Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick Featured in Controversial Vanity Fair Issue


Vanity Fair’s new cover features one of their regular pieces that they have been doing for a number of years: a piece on rising female talent in Young Hollywood. This year it has drawn fire because of it’s utter lack of diversity for the second year running.

No one is discounting the talent of the actresses involved in the cover or accusing them of anything inappropriate, but Hollywood insiders are wondering where other names are. Yahoo’s shine stated, “Every woman on its new cover is extremely thin and very, very white. Unless Vanity Fair considers one redhead to be diversity, we feel the need to cry foul.” EW has a pole asking which of the lot will be remembered in 10 years. Currently Anna and Kristen are doing very well in that pole.

So what do you think? Did vanity fair miss the mark? Will Anna and Kristen have substantial careers 10 years from now?


  1. This is crazy because I was talking to my co-worker about this yesterday. I am sure there were plenty of Asian, African American, Latina and Native American actresses to put on this cover! This is Hollywood’s idea of beauty and talent. Let’s be real about it…white and thin is what’s considered the best. Gabby Sidibe should be on that cover too-i guess a best actress Oscar nom doesn’t override skin color or size.

    • I completely agree! I am a fan of Kristen Stewart’s but I am also a fan of Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Gabourey Sidibe… These girls are young and talented too. They were all in moives that are nominated for the Academy Awards. They were also nominated and won during the Golden Globes and SAG Awards!

    • Gabby Saldana has only been in one recent hit movie, ditto for Freda Pinto. Zoe Saldana, while she was in Star Trek, I honestly do not remenber her character and in Avatar, she was a digital image. Michelle Rodriguez? Well her drunk driving conviction comes to mind. Plus both are somewhat older. The majority of the young women pictured do deserve to be on the cover of Vanity fair, with the exception of perhaps Abby Cornish who is known for breaking up a marriage. The actresses are the up and coming, they have been in the business making movies and taking on roles that people talk about. Are magazines going to be forced to put “a woman of color” in a group even if it is undeserving?

  2. Honestly, no offense, but I’ve never heard of/seen any of these women except Kristen, Anna and that girl that played in Mean Girls and Letters to Juliet. Don’t even know her name. Maybe I’m out of the loop.

  3. I don’t think size or color overrides an oscar nomination, but I really can’t imagine there will be a high demand or a lot of roles for that girl from precious. Did she do a great job? Yes. Is she “up and coming”? I doubt it. I am sure there are other actresses that should of been on this article, but I can’t think of any, and I recognize all the actresses on this cover…

    • Jodi,

      Perhaps that’s the problem and not a valid excuse for the lack of diversity on this shoot and in Hollywood in general. Gabby Sidibe was amazing in Precious and is already working on a piece for Showtime (I forget which show!). The fact that projects for her will be far and few between doesn’t mean she’s not an up and coming talent. Lack of opportunity does not equal lack of ability.

  4. This is so ridiculous and VERY stereotypical.

    I mean if it was a cover full of non white ppl like African Americans will ppl be saying something bad about the cover then? NO! I mean to say the girls are very white wth? that sounds racist to me. I mean if there were any other ethnic group on the cover are ppl going to say they are too dark too light too brown or what???

    Whoever is calling foul about this they seriously need to get a life!

    Plus yes the girls are skinny but they are all beautiful and they have many fans who adore them not because of their bodies but because of who they

    • Jaclyn, I think the comment on the girls being “very white” was a criticism of the paleness of their skin or the overall unhealthy palor, not the fact that they are caucasion. And the funny thing is, as a person of non-color (which I have to assume by your obvious insensativity) you may not get this, but people of color DO actually have a history of internal struggle within their race because of the differing shades of their skin. So yes, you could have an Ebony Magazine cover full of light-skinned beautiful women like Halle Berry and someone WOULD have a problem that they don’t look “black enough” to be on Ebony or that Ebony isn’t showcasing the diverse colors of African American women. And again, no one is criticizing those ladies on the cover of Vanity Fair or their talent. People are just wondering where the Freida Pinto, Zoe Saldana, Gabourey Sidibe, and Michelle Rodriguez’ are.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with Jaclyn. It’s very popular to demonize white people in this day and age but the people doing it are guilty of the very sin they accuse whites of – racist!

      • chmb,

        No one is “demonizing” white people, so lay off the dramatics. I merely pointed out that diversity means more to someone who actually has some. Now, when the world runs backwards and we have reverse racism and 85% of the television, magazines, radio, movies, and etc. are dedicated primarily to one race that you aren’t apart of, then you can talk to me about the realities and pitfalls of so called diversity in this day and age. And while you’re at it, consider that I never criticized ANY of the actresses on the Vanity Fair cover, nor did I say they didn’t deserve to be there. I merely stated that there were others who could have JOINED them and the fact that I presented examples of who could join those other talented ladies, examples that you were quick to reject, I have to say that the more likely racist one is YOU.

  5. I think they should have included Zoe Saldana she had an amazing breakthrough last year with two amazing movies under her belt.

