Robert Pattinson in Details Magazine

Pattinson_detailsDetails magazine has an extensive interview with Robert Pattinson.

“Rob’s face is constantly busy—especially his kaleidoscopic eyes, which are continually rolling and dilating, because he is always thinking. Over the course of that latte, he contemplates Jimi Hendrix, French fries, girls, art, beer, his cousin the philosopher, girls, truth, God, his dog, girls, and whether this week’s stalker has followed him from L.A. I don’t think he could turn his brain off if he wanted to.

Despite the legion of fans trailing him from hotel to hotel, laying siege to each like the Roman army, he is neither fearful nor cocky—he’s hungry, curious, forever reaching intellectually. That may not sound like a big deal, but think of the context: Complete strangers want to fuck you, shoot you, be you, buy you, sell you, run their fingers through your hair, watch you have sex, hear you pee, eat chips with you, and kidnap you and stuff you in the trunk of their car. And you? You must know more, more, more about exotic tropical diseases.”

Please be advised that the interview contains mature themes, language, and links to a photshoot that is art house in style that would not  be considered work/school safe. See it here.


  1. OMG :X:X:X:X he’s awesome:)

  2. @Clarobsten says:

    Wowwwwww 0//////

  3. omg he is so hot!

    • I think he looks gay actually. white jacket, bright colored shirt, none of it matching the pants…
      overly noticeable makeup…

  4. Loved loved this interview rob is hysterical!!!

  5. Good article.

  6. Wow. The pictures are very… nude. Not of him, random girls. Like, completely naked. Some didn’t make sense. The photo on here is the best one.

  7. Oh boy, Rob’s gonna star in Water for Elephants?? I have to read the book. I started it and it was kind of slow but I’ll give it another shot!

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      it’s a really good book! it does have many mature themes but it was very good. i can’t believe he’s gonna star in it!!!

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  8. The photos are very artsy. I read in the interview that it made him uncomfortable. Great pictures of him. He could be the most photogenic man on the planet.

    • CullenChick says:

      It also made ME uncomfortable! Definitely should have read the warning by the mods. Maybe I just don’t have a great appreciation for art, but I personally was a little grossed out. Rob did look beautiful, regardless.

      • Me too! I think it is tacky. I guess I’m a little old fashioned. We don’t need to naked women to make him look good. He’s great all by himself. We like to imagine ourselves with him, not random women. Perhaps this was for men???

        • I mean: need to see naked women… sorry for typo!

          • Creepy. If he wants to be sexy then be sexy but the fully dressed man fully nude woman crap is old and calling it artsy, no, it is creepy. In fact in light of the fact that it is valentines day I’d say it was a total fail by Rob Inc. Don’t need the nudies in my face and saying it is artsy isn’t enough of a warning.

          • I’m so glad someone agrees with me on this. I really think this will come back to haunt him. He didn’t need to do this. Creepy is right.

  9. awesome interview lol at his randomness but he clearly is a very intellectual guy! yeah not to sure bout the photoshoot, i get that theyre artsy he looked good ne wayz lol

  10. Oh Dear Lord!!!! 🙂

  11. Looks like to me Rob’s doing everything he can to make sure he’s not typecast as Edward Cullen!! After this and Bel Ami, the teenage girls of the world will have NO difficulty separating Rob Pattinson from Edward cullen! LOL

    Love them. Very, very erotic.

  12. ugh. He’s disgusting. Anything attractive about him goes away when I read his interviews.

    • I agree. I thought the interview was horrid, he doesn’t like a certain part of the female body???? The photoshoot was tasteless – and he agreed to this. I think Summit needs do to major damage control. I have one word for Kristen – RUN!

  13. goldenisraeli says:

    he says he’s allergic to vaginas?! sorry what kinda man is he?! am wondering if he is frigid or just incapable of pleasuring women?! not very sexy indeed!! weird? seems like he’s afraid of women…or their body? or both??

    • I think you guys are totally missing the point with this man. He’s BRITISH! Their sense of humor is very different than American’s. It’s dry and wicked. Half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is pure and utter bullshit! LOL There are a few interesting tidbits in this interview, but it’s mostly his weird and random sense of humor! The guy’s NOT allergic to vaginas! LOL Come ON!! He was doing an interview with an interviewer who had the same sense of humor he has, and he let it all hang out!

