Kristen Stewart Gives Yellow Hankerchief Interview?

After we saw the video on the previous entry we figured, OK they asked their one Twilight question, and now they’ll get into a Yellow Hankerchief Interview. So we posted the video in the previous entry and prepared to write a Yellow Hankerchief centric post very much like we’ve done for Remember Me, and Valentine’s Day in recent weeks. Instead, we were in for a bit of an unexpected surprise.

There are 7 more interviews each from 35 seconds to 1 minute 32 seconds.  The commercials and the intro drum riff are longer than some of the videos.  Kristen and her costar, Eddie Redmayne, (who was an incredibly good sport to sit there like a potted palm) were there for the Yellow Hankerchief press junket.  Somehow the majority of the questions all worked back to Twilight. They culminate in the video below where Eddie just rolls his eyes and lets Kristen answer the question. There was next to nothing asked about the movie the Yellow Hankerchief, which is what this press conference was for.

As Twilight fans of course we are interested in Kristen’s take on Bella, but we are also interested in the other projects Kristen is doing in her career for their own merits. It’s our experience that many Twilighters have become fans of the actors because of the initial Twilight introduction, but now look forward to seeing them perform in other things.

We hope these interviews don’t foreshadow a trend. It sort of reminded us how Colin Firth keeps getting asked Mr. Darcy questions 15 years after the infamous wet shirt pond swim. Please let the Remember Me press junket not be an endless barrage of peppering Robert Pattinson with Twilight questions.

We try not to editorialize too much here, but as Twilight fans we’re actually kind of upset. Who knows if anyone in media is listening given they think we’re all tweens, but who knows maybe they are so we’re going to given this one a shot: 1) we want to know what other projects Kristen (or for that matter any other Twilight actor) is doing and what they are about, and 2)it’s kind of insulting to Twilight fans to think we are so selfish to want Twilight to take over another press junket…edited 3)the last thing we want is Twilight actors and their co-stars and directors to be resentful that the Twilight franchise is going to overshadow everything.


  1. It’s just rude how they won’t talk about her recent movies. They always want to bring up Twilight.

  2. nice post!

  3. I really want to hear about the new projects too. I was thinking the same thing about her co-star as each clip progressed. Poor Thing. Also is it too much to ask to just play the whole interview?

  4. It is so rude and I am proud of both actors and how they handled it. Shockingly to the emdia, Twilight fans do have other interests and are interested in the actors’ other projects.

  5. Luisa Ardila says

    As I said in the previous spot, I completely agree. It’s time the people that report on these things put their journalist caps on and act like they actually know something about investigating a story, conducting an interview and satisfying their real audience. (This being said by a journalism student at Syracuse University.)

  6. Could NOT agree more! The media underestimates us. I’m TOTALLY excited about all the Twilight actors’ other projects, too.

  7. Totally agree. I watched about half of the videos and had to turn it off. I was squirming in embarrassment when they never talked to Eddie at all. It was all Twilight questions to Kristen. I know it was because that’s the burning questions on everyone’s mind and this was their first opportunity to ask Kristen, but it was a wholly inappropriate venue to ask them.

  8. that also made me mad with the runaways interviews. they would refer half of the questions back to twilight. it’s like, if she’s promoting for a movie thats NOT twilight, they shouldn’t be asking twilight related questions! they should be asking about the damn movie she’s actually promoting. wow.

    fail interviewers. FAIL.

    <3 kristen though. 🙂

  9. I feel terrible for eddie. This is so wrong

  10. I’m guessing these were part of a larger interview which included questions about TYH and questions directed to Eddie. I think MTV released these first as they know that questions about Twilight would drum interest. HOpeful that more vids will come out soon and these will be directly about the movie being promoted here.

    Eddie looks adorable here. And Kristin is gorgeous and sweet as always.

  11. I just want to thank you for posting that. I find it incredibly rude as if they are ignoring the project that actor has worked so hard on. I am personally interested in other movies they are working on, besides Twilight. I also think it’s beyond tacky when they ask about personal things like who they are dating. I hope the cast knows all the fans are not that shallow, and look forward to their other projects.

  12. This is so ridiculous.

    I get that a large majority of the Twilight fandom is on the younger side. But I’m not.

    And what about the fans Kristen Stewart brought to Twilight? I mean aside from the obvious like, oh I don’t know…Catherine Hardewicke and Robert Pattinson. Honestly, 90% of the reason I’m able to sit through the Twilight films is Kristen Stewart. I’ve been a fan since I saw Into the Wild, and I immediately went out to see what other work she had done. Imagine how bad it would have sucked if all the interviews I read about her upcoming films were only talking about Into the Wild.

    I already know about Twilight. Summit has shoved it down our throats plenty. The Saga doesn’t need more fans, despite what greedy corporate types may think.

    So why don’t we talk about The Yellow Handkerchief, since that’s why we’re watching the interview in the first place.

  13. Well she IS in the middle of promoting a saga of Twilight films. It makes sense that she’s still being asked those questions.

