Kristen Stewart: Thoughts on Breaking Dawn and Renesmee


  1. She’s absolutely right about Nessie. They should just use several real children, and maybe digitally add little tiny teeth (sometimes), jump, etc. Babies are cute. Jar jar Binks isn’t.

  2. I love watching Kristen’s interviews. I find her to be a very interesting person. And i love her comment at the end..”Scary superhuman.. teeth baby.” haha. Made my day.

  3. “She’s gotta be cute” Hope summit is hearing that.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if my little girl (2 yrs old) is a scary superhuman teeth baby. LOL!!!!!!

  5. “I dunno”, “I dunno”, “I dunno”…. That’s about all I heard. Well, what DOES she know??? They ARE going to make Breaking Dawn…Just…Dunno…Renesmee is gonna be cute.

    Wonder if they know more than what they can legally tell. More than likely, I’d say..

    • Shes not legally allowed to say. Until it has finished production, and even then they’re not allowed to say a thing which is annoying!!

    • I really don’t think anyone knows anything at this point. Even the exec said that nothing is settled, except that the movie is going to be made. Summit has many other projects going on now, they have to get Remember Me and The Runaways out of the way. Maybe NM’s fast dropping at the BO made Summit a bit nervous. BD is going to be very expensive, especially if it’ll be a two-parter, Summit has to be sure the fans are going to see it.

      • Chernaudi says:

        I don’t think that New Moon fell off the charts any faster than Twilight did. After all, the other #1 hit movies that came after it(save for Avitar, or however it’s spelled) fell of just as quickly or quicker, and it’s par for the course.

        Almost every hit movie is #1 at the box office for a week or two, then slowly fade off the list. Reason: so many people see the movie for the first week or two it’s in theaters, then they get tired of it or can’t afford it anymore(or both), and they wait for the DVD to come out.

        That’s par for the course, and is a trend that dates back to the beginning of this mellinum at the most recent-it probably goes back much further than that.

        The success of Twilight has justified Summit into making New Moon and Eclipse, and the success of Twilight and New Moon has justified Summit into wanting to make Breaking Dawn.

        The books’ sales have been healthy, and the sales of the Twilight DVD and soundtracks have been healthy, so I see no worries as long as the basic essence of BD is captured, which for book to movie adaption is all that can be asked for.

      • Chernaudi says:

        One thing that must be remembered with Renesmee is her growth rate. She’s not a baby thoughout BD. By the time the Volturi confront/challenge the Cullens to a fight, Renesmee has the physical form of a 3-4 year old toddler.

        In additon, for Nessie’s voice, an adult/teen voiceover may be needed, as Renesmee grows exponentially faster mentally and emotionally compared to her physical growth-she may look 3-4 years old, but her mental and emotional understanding is equal to that of at least a teenage girl. So CGI may be needed, based on actual babies and toddlers.

        I have my idea of an adult Renesmee, but if Nessie matured into an adult in 3 months, that’ll spoil the story, wouldn’t it?

        Maybe the Twilight Saga should’ve been animated from the beginning-you can get away with so much stuff if it was like an anime cartoon-no worries about how to portray Renesmee-just get a teenage girl/young adult woman to do her voice.

  6. confuzzeled says:

    she annoys me in interviews. like spit it out! if you do or do not know! she doesn’t seem to articulate well during interviews. durhhhhhhhhhhh. i like her as bella though 😀

  7. She really does not seem into “Breaking Dawn” at all.
    Like she’s ready to move on.

    • Who can blame her for wanting to move on. Melissa Rosenberg is ruining all of these movies with her badly written scripts. They should not even allow her to pen Breaking Dawn at all. It is already going to be a very very difficult movie to make without her messing it up more. I hope they don’t make it. It is just to hard to do.

    • I have to disagree. I think Kristen is trying to keep this time (sundance) about her current movies (the runaways & welcome to the Riley’s). I think all anyone wants to talk about is BD and Twilight. Kristen is VERY proud of the runaways and I don’t blame her one bit for trying to keep those interviews non-twi related. She is sitting next to Dakota Fanning because of the runaways and NOT Twilight afterall. I don’t think that it is not that she isn’t interested in doing BD, but that she owes it to her fans and the other projects she’s involved with to do the same amount of PR for those films as well.

    • That isn’t actually true, though I wouldn’t blame her. During NM promotion she said she was really looking forward to BD. Don’t ask me why.

  8. aahh! i wish we knew more!! but Kristen is right about Renesmee, “she can’t just be like this scary superhuman teeth baby”

  9. Well, Breaking Dawn isn’t a good book. I’m not excited for it. I thought people knew that Kristen gets nervous and shy when it comes to interviews. Kristen said it herself.

