Robert Pattinson: A Lament on the Appeal of Pasty White Dudes

The The Zeitgeisty Report Blogger ruminates over just what is the appeal of  “pasty white dudes” he has some interesting analysis. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the one thing this we seriously disagree on is his assessment of Robert Pattinson’s talent, as it seems he is basing his opinion on Twilight alone.

“What is it about vampires that so capture the imagination of young girls?

Perhaps it has something to do with the onset of menses and the complexity of emotions that are part and parcel to the experience. Along with the blood comes an understanding of mortality as well as the ability to bear life – this all ties in with the gestalt of the vampire. He has the power to both give life and take it by penetrating virginal skin and sucking out the viscous crimson. Psychologically it all makes sense…

…or maybe they just like broody, pale white dudes like Robert Pattinson.”

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  1. This article was clearly very poorly researched, and if we are being honest, it smacks of bitterness as well. Rob is so much deeper than many Hollywood actors. He’s not out there getting blitzed and hooking up every night, not getting arrested and appearing in court and getting foreclosed and fathering random babies. He writes beautiful songs and he thinks hard about the roles he chooses, which are uncommonly difficult to play. The writer underestimates the female mind, and clearly misunderstands it. It’s easy to do for a man, considering that appearance is generally the main factor in attraction for a man, but women are also attracted to substance. Not that Rob isn’t absolutely delicious, but many actors are. I think women are also attracted to how serious he is, how he thinks, the music he writes, etc. This article was a rant and nothing more.

  2. What a ridiculous article.

  3. I’m not even bothering to read it, ‘cos I’ve actually come across some other similar stuff before and absolutely regretted going thru’ them.
    It’s pretty pointless, as I can tell from juz scanning some words in the intro that it’s another small-minded rant from some jerk who doesn’t understand what he’s writing about and juz wants to kill others’ buzz.
    My advice to all: ignore this crap and focus on the positives which we know to be true and appreciate.
    And feel sorry for people who bother to write crap like that!

  4. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Yeah, I’m w/Mris.XKR and Janelene. It’s a load of bull from a male sovenist pig who probably just jealous and can’t get a date. 😛

  5. That is just offensive…really…to each their own what they like, but I would like to believe that people thoroughly enjoy the books and/or the movies for more than what this idiot’s hypothesis would lead us to believe!

  6. Twilight Granny says:

    The poor thing is so completely blind to reality that he feels the need to lash out at someone or something. The real appeal of Edward Cullen is that he is a soul mate/boyfriend/husband who can and will protect his love against all comers, and his love never fades. I know this because my beloved husband is like that and has been around for more than a couple of decades. The poor guy who wrote that must be feeling pretty inadequate.

  7. His tone is all wrong and I think that Robert isn’t that bad of an actor. But still, Rob needs to get out in the son a bit more, he looks like uncooked chicken. And his pouting does get a bit annoying after a while.

    • You do understand that he has a script that needs to be followed? He doesn’t choose what mood he portrays. And last time I checked, Rob needs to stay pale, there’s still BD to be filmed.

    • And what makes Rob different is he ISN”T the typical Hollywood actor!!! He doesn’t spend hours laying in a tanning bed!! He spends hours working on songs for a future soundtrack! He doesn’t spend thousands of dollars on fancy clothes, jewelry and a gazillion houses across the globe! He’s ordinary, even slobbish at times, and that makes him doubly endearing to all his fans!

      He isn’t too snobby or busy to talk to fans! He glady signs autographs and tolerates intrusions into his privacy! No “Sean Penn” moments from Rob, even though the paps surely try his patience!

      He’s one of a kind…pasty white or not.

  8. Sounds like we have another poor, lonely soul on our hands. Rather than “rip him apart and burn the pieces” let’s try and imagine where he might be coming from.
    Once again, Edward Cullen, a fictional literary character, has struck again. Another male, of the human species, has decided he either #1. can’t compete with the standards Edward has established or #2. simply choses not to.
    The end result- it’s cost him someone or something.

    Haven’t we had enough Edward bashing or for that matter, people not being mentally capable to differentiate R.Patz from the role he’s established?How’s that expression go again?…

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, critique.
    Yeeesch..Where’s Edward when you need him?! 😉

  9. WOW, go check out the comments on the original article. If “condescending and defensive” didn’t come across in the article itself, the writer’s responses to reader comments will surely reveal those qualities. Biiiiiitter!!!

    • Oh GOD yeah! he just uses alot of big words, to make up for his short comings..

      • Nice one!

        About the writer’s responses-
        Ever notice that when people can’t understand something, or don’t want to, they often belittle, demean or downplay what it means to others- justifying their actions and prejudices while hiding behind words that have more depth than they do as people….

        • Rashida Cullen says:

          Also known as Meh, when i cant be arsed to log in: hahahaha! 🙂 i like that one. i thought i’d get in on this action too, he wasnt as condesending as he was to Jennifer, bit of a let-down really. I was getting my Twi-hard Game face on!

