What DVD Should I Buy?

Well we were all set to go and write up a DVD comparison shopping guide, but our friends over at Twilight Series Theories went and did one. No point in reinventing the wheel here. So check out their write-up and while you are at it, check out their podcast!

New Moon 22 March 2010 Blu-ray 2D

So which DVD do you think you are going to buy?


  1. Amanda Panda says:

    I’m getting the target version… keeping a tradition going

  2. KittySmurf says:

    i’m getting the 2 disc special edition with the memory box

  3. If the Target set has the iTunes download like the Twilight DVD had- then there will be no contest. If they do not I’ll check the details between Borders and Target.

  4. I’m keeping consistent and going with the Borders Exclusive DVD 🙂

  5. Is anyone else miffed at the fact that they all carry something different? Why can’t they be like the rest of DVD’s and only sell one to the US and it has the same stuff on it, every retailer has it, and everyone’s happy? Sheesh!

  6. I agree Annie!

  7. I also totally agree Annie! I want all the best special features but I sure as hell want that Eclipse preview too!! Last year I got Twilight at Target and was very happy with it, was planning on getting New Moon from Target as well. Think the Eclipse stuff will get posted online?

  8. MrsLautner09 says:

    It didn’t help! It just restated the stuff I already knew and I REALLY want the eclipse stuff, but I also REALLY want the audio commentary and behind the scenes footage. I know they want us to spend our money but seriously! Its so difficult! I’m gonna give myself a panic attack!

  9. MrsLautner09 says:

    Maybe I’ll just get both…or ask someone to post it onlline for me!

  10. I think I going to go with Target. I really want the blu-ray this year so I want to wait and see if the same stuff is on the blu-ray that on the 3 DVD set. I hope itunes comes with it again. That was great! I’m pretty sure that the Eclipse preview will end up online. Everything ends up online!

  11. What is the itunes download that everyone talks about that came with the Twilight dvd last year. Is it the movie to be downloaded on your ipod?Thanks

    • Yeah. The Target copy came a code that you used on itunes to get the movie and ALL the extras for free. It was cool. You can take Twilight with you everywhere!

  12. alright another question, i was just looking at the target versions, does it not include the deleted/extended scenes?? i’d find that really hard to believe, but i didn’t see it listed on the features!

    • Wow we share a brain! I am wondering (secretly stressing and freaking out like the crazy fan that I am lol) about this too! I really want to see the deleted scenes….so does anyone know??

  13. Can anyone tell me if deleted scenes is the same as extended scenes? My definition of the best would be 1. Eclipse Trailer 2. Deleted Scenes 3. The extra 20 min in a full version of the movie that Chris Weitz was quoted as saying! So, can someone please tell me if Walmart/Target versions include all of these? Thank you twifans!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Rather than having to play the extended scenes on the bonus disk, I would hope they would just be incorporated into the movie – what a bonus…They do that all the time as director cuts, I hope that is what we get.

  14. I really want to know what is on the Target extra disk! It better be deleted scenes and hopefully the extended scenes that are showing up on Border’s option. :-\ I see that the European versions have TONSS and TONNNSS of deleted scenes and extended moments. 🙁 🙁

    Has anyone ever gotten a DVD with a fim cell? i’m trying to find out online what a film cell is. do any of you know?

    • i was wondering that too….?????

    • ok…i was kinda peeved that the UK gets all those extras so i went to ask.com and read that as long as our dvd player is multi-regional and our tv can play PAL format than we *should* be able to get the UK’s awesome versions! it also said that all dvds should play on ur computer. the dvd releases on my bday and thats what my hubby is getting me. so i need to find out which one is the shizznit and get that. I WANT IT ALL….extras, deleted scenes, extended scenes, eclipse preview, interviews….EVERYTHING….and in bluray, is that really too much to ask for???

  15. Does anyone know how many discs are in the Borders version?

  16. The Target version — I already pre-ordered it. I have the 3-disc Twilight Target one, and it came with iTunes downloads for all three discs!!! The download didn’t have the music videos that were on the first dvd, but I don’t really care about those. But the Target version looks like the best, and I’m sure other features, like clips from Eclipse, will be availble on the internet and iTunes soom enough.

  17. Wow, good thing we still have time to decide. Cause Im not sure which one to go with yet. And yes this is confusing!

  18. this is extremely confusing -________-

    stupid summitt selling different things to different stores so they can get more money.

    & i bet you they will split BD in two because, well….more MONEY for summitt!

  19. mschicklet says:

    This doesn’t really help me. It’s just a copy/paste from all the individual web sites, and several people have said the info hasn’t been updated yet….

    I really just want to know WHERE I can get a blu-ray version that has all deleted and extended scenes. How hard is that??

