Kellan Lutz at NYC Fashion Week

Hollywood Crush caught Kellan and a pack of young Hollywood’s hottest actors at NYC’s Fashion Week.

Kellan NYC

Maybe we should call this so many suits, so little time? See the write-up on Hollywood Crush.


  1. he’s HOT!!

  2. Can someone please dispel this rumor I’m seeing everywhere that Kellan is gay?! They argue that every appearance he does, the clothes he wears, the people he hangs with are all indicators. Am I missing something here??

    I hope he isn’t.

  3. Jeez…just curious guys. Calm down. I don’t really care, I guess. Sorry I asked.

  4. Holy Moly! Lee Pace AND Jared Leto AND Chace Crawford AND Ryan Phillippe AND Kellan Lutz all like up together. Talk about a buffet of handsome!

  5. OH MY GOD JARED LETO YUM lol. XD God, he’s even prettier in person. There is way to much pretty in that picture.

  6. Love Ryan Phillippe! He’s a Delaware boy! Kellan is awesome!

  7. wow! besides the guy on the far left hand side that i dont know the name of, i have never seen four guys i love (Jared Leto, Chace Crawford, Ryan Phillipe, and ofcoarse Kellan <3) in one picture! YAYAYAYYAYAY!

  8. eternitys_charm says:

    AHHHH JARED LETO!!!!!! kellan was sitting so close to Jared!

  9. yay jared leto, nice to look at and he can sing 🙂 rawr

  10. A Veggie Vamp and 4 wanna “V’s” 😉

  11. Who is that second guy to the left? He totally stole Rob’s hairdo!

  12. Good god… It’s like an all you can eat hottie smorgasboard…
    (yes I’m from MN we say things like smorgasboard rather than buffet heh)

  13. @Pamela – That is Jared Leto.. nummy. He’s an actor but is currently better known for being the front man for the band 30 Seconds to Mars… he’s a really good musician.

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