      He’s very adept at not saying much about himself that is substantial. Very skilled at keeping the real him hidden. He hides behind his British humor.

      • Nice try…my husband is British, we visit his family often in England so I am very accustomed to the British humor. Rob sounds like an rambling idiot. Damage control is needed.

        • What’s your point? Just because your husband’s family isn’t witty doesn’t mean the whole country is that way.

    • I truly believe he was kidding…really kidding.

      • I think he was saying that he felt uncomfortable with the models’ nudity during the photo shoot, so uncomfortable that it was as if he was allergic to them. Ugh. It was a really creepy and unfortunate photo shoot, and he clearly felt that way while doing it. Thus his, “Thank God I was hung over” comment.

    • You guys are totally missing the point. ROB IS BRITISH! They have a very different sense of humor than Americans. Much of what comes out of Rob’s mouth is complete and utter nonsense. His “I’m allergic to vaginas” comment was obviously his warped sense of humor! He’s not allergic to vaginas since he’s been up close and personal to Kristen’s for awhile now! LOL

      Rob is very adept at not saying much of substance about himself. He very cleverly uses humor to sidestep any questions he doesn’t want to answer.

      • Wow I’ve never thought of it that way, but as I read your comment I thought…that sounds exactly right and it also sounds like what most private people would do should they ever hit huge fame like him and still want some kind of personal life…

  14. interview was good…

    the photoshoot on the other hand…lol

  15. lol i loved the whole thing but i have a sick sence of humor

  16. For all those who do not care for the pictures I respect your opinion and I can understand why you would feel these women are being objectified but they are not they are models. Robert is an adult and this is an adult magazine.

    However, from a art major stand point, the nude female form has been painted, photographed, and sculpted through out time.

    I find these photos are ARTFULLY and tastefully done. The composition is so creative the illusion of Rob’s appearance in some of the shots is amazing and forward thinking. The models bodies are beautiful and not tawdry and to say the least the lighting and the play of light and dark along with the saturated colors on the photographs is breathtaking. And last the texture created between the clothes on Robert which look beautiful against the nude models is just stunning.

    In my opinion.

    • Actually the nude male has been photographed and sculpted also throughout history and is equally beautiful. The fact that the male is totally clothed and the females totally nude is creepy and shows fear of equal sexual power. There is nothing new about this sort of photo shoot. It is the only thing that doesn’t frighten little boys. One man one woman equally unclothed is sexy.

    • I think people are saying that the point of the pictures is to objectify young women in general not that the models are being objectified and they find that ugly.
      Also that these were planned for release at Valentines day, a day known for romance, is telling as well as tacky. Someone doesn’t know the difference between distorted views of sex and romance. One is concerned only with power the other with love and intimacy. So I guess the take away is something made to look pretty can be very ugly. Very bad vibe.

  17. First comment: WTH did they do to his hair for that pic?? FAIL.
    Second comment: Rob’s, um, allergy? Mmm-hmm. Don’t know to say about that. Well, I do, but I won’t.

    • Come on, don’t you think his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek? I think he’s hysterical. The elephant sucking him up, the snorting of the wasabi peas (or whatever they are) and, my favorite, the new twist on Finding Nemo—“think of the soundtrack!” Everytime I think my infatuation with this guy is over he does something like this. And I’m commenting before I even saw the pictures!

  18. I’m disappointed in some of the comments, pretty uncomfortable. For instance when the interviewer said that he says actor in a hushed voice, as if he’s saying a word like negro, then Rob makes a joke, pretty uncomfortable. The, ahem… artsy pics with the nude models, very euro and interesting, but imo (again) pretty uncomfortable.

    • Jenny Lumet who wrote the interview has a black
      grandmother. Robert does not have a hateful bone
      in his body.

      • Do you know him personally? Did he know the interviewer has a black grandmother?

      • I didn’t say or mean to infer that he made racial slurs or comments, not at all, and I don’t think that was his intent at all. I just thought it lacked a little tact and filter.
        As a black woman I was honestly uncomfortable, not offended, just a little bit put off by “negro” jokes. I would feel that way about anyone saying stuff like that.
        I still love Rob, however that’s just how I felt about the interview.