    • Zoe Saldana really broke out about 10 years ago in Center Stage. She was probably on the list back then.

  6. I don’t think Vanity Fair missed the mark, because these are the girls that you are seeing all over the place right now. However, if you need someone to yell at, yell at the screenwriters, casting directors and production studios that demanded their parts be filled with this stereotypical actress. Don’t be mad at the woman who worked hard and landed a roll, be mad at the directors and such who shut the doors for others who were just as talented.

    PS- in this post, the word “pole” should be “poll”. Thanks.

    • I totally agree with you Gina, all the actresses on there are talented. I’m Hispanic (Mexican) and this all doesn’t bother me much because if I turn on the TV on a network in Spanish they don’t show white people just duh Hispanic people. In my opinion maybe most Vanity Fair readers are white, so VF is trying to cater to their readers. If I want to see Latinos I’ll read another magazine.

    • And in your post, the word “roll” should be “role.”

  7. all I have to say is…Who cares

  8. twilightgirl68 says

    NO Vanity Fair did not miss the mark ! These young ladies are the up and coming Hollywood and yes I think most will still be around 10 years from now if they stay away from crazy lifestyles like drugs ! It’s not their fault that they are considered the best of the best !!! Good job Vanity Fair !

  9. heart102271 says

    I didn’t give it a second thought.
    Hollywood is all about exclusion.
    Its not about representing reality.
    If it were, most actresses would have
    To be anything BUT ultra thin & white.
    And vanity fair is catering 2 a
    Specific audience…guess who it is?
    Nobody bitches about no whites on the
    Cover of Ebony magazine. I think ppl
    Are making a big deal of nothing.

  10. So what?

  11. ***warning, this is a tangent***
    Pathetic, idiotic, it makes me laugh and laugh and I will keep on laughing because if I don’t, I think I may cry! I am so sick of this Affirmative Action style representation of people. When I look back at the last year’s well-known, on all of the covers in the grocery store racks, these are some of the girls you just see. Who should really care that they all happen to come out of the same box, that’s the box we, the movie goers, keep eating out of. Why should a magazine, a privately owned magazine, be forced to make sure that every female on the planet be featured on their cover? Now, next year if there happens to be a black, Asian or Native American woman on the cover you’re going to wonder, “are they in this picture just to make everyone happy or equal or are they on there for real notability?” It’s a disservice to those of any race or weight aspiring, on their own merit, when reaching out for Hollywood glory (a pretty pathetic goal in reality). If you want to get even more picky, have you noticed that the fat guy is never in a picture with a group of runners? Or that you never see a white person on the cover of Ebony? I’m not offended and it’s time that everyone else stop looking for places to take offense. ****Rant is now over****

    • Becky, how is this “Affirmative Action-style representation”? Freida Pinto, Zoe Saldana, Gabourey Sidibe, and Michelle Rodriguez all had top ranking movies out in the past year and all of their movies have critical acclaim, winning Golden Globes, People’s Choice awards, and Oscar wins or nominations. It’s not like people have suggested unworthy actors just because of their skin color, which just goes to show how ignorant you are of the argument and the real issue. And by the way, if next year, the Vanity Fair cover contains hot young Hollywood stars of different races, NO ONE but small-minded people like YOURSELF would be wondering if they deserve to be there. Everyone else would recognize that whoever is on the cover of Vanity Fair is there due to the natural expose that person got through a highly publicized movie roll.

    • Freyer Caffarel says

      AMEN, SISTA!!!!!!

  12. I think most of you are missing the point. The article even states, “No one is discounting the talent of the actresses involved in the cover or accusing them of anything inappropriate, but Hollywood insiders are wondering where other names are.” And that is the point. Where are the other names of talented individuals of color? Now, Gina does have a point. Maybe we should be more upset with the ‘screenwriters, casting directors, and production studios that demanded their parts be filled with these stereotypical actress.’ The acting world has young talent like Freida Pinto, Zoe Saldana, Gabourey Sidibe, and etc. Jodi makes a point about Gabourey Sidibe doing well in Precious, but not being marketable outside of her role in Precious. This is another problem. People of color shouldn’t be typecast into stereotypical roles and we shouldn’t be so accepting that that is all they can do. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thank God that Stephenie Meyer decided to add diversity to her books, or we wouldn’t have been introduced to all the new diverse Native American actors of the Quileute pack.

  13. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of diversity here. Young, pale, skinny. It would be one thing if I knew who most of these girls were but I know three. I’m not outraged but it just goes to show why there is such a “need to be thin” among girls. It’s not the the fault of the girls on the cover but it’s sad none the less.

    • Why does there have to be diversity??? Wondering why it’s only white, skinny girls is just as racist as wondering why there aren’t blacks, hispanics or asians represented. I’m sick of this PC stuff.