  10. This is what I responded on his site:
    “First, you do know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? If you think that they way you stated your opinion was anything more than condescending, you have a lot more learning to do. I could tell this article was going to be great as soon as you decided that something you couldn’t understand about female thinking must be related to menstrual cycles. What century is this?! Some people will like Robert’s work and other will not. There are many hot stars out there that just do not appeal to me at all, but you know, I don’t rant about it. I think the big problem here is so many men have been used to getting their Megan Fox fixes and not worrying about what the women may be looking at. Now that we have realized that we are allowed to appreciate the beauty in a male’s physical form, something has went all wrong. Final thought, unless you are gay, quit trying to figure out what women like about certain man, you’re not supposed to get it. You’ll never find a hot male actor that all the women love with a set of double Ds. Men and women like DIFFERENT things.”

    Aside from Rob’s acting talent, why can’t we like him simply because we find him physically attractive. Why to women have to defend themselves for liking the way a man looks? Rob is a good actor, but I happen to enjoy his oh so strong jawline myself. His hair is amazing. His eyes look like his mind is always working and I have always loved to look at tall, thin men. Do I even need to mention the accent? I also don’t consider Rob as pasty white, a lot of people think the Twilight makeup squad go a little over board and I agree.

    I envision Rob reading this article and say (in an Edward type of seriousness) “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

  11. I won’t lie, I laughed at “Early 80s Mickey Rourke called and he wants his coif back!”
    But other than that, I agree this falls under the category of poorly researched ranting. To be honest, not many non-Twilight-fans have seen much of Rob outside of the role of Edward Cullen. I get the feeling this ‘shallow’ perception that some people get will slowly fade away as Rob’s career advances and he has more chances to let his talents shine. Not that it matters, there will always be haters and those who are paying attention already know, but I think he will go far as an actor and will eventually outgrow his status as a mere ‘pasty white dude’

  12. As a ‘young woman” who started her “menses” (WTF?) about 30 YEARS AGO!!!!……The attraction of pasty white guys also has something to do with that beautiful accent. English folks are naturally very pale and last time I checked, too much sun for pale-faces is a sure receipe for skin cancer. I’m personally not fond of all the Hollywood Orange people that run around. This guy was way off base. And, as far as RP’s acting, I’m impressed with what trailers I’ve seen for Remember Me and if Pierce Brosnan says you are good, that might carry a little more weight that this dork. I’m just sayin’ 🙂

    • Silly,Silly Ladies! We menstruate- therefore we’re drawn to Vampires. Uhhh..So THAT’s why we’re such Twi-hards. When girls begin to mature and have their menses we’re no longer capable of clear, rational thought.We’re doomed. :0 It explains so much now. I finally understand why feminine products/commercials feature Vampires.(Tongue firmly planted in my cheek.)
      Thank God for that Y chromosome.Don’t know how we’ve made it this far through life without one!

      It boggles the mind to wonder which mystery of the Universe this scholar is gonna tackle next…
      Why pre-pubescent boys are drawn to Bigfoot.

  13. Dear Zietgiesty Report Blogger,

    Of all the poorly written rants from male critics and reporters, this is the most obscene and misguided piece of journalistic drivel yet. To quote this blogger, “I am neither gay nor a 12 year old girl.” Well, bucko, you are about to get your head handed to you by a 59 year old high school librarian and Twilight fan.

    Have you read these books? No? Then do not judge that of which you know nothing. To judge an actor because you feel he is a “broody pale white dude” further illustrates your naivete. You have no idea of the Twilight fan demographics or box-office influence. We are a power to be reckoned with, and this sisterhood is powerful.

    Most insulting is to state the reason this series is so popular is due to the onset of menses. Are you really serious? If you are, you are in need of some professional help. This is a work of fiction. Gynecologists throughout the world will be shaking their heads over that analogy. Here’s a news flash: women have been menstuating for centuries before Stephenie Meyer wrote this saga, and we will continue to menstruate for centuries to come. That’s what women do.

    To make an assumption with no facts to back it up would be like me saying that all men who masterbate (AKA jerk-off) are jerks. In your case,however, it’s just penis envy.

    • “To make an assumption with no facts to back it up would be like me saying that all men who masterbate (AKA jerk-off) are jerks. In your case,however, it’s just penis envy.”
      Barbara, my Twi-sister,put simply- I love you! 😉

  14. The Zeitgeisty Report Blogger is just too
    weird and they have some serious issues. No more
    to be said.

  15. dancermommy says:

    Okay, so obviously the guy is a %$^&* bag, but seriously?! Seeing my once beloved Robert Smith right under Rob?! Hormones of young and not so young are working overtime! Any other twi-moms Cure fans?

  16. If the photo at the top of the blog is Zeit, I can understand his case of sour grapes. If he cares, not only young girls at the on-set of menses are attracted to Mr. Pattinson. I’m a middle aged mother who has always been drawn to the disheveled Englishman type. Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, and so many more long before young Pattinson’s era. The hair? Even James Dean had a coif. It’s a classic look not every man can pull off. Don’t be jealous.

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