    • I agree. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I totally respect that. As for me, I have to disagree with some who say the interview makes him sound “deep” etc. While I know Pattinson could be saying a lot worse (ala John Mayer, etc), he might wanna check himself before he goes any further. Some of the comments he made were uncomfortable-sounding, from my point of view. I didn’t even get to the pics because the interview didn’t sit well with me.

      I know he has a right to do and say what he wants, but if he keeps on this path, it might now be long before he does say something regrettable. I know he wants to break free of the “Edward Cullen” persona, but I’m not sure this is the way to go. BUT, more power to him. I don’t have to like it; it’s his life.

  19. He is exactly the kind of person you want at a dinner party – you don’t know what the eff he’ll say or not say and it really makes for great conversation. The problem with written interviews is that tone of voice is missing. Perhaps if this were an audio interview, people wouldn’t be so confused/upset/or disappointed in it.

  20. The man so many women fantasize about says he’s allergic to what should b a very important part of them for any man with his sex-symbol persona. Interesting choice Rob with two more Twilight movies left to go.

    • Well I think after this creepfest the thrill will be gone for many women. And with this arriving on Valentines day a lot of average Joes are going to be looking pretty hot by comparison.

  21. I think a few of you here are misunderstanding Rob’s sense of humour. Us Brits are often misunderstood by other nations when we are joking. It’s our love of sarcasm, irony and our general randomness, I think!

    • I meant particularly the vagina comment. Reading the interview again, it’s clear to me that he was explaining that he is not comfortable around random naked women that he doesn’t know, just in random Rob speak. I think it’s made clear when he follows up the comment with:
      “you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn’t exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover”.

    • EXACTLY DAISY DUCK!!! In my previous comment I pointed that out. I’ve lived in Europe, and Brits have a VERY different sense of humor! Very dry and strange (to US, LOL) But I love it, and I love his sense of humor. Like I said before, he’s been very up close and personal to Kristen’s vagina, so I don’t think he really has an allergies where THAT is concerned! LOL

  22. I love Rob and think its wonderful that he can be so candid, and so evasive at the same time. His now so famous “vagina” has already be misinterpreted and twisted in many media outlets, just like when talked so much about his lack of hygine. Most fans of Rob understand his sense of humor, however the average person does not. So many have already come to the conclusion that he is gay. Rob is a big star and he really needs to think before he speaks.

  23. This is one awesome interview. It had me laughed more than several times. Looove his sarcasm.

    As far as the pictures go, I really don’t think they’re meant to be seen by bunch of females… it’s for men’s pleasure. What guy wouldn’t want to be in one of those positions in those pictures? It’s just a male’s fantasy in a picture. You think your boyfriend/husband doesn’t have that kind of a fantasies? Think again. And I, as a woman, love them too. They have an artistic note, you just have to know which style they’re made in.

  24. I think the interview was great. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth and I love that. I think he is brilliant. I think some people are over-reacting just a bit. I think the naked chicks were a bit of a surprise but maybe that is something details magazine likes to do. Maybe also they were trying to incoprate the whole bel ami feel to it. Like someone else said. As soon as I think that my obssesion of Rob starts to go away I read a new interview and I am smitten all over again. Brilliant interview. Loved it!!!!! (But maybe I am just screwed up in the head. Hahhaha) Btw I agree with someone else. He has to be the most photogenic person alive.

  25. This interview really made me see someone very different. We all picture Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, but the fact is he’s nothing like Edward. I felt like he was very conflicted and has a huge burden of the press and of mobs put upon him that he has no control over. This is an unstable life, and I fear for his life actually. He says he’s alright, but I wonder if he’s just trying to find the place where his spirit can be free again, and he has space to maneuver. The pictures are not really him, it’s all part of what he is posing for – an actor in pictures, a player with perfect women surrounding him. That’s not Rob in real life. Thankfully he loves his dog. Maybe his dog will give him solace in a trafficed world.

    • I’m worried about him too, even though he is an adult. The fame came too quickly and I don’t think his personality really knows how to deal with it. He needs to be more careful with what he agrees to do. I’m actually worried about how he will look in Bel Ami, too with those cougars and lots of sex scenes Even though I, like most of you think he’s hot, I’m old enough to be his mother, so my other side wonders what his mom is thinking right now.