      • I assure you that I am about the least racist person you have ever met. My problem doesn’t have anything to do with race or why white girls aren’t on the cover of “Ebony”. My problem stems more from the fact that every single one of those girls are bean pole thin! We have Hollywood telling our young girls that they have to be thin to fit in and be considered “cool” and then we wonder why so many girls have unhealthy eating habits.

        • Bean pole thin? Is it now a crime to be thin? Please! Just because there are so many overweight people in this country, it does not make it wrong for some to be thin. I am a mom with 2 teens in college and I have been a size 2 for many many years. And no, I do not starve myself – I just take care of myself. The woman on the cover are gorgeous, there is nothing wrong with being thin.

  14. Here’s my question, if we keep bringing diversity or rasism up in everyday conversation like this how will it ever go away? We are constantly making it an issue because we are STILL talking about it. Forget those words even exsist and eliminate them from our vocabulary, only then will it disappear!!

    • sillygirl, there needs to be a way to express dismay when only white women are in the public view. They do not represent all of America and nor are they the only young talent in Hollywood. I too pray that we won’t always be talking about racism, but that day will come when we routinely see beautiful brown faces on the covers of mainstream magazines – not before.

      • You’re waiting for the day we see beautiful brown faces on the cover a magazine. I’m waiting for the day we don’t distinguish between color, only talent. See the person, not the face!


          i’m half black, half white and i am SICK of hearing about things like this.
          it’s such a disgusting double standard.

          i don’t even want to go into it.

          i’m just looking forward to a day when no one cares what color anyone is anymore.

          and then issues like this won’t even matter.

          and also, saldana is like 30. not exactly ‘young’ and she’s been in the biz forever. not exactly ‘up&coming’ either.

          • HEY!!! 30 is young.

          • thirty is not ‘young’ according to hollywood.

            and i think saldana is past her prime hollywood loving years.
            she’s still an amazing actor
            but she’s old news to hollywood these days.
            those girls are it, you know?

    • Sorry, eliminating the words racism, prejudice, stereotyping, is not going to make discrimination go away. Sorry to say, racism is still very much alive and well in this country. Simply eradicating the word and others like it will not change the way things are.

      My take on this is that actions speak louder than words. As much as I like Kristen and Anna, I know there are other actresses of color like Zoe or Frieda who should have and could have been included on this list. And unfortunately, no, Sidibe will not be given too many other roles (if any) because she has two strikes against her: weight and color. Additionally, the fact that she starred in yet ANOTHER movie about African Americans struggling and on welfare makes me cringe. That’s not the whole of the African American experience. That, in and of itself, purports stereotyping. I nominate Zoe just for sheer determination because I’m sure it’s difficult for African American women to get roles that don’t involve acting like a struggling, drug-addicted welfare mom or someone’s crazy, foul-mouthed girlfriend.

  15. Diversity, Diversity, Diversity. I’m personally sick to death of the subject. You want ethnic diversity? Go read Ebony or watch BET. You don’t see Ivory magazine or White Entertainment Television, do you? No, because there would be a march and a riot if it was even suggested. The pale, thin female happens to be IN right now. We’re just getting over the J-Lo era where everyone was getting butt implants. Latino music, clothes and TV are still everywhere. Give it a few years and everyone will be wanting Asian eyes or something. Who knows. Who cares. Vanity Fair has a right to whatever they want to place on their cover. You have a right not to buy it. I actually adore the cover and I loved last year’s as well.

    As for my answer to their poll, I believe Amanda and Kristen will have strong careers in ten years. Amanda has a uniqueness about her that makes her new, fresh, interesting and different. Kristen has already been in so many different rolls. She constantly amazes me with what she’ll do next. She’s a good actor and looks striking as well.

    Anna is cute, but I see her getting stuck in the fast-talking character roll. She’s young so maybe she’ll try new things. I’ll wait to see what the others do as well. They’re all lovely.

    • THANK YOU!!! Well said!

    • I think we should all demand diversity in RAP MUSIC!@!!! After all, there’s only one notable white rapper (Eminem!) Where’s the diversity???

      See my point??? There aren’t that many white rappers because they’re not talented enough to garner attention!

      Same with actresses…

      • Donna, Donna…

        Wow! Really? Are you THAT ignorant? I’m all for diversity in EVERYTHING, so I truly wouldn’t care about another white rapper. But to suggest that because you don’t see it gift-wrapped and in front of you, that it doesn’t exist, must be the DUMBEST thing that I have ever heard.

        Maybe you should take on the ridiculous arguments of others and actually read an Ebony magazine or something of the like and you’d get a chance at being exposed to other talented young women. The reality is that you won’t venture far out of your own comfort zone to see what’s truly in front of you.

        Maybe you should put your principle of “because you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist” to good use and stop breathing. Obviously you can’t see air, so by your definition, it shouldn’t exist…

        • Thanks for calling me ignorant. Name calling is not the way to argue your point.