  10. D. Conway says:

    I thought Kristen had really improved in her interviews on the New Moon press junket. Now I see that she is just as incoherent as before. It bothers me that she is so defensive about the Twilight movies but she is young. Being in cool “real movies” is more important than being “that Twilight actress.” (It’s not like anyone is trying to turn her into a Disney star.) I’ve decided to just enjoy the Twilight movies and ignore Kristen’s interviews.

    • I have to say that I like the way Kristen interviews because it shows us that she is the real deal. She doesn’t seem fake or ‘prepped’ by her agent. This is her. I love that she is genuine.

    • Oh and D. Conway – she is in a lot of other ‘cool real movies’. She has a long list of good indies. Twilight is doing her the favor of making people more interested in the smaller movies she’s done.

      • D. Conway says:

        Oh and D. Conway – she is in a lot of other ‘cool real movies’. She has a long list of good indies. Twilight is doing her the favor of making people more interested in the smaller movies she’s done.

        jill, you misunderstood me completely and I agree with what you’ve written below. In the Sundance interviews Kristen seems very defensive about the Twilight movies vs her other movies. I’m sorry to hear her talk like that as I was once a young girl myself and remember trying to be cool, she has much to proud of and nothing to make excuses for, IMO. My comments were directed at that. My apology for not being clear.

  11. Well it sounds like she does know something. She just got done saying that she knows the movie’s a go…she just doesn’t know when. I completely agree that Nessie has to be a real child….not everything can be CGI…come on Summit. As far as the script goes…lets stop and think people. No movie is as good as the book, so just cut Melissa some slack. Nobody is forcing you to go see the movie. As far as I’m concerned, if I want really good scripts….I’ll just read the books AGAIN. Like I don’t read them enough already:)

    • I’m on the same page as you, Katrina with regards to Nessie and the inherent difficulties of a book-to-movie adaptation.
      No way I’m gonna get excited about a CGI baby/kid. Honestly, the blue creatures in a certain blockbuster simply did not strike a chord with me (but that could also have been ‘cos of the very cliched storyline) and the same would hold true of a Nessie who is not ‘real’. I really hope Summit is listening!

      I’ve also learned to appreciate both the book and the movie on their own merits, bearing in mind the huge amount of work required by a tremendous number of creative people involved in carving out an adaptation.
      As I can’t very well say I could do a far better job, it’s more gracious for me to NOT gripe and instead look for the positives in the finished products as much as I can.
      And I HAVE totally enjoyed and loved what I’ve seen and read so far in Twilight and New Moon.

      Here’s to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

      • Thank you for your comment. I was just thinking about being a script writer myself last night…and I know that I could never do it! Wow, can you imagine how hard Melissa’s job is? I mean “wow!” My hat goes off to her. I too appreciate each movie on it’s own merit. But I love my books:)

        • Yes, I never forget that the books started this whole addiction and obsession!

          And up until now, reading them (one copy or another almost everyday) still gives me goosebumps and thrills, esp the Edward/Bella parts!

  12. I completely agree with everything Katrina just said!!!!

  13. Well, it sounds like Breaking Dawn is in the works. Actors would be leagally bound not to disclose the “particulars,” and although we all wish to know more, we cannot.

    To the person who criticized Kristen for not being more articulate when interviewed, put yourself in her shoes. Interviewers love to trip up actors with off the wall questions. Also, remember the ages of these actors and how this whole phenomen has been thrust upon them. (See Chris Cooper’s interview on “Remember Me and Robert Pattinson.)

    As for Renesmee, of course she’ll be cute; that is how she was written. As I said in an earlier post, that role will be a real challenge for the casting director. They will have to use multiples due to the laws governing filming using babies. Since the character changes so fast, they’ll need multiple “multiples.” I hope I am not speaking out of turn, but I think the “Jar-Jar Binks” comment is dead on; Twilight fans will want a real, live baby/child. Sure, you can CG werewolves, but not our dear Renesmee! Take heed, Summit!

  14. Katrina: I thought I heard her say that too, that BD is a go, but she just doesn’t know when – good news IMO.

    It wasn’t my favourite of the books, but I’m still excited to see how it will turn out as a movie. I figure that if they can have rollerskating babies in the Evian water advertisement, they can make a great Renesmee

  15. Christina says:

    Katrina hit it all on the money. And Kristen’s interviews do drive me crazy. I guess it’s just the age but I am from So.Cali and I don’t use “like” as every other word. She needs some more coaching before doind more interviews. Sometimes I wonder if she’s on something, the way she can’t seem to complete a single thought (collectively over multiple interviews – not this one specifically).

