Access Hollywood: Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart the Runaways


  1. Can’t wait to see more interviews with these two together they looked like they had fun!


  2. Great interview! I wish that Access Hollywood would use that guy for red carpets instead of the lady they always have interviewing the Twilight cast. She makes the cast so uncomfortable- especially Taylor- it’s creepy.

    I can’t wait for the Runaways- it looks like it’s going to be a blast!

  3. Kristen’s roots are coming in! Yay for no more shag!

    I mean, she rocked it, but she couldn’t do much with it, so I’m glad her hairs growing back in.

    “Baby, come on.” Lol. Kristen and Dakota are hilarious.

  4. i love those two! and he was right! when you hear dakota singing in the trailer, she does a really good cherie currie! i almost couldnt tell the difference!

  5. That was a good interview. Watching Dakota and Kristen interact has really brought me into the Runaways corner…at first I did not want to see it, but now seeing them click so well I want to see them on the big screen together.

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