          • Donna,

            Seems you also lack the understanding of the word “ignorant”, so I have looked it up for you at

            ig-no-rant: –adjective

            1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned.
            2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact.
            3. uninformed; unaware.
            4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

            Stating that you were ignorant wasn’t some childish name calling on the playground. I was pointing out that you, as the word is defined, lack knowledge or information as to that particular subject or fact.

            That being said, there are many subjects that I myself am ignorant of, like physics or psychology, but not this subject. Vanity Fair clearly lacks diversity in this cover, most of these girls are not “new” to Hollywood (as many of them started off as child actors and have been acting for some time), and Kristen and Amanda were on that ver SAME Vanity Fair cover issue LAST YEAR for “new Hollywood talent”.

    • Swan, that’s an astoundingly ignorant thing to say.

      Read up a bit on white privilege sometime, for the love of Edward.

      • Where I live being white is the minority, so this magazine cover would indeed be diversity for me.

        As for “white” privilege, I was the only one in college who did not get money handed to me from the government. Why? Because I’m white. All my peers had their education, daycare, and living expenses paid for because they were not white. Something only sounds ignorant if you are unable to see it from a perspective other than your own.

        • I was responding specifically to your comment, “You don’t see Ivory magazine or White Entertainment Television, do you? No, because there would be a march and a riot if it was even suggested.”

          This is where your ignorance shows. The dominant culture assumes you’re part of the white audience, so there is no need for “Ivory magazine” or “White Entertainment Television”–white privilege prevents people from even noticing that.

        • There’s an awfully good reason why those of nationalities other than white were “handed” money from the government – the white people stole their land & oppressed their people. African-Americans were made to be slaves, the American-Indians had to endure whole tribes being wiped out & their lands being taken from them then made to live on reservations with rotting food, etc. I am a native Hawaiian. Our entire monarchy was wiped out because of the white people. Our lands were stolen & are still being stolen to this very day. Our Princess, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, had the foresight to leave land & money to educate the children of Hawaiian ancestry, & we have the richest school in the United States (Kamehameha Schools), even richer than Harvard, Yale or any other Ivy-League School. But you know what? The whites, to this day, continue to take our school to court so their children can have the right to enter it. This is pretty much all the Hawaiian people have that is theirs; the whites have taken our land & refuse to pay any restitution for specific ceded lands that is used by the government. So yes, the African-Americans, Native Americans & Hawaiians & any others I may have missed all deserve the payback we get. The government cannot give us back what the whites took, that’s why these programs exist.

          That being said, I harbor no ill will towards any race. It didn’t dawn on me when I initially saw the Vanity Fair cover because the color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter to me. However, now that it has been brought up, I do find it a little odd. But what can you do? Either buy the magazine, thereby supporting it, or don’t, thereby not supporting it. The choice is ours.

          • Wow! is all I can say. Pamela I would like to formally tell you to grow up. Move on! Slavery was bad okay no denying it but if you think 20th century white people think it was okay then your crazy and if you think that people deserve to get money because they’re there distant don’t know their names ancestors were slaves then that is beyond ridiculous. Back then when there were slaves guess what it was socially acceptable and when Europeans sailed here and killed Native American no one thought twice about it. It was a different time with different standards and what happened then has nothing to do with a 2010 Vanity Fair Cover it just doesn’t. And finally I am a 17 year old white student, I have many friends of different nationalities because I live in a diverse East Coast town in NJ outside of New York City, I have grown up in a middle class family who has worked so hard for everything they have and nothing was ever handed to them and guess what because I’m white and because I’m not ethnic I will never be given a scholarship to go away to school and that is just a fact. It isn’t my fault I was born white and it isn’t my fault there were slaves and your ignorance is beyond mind blowing. But at the same time I do believe that ethnic scholarships are important they give people the chance they may not have gotten and that is a good thing. But they aren’t getting their scholarships because their ancestors were slaves they are getting them because they are well rounded intelligent individuals who deserve it!

  16. We also have to remember that these girls on the cover are probably not even as thin and pale in real life as they appear. I’m sure they were layered with makeup and the cover was airbrushed to make them all look paler and skinnier than they really are. It was probably a way to make the cover look uniform.

    Did anyone else see this photo and think to themselves–geez, this could be a casting call for a vampire role in Twilight?

  17. There would be an equal up-roar if ALL of the actresses were…(fill in the blank). The issue is diversity. Can anyone honestly say that there isn’t a single up and coming actress that is of any color. It can give the impression to young girls out there that in order to be considered up and coming and successful you need to look like the women shown in the magazine. Is it Vanity Fair’s fault? I don’t think so. And telling some one to “simply get over” an issue as sensitive as this is wrong. Is 45 years long enough to “get over” 300+ years of institutionalized racism? I’m not saying that it has to rule peoples life every minute, but for some it is still a sore spot from time to time. How many of you are still FUMING that they replaced Rachelle Lafevre, I mean can’t we simply just get over it.

    • kim; yes we can simpy get over it…if we want to.

      • Rashida Cullen says

        sillygirl: no we can’t simply get over it.

        I take serious offence to that. That was a very ignorant thing to say.

