Kristen Stewart: Building a Character

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  1. The publicist for this girl needs to spend some time with her on doing an interview. She has yet to impress me as intelligent or professional. Maybe she should hang more with Dakota Fanning and take some lessons.

  2. I agree with D. Stoutenburg. She doesn’t need to coached on what to say, just how to say what she feels in a more professional way so her point gets across easier. It’s always so hard to understand what she really means when she answers a question.

  3. It actually hurts to listen and watch her try to make a continueous sentence! I just want to slap her or something!! lol spit it out already!! 🙂

  4. i kinda think the way she does interviews shows that is actually human. The “fame” so to speak took place over night, and the unease that she shows that she is just herself still. She can’t be her characters in everyday life, and she can only be herself, not what everyone wants her to be.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      i agree, although she is awkward and stammers so what its kind of like what makes her her, I would be the same i get fidgety when I nervous, I would much rather see her grounded like this than coming across as stuck up like some actors do

  5. Kristen starts out strong, but then it all starts to unravel. If I had to do these interviews, I would probably stammer a lot too. She’s young. She’s been thrown into the spotlight in a major way. Give her some time. She’s doing okay.

  6. It might just be me, but there are interviews where she seems absolutely fine answering the questions. Here she just seemed awkward.

    • maybe she needs to put into her contract to have all her questions in writing before she interviews… then she’ll be more prepared to answer?.. Well then maybe it wont be a ROUGH CUT edition? she’s a great actor but not that great an interviewer. (Neither is rob.. at least they have that in common… that both ramble on)

    • I agree – there are some interviews where she is fine and gets her point across. Maybe she is just more comfortable with some interviewers or maybe its the questions she gets asked. Sometimes she is asked ridiculous questions, like the time she was asked what it was like to kiss a vampire – stupid question. She did great on Jimmy Kimmel live but he was down to earth with her so she probably felt much more comfortable. I don’t think it would hurt to have someone help her to better prepare – not so much coach her what to say but just help her. I love her honesty and would hate to see her become a robot as jill mentioned.

  7. I’ll say it again. I love watching her interviews. She’s the real deal. I’m glad that she is being herself and Hollywood hasn’t turned her into a robot.

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