    • Who sees Rob as Edward Cullen? He’s never been anything like Edward, I’m surprised you find it out this late. This interview is classic Rob-style, don’t take it too seriously. I don’t think he finds his life as difficult as this interview makes it look like. Rob just likes to talk and analyze things, I think he’s fine. And of course these pics are not him, he just did what the photographer wanted him to do. BTW, his dog died over a year ago.

  26. When a person is allergic to something, they tend to swell.

    That was the joke.

  27. I don’t normally ever comment but I’ve got to say something about this.
    He’s a beautiful man, but I’m SO disappointed in this article& photo shoot on so many levels.
    I‘m disappointed that Rob would stoop to such a tasteless show of publicity. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t seem to have any sense of personal integrity.
    It seems ironic that whole reason he was propelled into this fame was because of SM’s amazing novels that promoted the idea of chivalry, self-discipline, and strength of character. This article/photo shoot seems to do it’s best to undo all of that by promoting the complete opposite.
    I’m frustrated that he doesn’t seem to care that impressionable youth will see this and read the article and think that talking like him and viewing women as they are portrayed in the magazine is considered acceptable. It doesn’t matter that this magazine is geared towards a male audience. Here we are on a website where so many teens go for updates about all things twilight and they get a link straight to the article and pictures! With the internet, the audience is never limited to who it is intended.
    I was hoping that maybe he would rise above the rest of Hollywood or at least set himself apart by not engaging in this crap. Turns out he’s just as much of a pushover as the rest.
    And yes it IS his fault. He’s a GROWN man and makes his own choices.
    I may seem angry, but really I’m just SAD. What a waste of handsome, talented man with so much potential to make a positive difference!

    • alwaysedward says:

      I agree Shelly. I love the Twilight Saga and I love Rob and Kristin and all the cast members characterizations of the Twilight characters and I tend to get caught up in the romance of the story so much that I romanticize all these actors personalities. However, I think its best that we remember that Rob and Kristin, etc., are actors that we are basically paying to entertain us in their movies which we have a choice to see or not to see. And then leave it at that. Because personally, every time I see any of them in an interview, they are just flawed people who put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. They’re not role models, they swear, smoke, drink, talk sex, etc., they are NOT their characters, they’re just obviously good at acting for them to make their characters so believably decent and chivalrous and strong (with all the help from Meyer’s writing). Keep them in their place – which is that they are actors, entertainers, which is actually quite a superficial vocation considering they’re not brain surgeons, cancer researchers, firemen, policemen, you know, people that have a higher calling – they’re actually just kids that can barely articulate a cohesive thought yet – they will one day, but they’re just not they’re yet.

    • He is a human being for crying out loud! What an unfair heavy burden you are ‘putting’ on him!

      I am not happy with the girly thing either but you are overreacting! All is not lost!

    • Build them up and tear them down, eh? Sad how some of you are acting towards him.

  28. Mad props to Jenny Lumet! I enjoyed reading her interview. Details magazine is a men’s magazine; add Robert’s female fans to scramble to buy this issue…well, it’s epic marketing win. And oh yeah, I don’t actually believe everything that comes out of Robert’s mouth 🙂

  29. ooo hey daddy! ;P. He looks soooo nice!! XD

  30. I cannot believe you provided a link to this magazine article on your website. I was not offended by the article and subsequent photo shoot, but I am 29 yrs old. That being said, I do NOT accept the fact Twilight Lexicon provided access to this article and pics to their younger readers and being a mother I would definitely never allow my child to visit this site again, if she were old enough to be a fan of the Twilight series. That magazine in itself is not appropriate for your younger audience. Fail TL.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Parents should have controls on computers for younger children that no doubt the written content of the article would have triggered. The magazine in question is readily available at newsstands with no advisory on it. You can buy it right along side Interview and Entertainment Weekly.

      Additionally, in looking at the article, though themes were more mature,in our opinion there was no discussion that couldn’t have occurred in a middle school cafeteria or lockeroom.

      To obtain the photos, you had to take additional steps which we gave ample warning to. The article was readable without seeing the photos.