        I am black, and I don’t go around glaring at every white person I see because of something their ancestors did, but we shouldn’t just taboo it and pretend it didn’t happen, how are supposed to move forward if we just suppress it and not express and learn from it. Or are we going to turn into Germany and arrest anyone who mentions anything bad about the history of people?

        • You’re missing my point completely. “If we Want to” Until we really don’t want this to be an issue any more it will not go away. I want my child to grow up in a world where this doesn’t exsist. It’s not ignorance, it’s not ignoring it, it’s making it disappear for good. We can’t do that unless we truely want to and it won’t happen until it IS forgotten about.

          • Rashida Cullen says

            Don’t take this the wrong way, I want your child to grow up in a world that doesnt include racism aswell. And I AM sad that is still an issue.

            But my problem, is being denied the right to feel sad and aggreviated about the past. I am who I am because it is a part of my background.

            My comment wasn’t in relation to the article at all, it was solely for your comment. I accept that we need to move on, but you’re implying that the emotion should just disappear. Could you tell a holocaust surviver or their family to just get over it?

          • I seriously don’t think she means get over it as in “Get Over it”. The point I believe she is trying to make is just. I am a 1/2 white 1/2 Mexican Gay Man. And let me tell you I get crapped on all the time. But I don’t use it as a behavior justification. I group with no blacks fact never met one til I moved to the city. I use to feel horriable from things I was taught in school and the tings I saw in movies. But the Race Card is getting annoying. I don’t here Jews getting accept at a drop of a hate. You comment that +300 years is a history that makes you you. But is it one that must be shoved down our throats on a regular bases. I am Gay and my people have been persecuted for +3000 so should I get to rant and complain even more then you. NO I shouldn’t but I can try and fix what is happening now. As for the cover I agree with some of the other several comments. If it was the other way around no one would give a Flying Rats Ass.

            So when she says get over it, I think she means learn from it and move on because if you keep looking in the rear-view mirror you will never see the road in front of you.

          • I don’t see the big deal here.. I am native american and I don’t get all huffy puffy about what happened to my ancestors 300 years ago.. so I am agreeing with Jeremy up there.. we all need to learn from it and move on!

            the only thing I see wrong with this picture is they are all SO SKINNY. It’s okay if your healthy skinny.. but Hollywood needs to start working on those girls whose ribs you can count from 10 feet away…. thats just gross. girls shouldn’t feel pressured to be that skinny and perfect. Cause even those girls arent.. they have been airbrushed. It is disturbing when my 13 year old neice is trying to diet so she can be as skinny as the girls in magazines.

            no im not saying put a bunch of overwieght people on the cover.

            but they should promote healthy. which means sometimes letting the cellulite show 🙂

            okay i think im done now! have a good night!!

          • Thank you Jeremy, that is exactly what I was trying saying. Rashida, first of all you made my point for me. Also, no one is taking your right to feel sad away from you. If that’s how want to feel you are more than welcome to feel that way. But why? wouldn’t you rather want to progress, instead of always looking behing you?
            It doesn’t really matter I suppose, I just thought I had come up with a solution that could work for everyone, but we are apparently not ready for that.
            Maybe someday….

  18. Well in the magazine’s defense, all of these girls (except maybe Abbie Cornish whom I only ever hear about in relation to dating Ryan Phillipe) are deserving of being there. They all have impressive resumes, have been critically acclaimed and buzzed about over the past year, and have movies coming out in 2010 and 2011. If Gabby does a few more movies and delivers some more knock out performances, I’m sure we’ll see more of her on covers. As for Zoe, she would have been a great choice, however, all these women are under 30, so she misses the mark by a hair. So I actually think they got it right (again, minus Abbie unless I’m missing something big she’s doing/done).

  19. did i miss something? who said this feature was about diversity in hollywood?

    Zoe Saldana – she’s been around awhile, so it’s hard to think of her as “up and coming”. Also, she doesn’t fit into the “young” defined by VF, not me.

    Freida Pinto – while young, her lack of roles since Slumdog takes her out of the “up and coming” category.

    I’m sure there are a lot of women of color that are talented. But up and coming in hollywood and talented isn’t necessarily one in the same.

  20. On an issue not so much about racism and more about skin health, I’m glad to see pale people as opposed to overly fake baked or spray tanned people. I’m glad that it seems that being pale is not so uncool anymore (although if you walked around my college campus you’d never know it from all the orange people walking around). I hope these girls are rocking their natural skin colors and not painted so pale. I hate that people go out of their way to pay to get sprayed or lay in an unhealthy tanning bed because they think that being pale is ugly.

    • Vampire-girl says

      Vanessa I agree I am pale white as well and I naturally am always cold whilst my bloke is always boiling hot. I would get teased in school for being so pale people just think cos your so pale you can get a tan easily -not that i want one but I dont tan I dont even burn. So I love the cover of the magazine it looks beautiful and I dont know all of the actresses but at least they’re getting recognised.