  14. As an older fan who also watched the cast of Star Trek struggle with trying to shake their Trekkie following, I think we as fans have a a duty to control our obsessions or at least channel them in more productive ways. Hopefully we can act in a way that will allow Rob and Kristen and others, the freedom to pursue their careers beyond our own selfish desires. Part of me wants them to stay and feed my Twilight obsession, but deep down I know they need the space. I wish them well.

  15. Its so great you posted this. I dont know if you check this, but congratulations. We are twi-hards but not crazy people.

  16. Thank you for speaking up. I felt bad for just watching the interview. I would like to know more about the movie to know if it would be something that I would be interested in seeing. I really do look forward to their work out side of Twilight.

  17. I know she part of one of the biggest franchises of right now but still that other guy sitting next to her has nothing to do with Twilight. It is kind of disrespectful.

  18. You guys are great. I’m so glad you voiced the outrage all of us are feeling. Just think if this annoys us can you imagine what these people are going through. They didn’t even ask original questions just recycled old ones.

  19. I totally agree! Great post! I think that these interviewers know though, that if they ask twilight related questions they’ll get more hits.

  20. One word: Agreed. Perfect post. I hope SOME media outlets read this and learn.

  21. Well put, from this interview you have no idea what Yellow Handkerchief is about. I really felt sorry for Eddie who didn’t get a look in. I’m not having a go at Kristen, the interviewer should have asked Eddie direct questions as well both stared in this film. Saying that maybe they did ask more questions about YH and have decided that we(the fan’s) don’t want to see them talk about YH. Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels we want to know about the other films the actors from Twilight are in. As mentioned in a few other emails not all of us are in our teens some of us have passed ours quite a while ago.

  22. Well…I didn’t listen to the interviews yet. From reading the comments, I think it would be a waste of my time. What a shame the media can’t move on. Us Twilight fans have. Yes, we love our Bella and Edward, but I’m more interested in supporting the cast in their future roles as well as the Twilight Saga.

  23. They did the same thing when she “tried” to promote Adventureland last year. Poor Jessie Eisenberg had to sit there and listen to the reporter bring up New Moon,New Moon,New Moon. We get it,okay? Of course we were excited to see New Moon,but that was going to be monthst away. I wanted to hear more about the project she had done with Jessie. Everybody here is right in saying that the media is painting the Twilight fans with the same brush and that’s the only news we want to hear whenever we see Rob or Kristen. Right now I’m interested in their films outside the Twilight umbrella and I will definitely check out Remember Me and The Runaways in March.

  24. Amen! A very good post. Kristen and Eddie handled this really well.

  25. Thank you Lexicon for telling it like it is. I had only seen the video you’d posted previously about Breaking Dawn and I already felt awkward for the poor guy having to sit through a question that had nothing to do with him. It’s completely disrespectful to both of them to do it throughout a whole interview, even if they handled it exceptionally well. People tend to throw the standards of good reporting out the window when they see an opportunity to make a quick Twi-buck, and it’s true what’s been said here – this is an underestimation of the intellect of the fans.

  26. Great post!

    Apparently MTV has a tendency to do this often with actors. Yesterday, they also posted an “interview” with Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan and the only thing the “interviewer” talked to him about was Star Wars. More specifically, Jar Jar Binks… He even did an impression of him. It was so embarrassing, but Ewan handled the situation with class.

    MTV (and other news outlets, for that matter) needs to get with the program and start asking relevant questions pertaining to the movie the actors are in at the moment.

  27. i didnt hate the interview. it was interesting. but at the same time it was the wrong time/place for it.

  28. Well said Twilight Lexicon! Well said. We want to hear about all of their projects and not just Twilight. I’m going to see Yellow Handkerchief, Remember Me etc…even Stretch Armstrong (And I’m not teenager but I grew up with the toys LOL).

  29. Cucumber Eyes says

    i think she should start refusing to answer twilight questions while promoting her other movies because this is becoming ridiculous.

  30. I have to agree with most everyone here. As a fan of Twilight, I am still interested in both Kristen and Rob’s other ventures. I’ll be the first to admit, I had never heard of Kristen or Rob prior to Twilight (I’m 31, so I’m not a kid or anything!) And yes, it is because of Twilight I have become big fans of them both, but I want to hear and see other things they are doing…..someday (and I hope it’s not too soon), the Twilight craziness will die down and while I believe it’s these rolls that have skyrocketed them to stardom, they will have other projects (already do) and will move on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, when an actor is known most for big roles such as those in Twilight, everything they do, seems to cirlce back to that…’s a catch-22……good for them that the roles have helped make them the celebs they have become, but bad that they can’t break away from the “Bella/Edward” sterotype…..

    I too agree with the poster who mentioned that Kristen should stop answering questions abou Twilight when she is doing press for her other movies…….of course, then you know how that will pay out – you’ll have people saying she is rude or whatever for not answering questions relating to a role that made her a star……so, she’ll never please everyone…….and she won’t be able to win with the haters…..

  31. You have put up everything perfectly. We ARE interested in their other projects.

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