    • That is what I’m looking for too. I think I saw on that list from Twilight Series Theories that the Target 3 DVD and the Target 2 Disc Blu-Ray are the same but I’m EXACTLY sure what’s on it.

  20. If you order off Amazon you get the Eclipse movie guide for like $10, which is WAY lower than the book usually is, so that’s what I went with.

  21. I’m still thinking about it. I don’t need an itunes download because I can do that myself with software. itunes downloads take up a lot of memory on your ipod too. I don’t know what special features I want because I got the “Twilight” dvd at Borders and I still haven’t watch all of them.(I don’t know why, I just haven’t.)

  22. ashley granger says:

    i think im going to go with the Walmart version with the Eclipse scene bonus. i know it may be just 7 minutes and after its released it will be up on youtube within the next 5 or less hours of being released but i wuld love to get the first look =) and i agree with annie about having just one DVD with all of the features

  23. I second the agreeing with Annie

  24. This is effing frustrating. Scummit needs stop scamming us for our money and just make one DVD with all the crap (and by crap I mean pure awesomeness of course)on it.

  25. im just going to hopefully get the one thats from wal-mart because i can’t afford to get get one at anyother store because there way to expencive.

  26. what’s a film cell (part of target’s promo)?

  27. haven’t pre-ordered it yet cause I knew more versions will be popping up. Man Summit is really milking this franchise and it’s fans!! Too many versions and I’m dying for anything Eclipse related at this point but I think I’ll still go with the Target version because the Eclipse trailer is only 7 mins and somebody will post it on Youtube (maybe even before the DVD comes out). My Twilight DVD was also from Target so I’ll just stick to the 3 disc set.

  28. blu-ray there is nothing like watch rob in HD LOL

  29. Film cell is just that – a piece of film similar to a picture negative (if you are my age – you took your roll of pictures to get developed and they gave you a negative along with your pictures in case you wanted to get more pictures made). If you think about it, how many film cells can they sell? Are there that many pieces left over? I’d go with the other options, deleted scenes and any other giveaways.

    What about bloopers – wouldn’t it be great to see bloopers of Emmett and Edward? How about bloopers of the wolf pack?

  30. Thanks Lexicon! And TST!

  31. I just want to agree with most of you. It doesn’t matter where you buy the DVD all the extra stuff will be posted on YouTube. That’s what happened to me too. I bought the Wal-Mart 2 disc set of Twilight and it wasn’t until…like a month ago….that I learned Target had offered a 3 disc set, but it didn’t matter because I went to YouTube and got to see everything from that extra disc offered at Target:) So I’m happy. Nobody stress…remember the books are better than the movies anyway…and I’ll always have my books. They also last longer than two hours:) Yay!!!!

  32. hot topic had the film cell with the twilight dvd
    it is a picture from the film

  33. I work and B&N and I’ve pre-ordered the 3-disc DVD from Target (the website says that orders will arrive at your house on the same day that it does in the stores!!)

    However, I don’t like the way the box looks. At first glance, it appeared that Edward was resting his head on Jacob’s shoulder….

    That picture never was very good, but cut down its worse.

  34. I care nothing of the necklace, obviously, or the film cell. I’m more interested in extended scenes and deleted scenes.

  35. okay so can someone please find out if the Target DVD has Deleted and extended scenes??

  36. Because for twilight they had them and they listed them (their site said: 2-Disc Special Edition includes commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, 5 extended and 5 deleted scenes and introductions) this year I didn’t see that =( maybe I shall call them tomorrow and report back what I hear lol.

  37. augh… i can’t decide between the walmart and the borders version. i did the borders version last time, so it would be nice if they matched, but i want the “forks” documentary, so walmart??? i don’t know!!

  38. I already pre-ordered the forks documentary. Gee. I guess I’m more drawn to the 7 minutes of Eclipse but I’m still not sure either.

  39. Wow this is confusing…I pre ordered the borders one and i’m hoping that wasnt a mistake because I wan the eclipe preview…and why does th uk get better stuff how do we order that one?? I wish someome would just make a list of all the features in each stores version….lexicon people??

  40. oh and what which one has the forks documentery?? oh well I suppose I should just go there since I only live 4 hours away

  41. I’m going with the Blu-Ray 3-disc edition from Target. I bought Twilight from there as well and was quite happy with all the extras.

  42. Does anyone know if Target is going to have the ITunes download with the movie again? That was an awesome deal with Twilight.

  43. I’m such a loser. I plan on getting all three, the Walmart one for the seven minutes of Eclispe, the Boarders one to match my Boarders Twilight, and the Target one to match my Target Twilight.

  44. 24 hours all episodes

  45. 24 hours the complete dvd box sets

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