    • I thought about this, too. Hopefully they’re avoiding the risk of skin cancer and focusing on health.

  21. I keep seeing the same names coming up to represent diversity. Gabby Sidibe and Freida Pinto haven’t been in enough things to really call them up and coming. After other roles, maybe. There’s just no way of calling them the next big thing until they’ve showed off their acting chops more. Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana are older than 30 and therefore aren’t young enough. Surely there must be other names we could suggest before we start hating on VF.

    • Up and coming means they are looking at these actresses’ POTENTIAL in the industry! It doesn’t mean they have decades of acting already behind them! They’re predicting box office success, being offered choice roles in the future, etc…faces that studios are going to be looking to when considering people for their films!

  22. Don’t get why this is controversial.

  23. Aww, I am happy Amanda is in there, I love her acting skills. I found out she played in Mean Girls. Well Anna and Kristen are also good actresses.


    I only recognize the girl from Mamma Mia and Mean girls, I think one with brown hair is from Vicky Christina Barcelona, but..the rest of them?? Can anyone tell me? I mena one of them has been 3 times en VF I never seen her before :S

    Of course they are missing a lot of young actresses, I suposse they just voted or something, they cant put all of them and thats all.

  25. Mopii, there’s Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia, Dear John), Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Abbie Cornish (I guess Bright Star is her movie being talked about right now), Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, Across the Universe, The Wrestler), Emma Stone (Superbad, Zombieland), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Carey Mulligan (An Education), and then of course Anna and Kristen.

  26. Twilight9009 says

    I personally think it is racist that race is being brought up. I agree that there was room for diversity on this cover, but bringing it up is racist in my opinion. And you don’t see these girls on the cover of Ebony magazine and nobody says its racist that there is never any diversity on those covers. Not that anything is wrong with Ebony magazine, but Vanity Fair is being looked at too critically.

  27. Only one thing to say-would anyone be complaining if this cover was only black women? No.

  28. First people get a life and use the energy your wasting complaining on something worth while. No one is making you buy the mag. if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

    Answering the questions: No they didn’t miss there mark. Its there opinion and they are intitled to it. Just like your intitled to cry over nothing. Yes I think they will both have careers in 10 years. They are both very good actresses in there own way. I think Kristen will stick to more indie type roles and Anna will be more main stream.

  29. I am happy to see pink, thin, women on the cover of a magazine. We have had…over tanned, over stuffed beach bodies shoved down our throats.
    Viva oh natural!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. No one is taking umbrage to the talent of the actors on the magazine cover but to the laziness by the magazine to not think that there are just as many up and coming and established actors of color that should have been on the cover. Vanity Fair didn’t even try because they took the same white females they used in the 2008 cover for 2010.

    I find it funny in a very sad way that many of you don’t even want to understand why people are frustrated by this. Many of the “standard” roles in Hollywood could be played by any actress regardless of color but the standard is white and that’s who casting agents use as their default because they are too lazy to consider that a romantic comedy lead could be Asian/Latina/Black etc.

    I remember how many of you had the same “get over it” mentality when First Nation people were upset that Twilight didn’t even bother to cast actors who were Native American but just “looked” the part.

    To those who want to use the BET, Ebony, or Latina magazine in defense of the Vanity Fair cover; Please learn your history. They were created because the mainstream didn’t (still doesn’t) recognize the talents of actors/musicians of color even though they have an audience for it. So instead people of color created their own industry to support them.

    America is not an all white nation so there is no justification why the talented actors of color weren’t on the cover to represent that.

    • Thanks so much for saying that, Samantha.

      I’m shocked at how ignorant some of these comments are. Yet another reminder that people like me aren’t welcome in regular society, and will always be seen as the fringe.

      I guess I better go back to watching my BET, even though I’m Asian. (But hey, all non-whites are the same, right?)

      • OK the President is Black…. Really why are we having this discussion. So there shouldn’t be a “Need for BET or Ebony magazine any more.

        But no we still have to show differences don’t we? So if you want to throw around that it’s a need for Blacks to have their magazine and Hispanics to have their magazine then why can’t white people?

        See there is a point to be made. Stop making something out of nothing.

        • Jeremy, white people have had, and still have their own magazines for ages–pretty much every form of media out there is for whtie people. “White” is considered the default normal, so you don’t notice it.

          And for the record, Obama is multiracial. And, just because we have a non-white president doesn’t mean that racial issues don’t exist anymore.

  31. That’s true…where is the Gabourey Sidibe? She is the best actress today.

  32. This was a great cover Kristen, Anna, and Amanda seyfried definitely will have careers in ten years.
    Gabby what’s her name from precious won’t. She’s going to be a one hit wonder just like Nikki blonsky from hairspray.

