MTV: Twilight Roles to Watch

runaways_kris_dakMTV has a fantastic compilation (thanks guys you just saved us making one) of the upcoming roles to watch of the Twilight actors. On the list are The Runaways, Skateland, and Welcome to the Rileys that are all being featured starting next week at Sundance. Doing well at that festival is key for Ashley Greene’s Skateland and Welcome to the Rileys getting wide releases. Not mentioned on the list is Michael Welch’s Unrequited and Nikki Reed’s Last Day of Summer. Unrequited is still in the editing stages while Last Day of Summer is Also at Sundance and looking for that buzz that is so critical.

Check out the full listing on MTV. And Check out the new The Runaways clip featuring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, and some fabulous new stills on Collider.


  1. I cannot wait for Kristen’s movies to come out!!!

  2. Don’t forget ‘Remember Me’ in March!

  3. Welome to the Rileys looked really good. That male actor was pretty conviencing.
    The Runaways seems interesting as well.

  4. The Runaways looks really good-can’t wait for that one to come out. I also didn’t know Kristen was in a movie with Tony Soprano?? (yes, yes, I know he’s James Gandolfini for those of you that like to correct people). That was a down low piece of news!

  5. Both movies will be at Sundance. The Runaways already has a release date in March, but Welcome to the Rileys does not – only for the festival. We’ll have to see how it does at Sundance. I just love that Kristen did not deviate from her path due to her Twilight success.

  6. vampbball says:

    Me too, Wray! I’m still reeling from watching her in “The Cake Eaters.” (She was 15 in that movie!) “Adventureland was great, too. I’ve become such a fan.

    • Check out her movie “Speak” – it is very good! She was amazing in The Cake Eaters!

      • Yeah I just saw Speak last week. I really liked it. It was a powerful movie & I can’t imagine what she went through to play a girl who was raped.

        On another note, I can’t wait for The Runaways to come out. Dakota & Kristen look fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Joan Jett so I’m really looking forward to seeing how Kristen portrays her.

    • I agree with Sara. KStew was FANTASTIC in Speak. It’s a very powerful power with a great message. And she was only 13 or 14 when she filmed that one.

    • *movie

  7. Both movies of Kristen’s look really good. Good luck at the festival, Kristen! I am looking forward to seeing both movies!

  8. omg can’t freakin WAIT

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