Kristen Stewart: Sundance Behind the Scenes with ET and MTV

The MTV write up is here, kind of sad really how that being able to walk teh streets and get a coffee that Sundance is known for is no longer happening. Last year Kristen was able to go unrecognized in the back of a theater. Not this year. This is a great story on how things were different last year at Sundance.


  1. After all the publicity tours with Twilight and the popularity of her subsequent movies (just because she’s in them) it’s great to see Kristen remain humble with a sincere desire to be just a ‘regular person’ who happens to be an actor. I’d like that for her too… maybe someday.

    • I agree – she enjoys her work but wants to remain a regular person. There are many actors who can do both. Perhaps after the twilight series is finished with filming the paps won’t be after her as much. I wish her a long and fulfilling career – and happiness to do wants she wants.

  2. Aw. With Kristen’s short do, she looks like she did in Panic Room, like a little girl. You just want to give her a hug.

  3. Lily Cullen says

    I want to give her a hug too.