  33. i agree-amanda seyfried and kristen stewart and anna will have amazing careers soon to come but i haven’t really heard of the others. and i agree that they are all white skinny girls-in this day and age, that shouldn’t happen. I remember amazing up and coming actresses that aren’t skinny or white-so why not put names that people know that are different rather than what they put? it’s a bit stupid

  34. Personally I don’t think this has anything to do with race, and I don’t like it when people make that an issue when it’s not. I think people are overreacting, when they find someone worthy of being in that group, someone you has shined recently they will put them up there. Just because there are only white girls, that doesn’t make them racist or anything. Just Saying, oh and I’m not looking for an argument, just stating my OPINION, just like everyone else.

  35. Thank you Becky (I think it was) who was ranting. I agree.

    Though I truly couldn’t care less and don’t think anyone else should, why on earth are peope just LOOKING for reasons to get offended? Really? No one has the right to NOT be offended. Get over it.

    If it’s about race, who truly cares? I’m a little white girl, so you may call me hypocritical for saying that, but if this issue was all thin black girls why should I get all huffy? If they’re talented and good examples then I’m sure they deserve the spot. I’m not saying that there aren’t beautiful and talented black girls out there just because they weren’t on this magazine cover; I know there are. But people get so upset over the teeniest things these days. Everybody will have forgotten all about it in a month. Who cares?

  36. Personally, I’m hung up on the use of the word pole (are we talking about strippers here?)instead of poll. It wouldn’t hurt to edit once and awhile.

    BTW – The Twilight Franchise sucks. It started out as a great concept, but all you little teenie boppers ruined it.

    Viva la Sookie Stackhouse

    . . . And yes you guys almost ruined that as well with True Blood

  37. One of the worst things the media does is overreact. Nobody would be complaining if there were no white girls on the cover. There are many, many more *actual* racisom issues in the world to be focusing on rather than who is on the cover of some magazine. It’s ridiculous what people will see when they’re looking for it.

  38. Personally, I don’t think VF missed the mark. It is a privately owned magazine and therefore should be allowed to print what they see fit. Would I have been fine if there was more diversity? Absolutely. But, I am still curious who everyone thinks is missing. This is for YOUNG, up and comming actresses.

    I think I am more appalled by the way everyone has treated one another on these boards discussing the issue! Really… take the time to start at the top of the boards and really read what each person has written. There are more personal attacks on here than in a prison!

    Maybe all of the people who were so busy defending themselves (while at the same time attacking other people) would stop and take a look at how they are personally acting then issues like this would become non-existant. Personal accountability for your actions and words could solve a lot of problems in the world.

    Maybe if everyone would stop and consider the fact that they were talking to another human being and treat each other as such things could start to get better in the world. Calling names and attacking one another is no way to get your points across.

    My Granny always said:
    Treat others with respect and you will gain double the respect from them… Just sayin.

  39. A few points people have missed:

    –Zoe already WAS on the cover of one of the Vanity Fair Hollywood issues (2008) along with America Ferrera.

    –And as to why Gabby wasn’t there… issues like this ARE planned well in advanced in order to make sure all of the many actresses are available at the same time, right? Precious only hit theaters in December. They most likely already had the actresses and the shoot date set up by then in order for the magazine to be ready by February. I don’t think they were purposely snubbing her because of her race or body type. Ten bucks she gets her OWN cover this year.

    –AND I just looked it up to double check, 2009 Hollywood had the well known Chinese actress(forget her name), Rosario Dawson and Kerry Washington. Uh, how is that racist??

    I really don’t think anyone did it purposely. Geeze.

    • I agree – if it’s not on purpose, then it’s not racist. It may be called ignorant, but it’s still not ignorant if they’ve put other minority groups on magazines in the past, as you pointed out.

      People need to RELAX. The fact that this was even noticed at all means our country still has a really long way to go in race relations. It shouldn’t matter at all what color someone is – that includes not getting stuffy and offended when there are all white people on a cover. OH, THE HORROR.

  40. Well, being the big Twilight fan that I am this is really awful, but Kristen Stewart kind of sucks in the first place and the only reason anyone remembers her is because of Twilight. She did plenty of movies before and no on knew who she was until Twilight, so in my opinion there are much more deserving people out there to be on the cover.

    • Sorry, but I have been a fan of hers for years, starting with Panic Room. She was amazing in Speak, loved her in Into The Wild – small role yes, but she stood out. Also loved her in Adventureland – not to mention envious that she got to kiss Ryan Reynolds! I can not wait to see The Runaways and Welocme To The Rileys. Your statement about her sucking is just your opinion. She has talent and many directors love her. The director for Adventureland only wanted Kristen and James Woods has a movie in the works and Kristen will be his lead. Kristen is extremely deserving of the Vanity fair cover.

  41. You know, I’ve been putting off reading Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” because it’s LONG…but between his passing and the fact that nearly every poster here thinks that white cultural heterogeneity is just A-ok, I’m going to have to dig into it tonight.

  42. Yes, people do need to relax. People of color are in plenty of other issues and contests.

    I am tired of deserving people being overlooked because they don’t fill a quota. I have had family and friends lose out on jobs that they ranked the highest in testing for because they were white.

