Remember Me Feature From Yahoo


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! The movie looks amazing and it’s so great to hear people like Chris Cooper and Allen Coulter say so positive things about Rob’s performance. I can’t wait!

  2. *SQUEAL* I can’t WAIT for this movie!!! Rob looks like he’s going to do such a great job, and the nice things that his castmates say about him only make me more anxious to see it.

    It’s also wonderful to see him in a movie where he shows emotion. I love Edward Cullen, but his character is so reserved and controlled as portrayed in the movies. We really didn’t get much of a sense of how much Rob can really act.

  3. “We wanted somebody who the audience could fall in love with”

    No problems there then!

  4. I saw a poster for this at the cinema and thought ‘oh god’, but now that I’ve seen the trailer I would like to see it on the big screen. Looks and sounds like a good movie!

  5. Yes. This looks good! It is a great indication of Rob’s acting ability. He’s got a great future.

  6. Aww…

  7. I didn’t really think I would be that in to this movie because it looked like the same kind of movie we’ve seen a million times over. the more clips i see and the more I read I am getting very interested in it. Rob can really act!!! Not that I’m surprised, it’s just nice to see him in a different role.

  8. And what’s amazing is he did all this great acting in the midst of hundreds of screaming girls and paps everywhere. Remember the day he got mobbed in NY by that bunch of ill-mannered teens??!! I don’t see how the man kept his focus through all that.

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