      By simply ignoring the article which is appearing in multiple other venues without warning, we thought we would be doing more of a disservice in that 1) there are readers who would want the content no matter what 2)people would be faced with the content out of context in referencing this article that media will now no doubt make, 3) in the other outlets where this article is referenced there is no warning as to the themes.

      So we gave what we were after much debate comfortable with.No doubt some are in agreement with our position, others are not, and others don’t care either way. We respect your right to your opinion and thank you for your feedback.

      • I do want to say thank you for the article, I enjoyed it. I am not aware of what parental controls can and cannot do, as I do not have children old enough to use a computer and have never used them. I appreciate your reply explaining that a bit. I was shocked you put this link up, but I suppose if any responsible parent set up parental controls before allowing their children to freely use the internet, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. Unfortunately, some parents don’t do that and its not something you guys can control. I see now why you decided to do this and it really isn’t your responsibility to control what every teen might get into on the internet. Its the parents’ that should do that. I feel a better knowing this. You guys really have the best Twifan site, so that is why I was concerned about the link. As for the rest of the site, well done.

  31. Twilight Nymph says:

    OK, so that was different. Yet, I liked the interview in general. It was both humorous and sort of open at the same time.

  32. This was wonderful. And remember everyone, as much as you may think that because Rob is an actor he has some obligation to his fans… in reality when you drop your egos, you will find that he does not.

  33. What a PR disaster for all involved, and for many who weren’t.

    IMO, Details is for men, and usually has a gay slant and readership, and they tried to appeal to both sides by printing the photos on one side for straight men, and the sure-to-be-misinterpreted text of the article to appeal to their regular readership. Regardless of the style of the photos, this is an American magazine, and the shoot was way, way over the top, and the photographer should have seen that Rob was uncomfortable and stopped it, and Rob should have taken responsibility for himself and not agreed to do it or walked out. Boo Details. Hate Details.

    Summit will need to hire a babysitter for Rob to point out to him (in every single interview he ever does) that tongue-in-cheek comments won’t come across in print. And if the media attention keeps growing on this like it has all weekend, when Rob dies in 60+ years, his epitaph will say he was in Twilight, hates women, yet was a connoisseur of pron.a.graphy. I’m sure his grandchildren will not be proud of this. Is that a legacy he wants to leave? Ugh. Disaster.

    And I have to add, do these young actors give even a moment’s thought to what their future spouses will think/feel about these photos, regardless of how well they conduct themselves personally? Unless their spouses are profoundly unfeeling sluts, there will be many tears shed by the person they love most over these stupid photos they keep posing for, when it is far too late to change anything.

    Grab some maturity and perspective, Twilight cast. Twilight, a series predominantly for children, made you. And you have been well recompensed for that besides. Yes, some people would like to sell your name with “nudity” attached (say, Sobe). Yes, some momentary publicity will result. But then what? Think about your future, and your fans. There most definitely is such a thing as bad publicity.

    Summit has really failed us all at keeping Twilight appealing for the fans. And today, mark my words, they are losing them by the thousands. Step up, Summit! You’ve made how much money? Buy some handlers for these foolish actors, and save us all from further regret.

    And Stephenie, if they don’t, you really need to lay down the law or have your efforts forever besmirched by these kids’ willingness to promote/participate in what — for many viewers/fans — boils down to pran.ugh.graphy.

    Very sorry for going off, but this is getting really uncomfortable and creepy. And just wait until WTTB comes out.

    • I agree, if Rob was uncomfortable, he should have walked out. However he did agree to the interview and photoshoot so I wonder how uncomfortable he really was. Plus, I would think he would know what he was agreeing to. His comments in the interview were not funny nor is it British humor as some are attempting to defend him. It’s time to hold him accountable for his words and actions. The shoot was more than over the top, it was completely tasteless. Summit needs to do some major damage control. If Kristen is with him, all I can say is that it’s time for her to leave – Fast! She deserves much better.

  34. I can’t stand all this hating. Gosh….

    The man is an adult and does NOT owe his entire life to Twilight fans OR Stephenie Meyer OR Summit!! He does not have a PR person, and will most likely refuse to employ one. (He has said this many times in interviews.) He doesn’t like being “handled.”