    I am sure this year’s issue was a fluke that they all look like dolls. No one in this day and age would purposely do anything un-PC because THIS is what would happen!!!

    That being said, Evan Rachel Wood would have been a nice Rosalie.

  43. Who cares?? I’m sure there has been blacks, asians, etc. on the cover before. What’s the big deal if this time it’s just all white girls?? People need to grow up and calm down for freakin sake. Gosh. I mean seriously. Just SHUT UP. Cannot WAIT to get this mag you guys!! 😀 Kristen is awesome. Wish I was her. 🙂

  44. Sad 2 B A Twihard says

    Reading the post on this Twilight Lexicon page makes me extremely sad to be a Twilight Fan right now because a lot of these comments are extremely racist and it’s hard reading them. It’s not about Affirmative Action. That’s a racist cop-out argument. Hollywood has always failed to include diversity. If you even look at what happened to the Twilight films themselves, the one major black character, Tyler Crowley, was omitted out of the subsequent Twilight films. He’s no longer shown with the group of friends. Why is that? He’s a major character in the books but yet has been mysteriously left out of the remaining films. No one seems to find anything wrong with that? Purists of the books should. He’s been omitted w/out any explanation as to why the Tyler character is gone.

    Some of you need to learn your film history as well. Because a lot of the comments are made due to pure ignorance of Hollywood film history. Also, I find it offensive to read only a couple of names that could be considered. There are plenty of African American & Latino actresses than the handful that you all are listing as the future in Hollywood. The movie Precious shows you plenty of talent of diversity, any film of Tyler Perry showcases plenty of talent etc… The talent is there but the Hollywood types refuse to look at it.

    It’s a shame that some Twilight fans cannot see the problem w/the Vanity Fair cover. It’s a sad day when you think what’s done is ok and there’s nothing wrong with it. It breaks my heart.

    Sad day.

  45. oh man this is crazy in here i just wanted to c who dose everyone think will make it for yrs to come i am a white /mix mex but everywhere i go people refer to me as white girl and its sad because i was raised with the mex part of my family it is so sad that people have to try to take away from these girls whom yes look skinny compared to me not as white as me though but these girls worked hard to get there and i am shure others have as well and maybe theyll make it next yr i hope they do and i hope that people who judge will judge themselfs first

  46. I have to say that I appreciate that we can debate a topic like this, or any other topic for that matter. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions & am thankful that we have this forum to share our ideas and comments. We are different people with different life experiences, from every walk of life, and varying economic & financial statuses questioning why or why not this magazine cover sparked something within us. This is a great forum guys & I really appreciate you all. That being said, I wish you a good night!

  47. Honestly, the only reason we are having any of this discussion is because the idiots at “Yahoo’s shine stated, ‘Every woman on its new cover is extremely thin and very, very white. Unless Vanity Fair considers one redhead to be diversity, we feel the need to cry foul.’” Would ANY of us actually noticed or cared that it was a bunch of thin, white girls on the cover if it wasn’t brought up in the first place by the media? Well, I might have noticed the skinniness of the ladies, but would’ve shrugged it off in seconds and moved on.

  48. Yes, I noticed that they were all white girls. It’s glaringly obvious. I’m 100% Caucasian myself (genetically Celtic), but I don’t feel comfortable in a group that’s not racially mixed. The women in this photo may look different from each other, but they look more alike than not. All cut from the same cookie cutter, with a bit of different frosting.

    And they are all WAY too thin. Of course, when I was that age, I was too thin also, so I can’t blame anyone for that.

  49. So What? Honestly there are what 10 girls on the cover 10 that’s it. It is so stereotypical that everyone is willing to make a big deal over there only being white girls on the cover. I think the last 10 Seventeen Magazines I received in the mail only had white celebrities on it so why not call foul there? Or how about books who only showcase white characters why not call foul there? Do you see what I mean this is so stupid. There will be plenty of Vanity Fair covers that will showcase talented women of color and other nationalities. I am white and I understand that people are frustrated with the lack of diversity on the cover but honestly if any other race was solely on the cover it would be regarded as progressive and unique. But when only white women are showcased it is labeled as racist and insensitive. It seems that instead of enjoying a stupid article everyone would rather feed an undying double standard. The only way we can move on is if other the people of different ethnic backgrounds are willing to let it go. I mean there’s Ebony magazine and magazines especially for Latino women and many magazines like Vanity Fair feature diverse celebrities all the time, so why is it such a big deal that white women be featured and celebrated.

  50. Its really sad to be in this day and age and still see things like this happening. its not racism per say but its still restricting diversity – promoting the idea that only white skinny young ladies have been successful in the past year of Hollywood which is completely untrue. if they featured a spread with only black girls or only asian girls who were said to be breakthrough actresses then there would be a lot more opposition to the idea. the world is evolving most of the racial views of the past century should not be present now. but things like such a popular magazine such as vanity fair producing a spread like this that only features white caucasian actresses is maintaing the racial intolerance which should have long since been buried. this kinda thing should not be happening these days.