typical girl that really wants to be out there and smiling and totally in the middle of whatever is going on, but has been embarrassed one too many times and has just gone, “I can’t do that anymore.” I feel like she’s also isolated herself. She’s put herself above everyone else. She can’t talk to people because they’ve let her down too many times and, in reacting to that, she made herself better than them. And, through this journey, which is such a cool thing to see such a young person go through, she realizes, “Oh, God, I never looked at you and now I’m opening my eyes and I can see you, and I was wrong.” I liked that.”

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  1. lirael cullen says:

    Thats a gorgeous picture..

  2. That was such a good interview.. really different interesting questions not just the usual questions shes always asked that arent interesting.. and they didnt just center in all around twilight.. love kristen shes so cool and really intelligent and u can see in her answers how she thinks about her roles and the characters soo much.. like she reeeally cares.. aw.. i love her and her cute awkwardness

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