    He’s not the first strange movie star to grace the screen. He has LOTS of company in that area. But we are pretty tolerant of other movie stars’ idiosyncrasies. We need to cut him some slack. His job is to entertain us, NOT be role models for our children or live his life according to other people’s standards.

    He’s NOT going to choose roles just to maintain the g-rating of his Twilight stint. He can’t do that or he’ll forever be stuck in those roles. (Zac Efron is facing much the same thing right now!) He’s pushing the envelope and if that’s what he wants to do, more power to him!

    Summit doesn’t OWN him! This isn’t like the 1940s when studios ruled actors’ lives! He can do pretty much what he wants as long as he meets his contract for films and appearances.


  35. I agree with Donna. I very much doubt that anywhere in his contract that it says that he has to be a role model to anyone. I don’t know why everyone is freaking out about this. Who cares. The website gave plenty of warning. I loved the interview and the pictures did not bother me at all. But I also don’t feel that Rob or any of the Twilight cast HAVE TO BE (just because they are in a book that is geared towards teens) role models. Sure they have alot of young people that watch them. BUT THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS. I personally do not feel any celebrity should HAVE TO BE a role model. I just can’t believe some of Rob’s fans are now treating him this way because of one interview and photoshoot. I think now a days part of way some celebrities start to freak out is because of what some people write on these websites and blogs. Not just what the media says or writes. (Where do you think they get the ideas from. Probably from us normal people!)

  36. I wonder if some of the people mad about this shoot if they would be as mad if it was the other way around. If Rob was almost or completely naked. I have a feeling some of you would not be complaining as much. I don’t some people were complaining when they had pics of Kellan Lutz in his barely there underwear pics for Calvin Klein

  37. The whole sentence was screwed up. That’s what I get for not proof reading before post. I meant to say I don’t see some people complaining over the pics of Kellan Lutz in his barely there underwear.
    But that didn’t bother me either.

  38. Thanks, Kate. Charity said, “I just can’t believe some of Rob’s fans are now treating him this way because of one interview and photoshoot.” This is exactly my point. They’re simply not fans anymore, because of the interview and photos. And yet, this didn’t need to happen at all.

    And Summit, while they don’t “own” him or the other stars, can certainly hire an assistant to help out, or put pressure on the actors’ agents to keep things friendly to their base demographic: teen & tween girls.

    I wouldn’t expect them to treat the actors like Walt Disney would have (cancel productions or re-cast immediately). Yet lots and lots of money is at stake here- hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Sure, Details may make a few extra bucks from the controversy, but when sales for the NM DVD go down because minivan moms don’t want their kids idol worshiping what seem to increasingly be parn actors/models, Summit takes a hit, the actors’ take a hit, this web site takes a hit, etc.

    More importantly, children take a hit wondering what’s wrong with their bodies after reading Rob’s quote out of context — in thousands of publications around the world.

    No on asks them to be perfect. But give a little thought to the fans, and the studio, who made you.

    • Pffffffffft! Teenage girls wondering what’s wrong with their bodies??? Come on!!! Robert Pattinson’s stupid remark is NOT going to scar any teenagers for life! If it does, there was something wrong with them to begin with!! They see and hear worse than that in the hallways at school and with their friends and in movies. I should know. I teach teenagers. Nothing in this interview would shock any teenager I know (except maybe the ones whose parents try to protect and keep under a rock until they’re 30).

      • I understand what you are saying, Donna, as I’ve worked in education for well over a decade and am, among other things, principal of a small online school.

        In fact, a great many people were shocked by the article, including thousands of journalists who are covering the story across the world.

        Are you saying that nudity is appropriate for children? Are you saying it is inappropriate for parents to try to protect their children, say, from p.orna.graphy? Do you feel the photo spread would help girls with their body image, or portrays a worldview helpful for boys? Or that it’s entertainment value outweighs its potential for harm?

        Simply because there are worse things in the world doesn’t justify that something like this article/photoshoot would be viewed as either good, virtuous, lovely, of good report, praiseworthy or worthwhile.