    • Thank you for your sweet reply:)

    • She needs no coaching , i can’t stand the i do it for all of you guys from taylor or it was great, it’s pretty from ashley. They are boring, i like real people where you pay attention to what they say and the wit and cynism in what they say.

      She just doesn’t know what is going on and she has said it at least in 5 interviews at sundance. It can be more coherent for me.

  16. I also agree with Katrina. My only wish for the BD movie is that they bring back director Catherine Hardwicke–I think she captured the romantic essence between Bella, and Edward and I think to recapture that in the last(either one or two) movies they need to bring her back in as the director. No disrespect to the others I just like her work!!!!

  17. twilightlover. says:

    I think nessie must be a real baby-kid maybe they could use some effects on her but she must be an actual little and gorgeous girl. I disagree about CHardwick doing this movie, so what the first kiss scene was really good, but in my opinion that’s it, I think chris weitz was way better than she was… I loved NM… CanKt say the same about TW I would like for him to make BD… and I love KStw she’s so herself at interviews, come on guys she has to start moving on, she wont like being known as The twilight girl only, she has to work on her name

    • I agree with you about Kristen. She is a very talented actress. She needs to be seen in all her glory:) Not just Twilight. (Even though she is awesome in it!!!)

      • Cucumber Eyes says:

        i agree with you that Kstew is talented but she needs some acting classes that’s for sure because in all her movies she has same facial expression half opened mouth and that sheepish eyes. somethimes she’s really not able to deliver emtion.

    • sillygirl says:

      I agree with you about the directors. I loved what Chris did with NM. I must be the only person that was disappointed in that first kiss. Yeah it was hot. But I really wanted that whole innocence of it. Bella should have been wearing torn sweats, and instead of it being sexy it should have been very sweet and gentle. It ruined the suspense of their intimacy for the rest of the films. The books build up to them getting to that point. I don’t know, call me old fashion.

      • Cucumber Eyes says:

        i liked the first kiss, but that birthday kiss in new moon was awful… the sounds were like edward was eating her, ot two animal mating… it was strange and yuk.

  18. I think Kristen is really genuine and seems to care deeply about all her projects including Twilight.

    I really hope they stay away from the imprinting idea. It was borderline creepy in the books, even with all the characters saying it wasn’t all the time.

    Jacob will look like a horrible person if they have him fall in love (I mean imprint) on a baby in the visual medium of film. I would be thrilled if he fell in love with Leah instead. He could still be Bella’s friend and a part of the family this way without looking like a freak and losing all his own will.

    I wonder if Stephanie would let them change that much for the good of the film?


  20. And I love her interviews. She’s interesting. Nessie def should be digital.

  21. Breaking Dawn is one of my favo and I am looking forward to it. I agree Renesmee needs to be cute after all she is Edward and Bells’s little girl.

  22. I’m just excited to buy twilight lixicon!!!!!!!!!![:)]

  23. I’m just excited to buy twilight lexicon!!!!!!!!!![:)]

  24. I think that Breaking Dawn will be shredded by the critics. If watching the movies made me cringe from the over-the-top cheesy and melodramatic dialogue, I can’t imagine sitting through BD. Unless there are some serious plot changes, I don’t see BD being good at all. But that would never happen. *sigh*

    • Cucumber Eyes says:

      i agree with you i hate BD from the bottom of my haert, it’s really really bad book and it ruins the story for me… i whis filmmakers had courage to change it, but they don’t 🙁 i will only see BD for good laugh…

  25. Is it just me or does anyone else sort-of picture a very young Dakota Fanning as Renesmee (and yes I know its impossible to do) but thats the sort of little girl actress that they need. Intelligent, mature, yet still a cute little girl. JMO

  26. Breaking Dawn was one of my favorite books of all time!! I loved Nessie…I could just picture her while I was reading. I must say that I am a little afraid for the Breaking Dawn movie. I dont think it will be good. Nessie will present a really HUGE challenge. I highly doubt that they will cast a little girl who is as adorable and as aware as Nessie at such a young age. They can use technology, but most of the time you can tell and it doesnt look good at all.

    I am going to stop being so negative and have a little faith. I loved Breaking Dawn the book and I just might love the movie just as much. As for Catherine Hardwick (dont know if i spelled her name right) directing i have to disagree. I think she did a really bad job with Twilight. The Chris guy who directed New Moon did great. They should have him direct Breaking Dawn.


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