Chris Cooper: Robert Pattinson and the Paparazzi and Fan Blitz

Veteran character actor, Chris Cooper, talked to MTV at Sundance about what it was like shooting Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. Chris’ movie, The Company Men, is getting good buzz in Sundance. It co-stars Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones.


  1. I can’t wait for the promotion of Remember Me to start! I have high expectations for this film, I hope that despite the difficulties the actors managed to give good performances. Chris Cooper is such a great actor, I’m really interested in his thoughts about Rob and the story.

  2. sillygirl says:

    How completely stupid. I usually try not to let this stuff bug me, but come on people!! He was trying to film a movie! Fans, paps I don’t care who you are let the guy do his work. I kind of hope he does snap one day and does a “Johnny Depp” on some one!!! Honestly how could you not?

  3. What’s a Johnny Depp?

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