Forks Documentary Lawsuit: The Plot Thickens

A couple of days ago we brought to you news that Summit Entertainment had initiated legal action against another company with a Forks documentary. Summit has its own”Twilight In Forks” DVD coming out to coincide with the New Moon DVD.  Initially the allegations, as reported by the media, stated that the problem was that the competitor DVD had essentially stolen the Summit designed, trademarked logo. Well, it looks like this wasn’t just a case on innocent logo lifting, it’s a lot more like a race to the finish where someone snags your idea. According to VX50:

“Summit’s documentary was filmed and produced by Heckelsville Media. the suit claims that Heckelsville talked to James[the owner of the company named in the lawsuit] last August about possibly selling the licensing rights to Topics, but James was not familiar with the “Twilight” movies.

“After researching the matter further,” the suit states, James expressed an interest in working with Heckelsville, and the two sides “discussed in detail the prospective contents of” the documentary, as well as a mock cover featuring photos of a red truck belonging to heroine Bella Swan and a “Welcome” sign in Forks.

Heckelsville then entered into a deal with Summit to sell it, not Topics, the rights to the documentary. ..

Meanwhile, Topics went on to create its own documentary and set March 16 as the release date, according to the suit. A promotional flier sent to large retailers, including best buy, Sam’s Club and Target, lists the same price, and uses photos of Bella’s truck and the Forks “Welcome” sign, the suit states.”

Read more of the whole convoluted tale on VX50.


  1. I dunno…This is kind of ridiculous. Summit doesn’t freakin’ own Forks. It’s getting out of hand how much they want to claim. Summit doesn’t even own the idea of Bella’s truck. If anyone does, it’s Stephenie. Argh!

  2. May the best documentary win! 😉

  3. Wow, everyone wants a piece!! Must suck to be in that business…no integrity.

  4. Summit Summit Summit you naughty poor company. How much did you know?
    Heckelsville shame on you. To play the companies game.
    Topics wow you may win something out of this. Depends on….
    The truth will come out. And someone always gets burned.

  5. I’ll pass on this doc but, thanks. This is just another money ploy. “Twilight” or “New Moon” or any of the “Twilight” movies aren’t even filmed there in the first place.

  6. this just seems so silly… seems they are getting greedy now

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