        It was a foolish interview Rob gave, potentially harmful to the franchise and its many dependents — despite its good points. The LA Times extracted several insightful comments from Rob, including this quote: “You can elevate the human condition or cheapen it. I would assume it’s the same with anything you do — you try to elevate and maybe someday you will.”

        Judging from media coverage, I would venture that most journalists feel this article/photoshoot was on the “cheapen” side of the spectrum, and they covered it accordingly.

        Frankly, I suspect that much of what was contained in the article Rob thought was just banter between themselves — not for print. And I would expect him to be more careful in the future.

        • I abhor censorship. I would gladly show these photos to my teenage children. Nudity is NOT something to be ashamed of. This was NOT a Playboy or Penthouse spread where women with huge breasts are put on display for men to masturbate over! This was done in an artistic way. The women were not your typical nudes found in girly magazines.

          • wow, you would “gladly” show these photos to your teenagers? “gladly”? just to prove a point about how much you hate censorship?

            i’m not some old soccer mom who wants to censor anything and everything, let that be understood. i fully acknowledge that rob is totally an adult, can totally make his own choices, etc. and yes the models are big girls and can make their own choices too. and nobody is being forced to buy this magazine that doesn’t want to, right? so let them do whatever they want to do. i don’t have any opinions of rob as a person, because i don’t know him personally, and unless i meet him someday and can find out for myself (which i am confident will never happen) i am not about to think that i “know” him based on interviews. he can do whatever he wants. actors entire lives are all about being fake (it’s called “acting”) so why should we believe that we get to see even a sliver of the real people they are? and that’s fine, i don’t really need to know who they really are anyway, their job is just to entertain me.

            but that still doesn’t make these photos any less trashy. as a woman, they did seem really creepy to me, because it’s like one guy has all the power over all his little sex slaves or something. if they were going for nudity, then why wasn’t rob close to being nude too? seems like sexual inequality to me, and that’s why i wouldn’t “gladly” show these to teenagers, i wouldn’t want to send the message to any young girls that a good looking man with influence and fame can have power to hook up with multiple woman at the same time. nameless, faceless woman who don’t matter. i know that message comes blaring through every rap song on the radio and through all other forms of media,all the time, but that doesn’t mean the idea needs to get any more strength than it already has. part of the argument against censorship is all about empowerment, right? do these photos empower young women in any way? i don’t feel that they do. yes the lighting was awesome, the colors were awesome, and they would have been beautiful if the theme wasn’t so creepy. but i for one want to feel valued as a woman and share sexual equality with a man and that doesn’t make me narrow minded for not liking these pictures.

          • sorry about the rant, didn’t mean for it to get so intense! ( i re-read it and was like, woah! chill!) really i’m not going to be losing any sleep over this… i probably won’t even think about these pictures again after i leave this site so it’s not that big of a deal. i just wanted to share my opinion is all.

  39. I think I enjoyed reading the comments more than reading the actual article. They make me laugh!!

    People are freaking out over a particular male who the public has made famous. So what!! He did a photo shoot with naked women. It was HIS choice, not anyone elses. I completly agree with Donna. It’s not “THAT” type of magazine. I am a married women with two children, so I understand censorship. I am not one for nudity, but some of the pictures were pretty.

    But, has anyone thought about the people who have read the article, then became a fan because R PATTZ is a different person then they origonally thought??

  40. Thanks, Mich. It can be difficult to share strong feelings without sort of going off.

    Donna, you have made your stance very clear. For you, it wasn’t pornography. You of course have every right to your perspective. I just don’t suggest trying out your definition in your classroom.

    And, thanks to the Lexicon for hosting the conversation.

  41. Did anyone stop to think that this was a MEN’S magazine and not Tigerbeat?

  42. thank you britney!! it is a man mgazine and I don’t understand what the fuss is all about?? ladies and gent’s for argument sake, let us just say he is not
    into women, if he were u still would not have a chance in hell, so why care?? and vise verse. the other thing I can’t seem to figure out is why do people assume he is gay? he said he is allergic? what happens when you have an allergic reaction? maybe you swell up??? he is allergic to all the women because he may swell himself in a very private place. clueless people!! this man has every right to like male or female, it’s his sexual preference, not ours. you people need to get over this I am sure Kristen is better to ask this question to if you must know about his allergies.

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