Jamie Campbell Bower Oscar Contender?

oorlonswinterWell, not Jamie so much as a foreign language film that he is in from the Netherlands called Oorlogswinter, which in English translates to Winter In Wartime.

According to the Academy the film has made the short list of nominees for foreign language films and now just has to make the final cut.

“The shortlist will be winnowed down to the five nominees by specially invited committees in New York and Los Angeles. They will spend Friday, January 29, through Sunday, January 31, viewing three films each day and then casting their ballots.

The 82nd Academy Awards nominations will be announced on Tuesday, February 2, 2010, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.”

Keeping our fingers crossed for Jamie, and of course for Anna Kendrick (they don’t give short lists in her category).

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  1. Oorlogswinter is a great movie! I’m from the Netherlands and it’s the first movie I saw Jamie in. The movie is very dramatic but Jamie was very amazing & so funny. Glad that you put a article about it here, although it’s because of Jamie and not the movie itself, haha.


    • hahahah, hier nog iemand uit Nederland, en wilde ongeveer hetzelfde bericht gaan posten πŸ˜›
      Moet tot mijn spijt wel bekennen dat ik Oorlogswinter nog steeds niet gezien heb :O
      Staat wel hoop op mijn nog-te-zien films lijstje hahaa

      • ILoveAliceCullen says:

        Ha, ik ook! En tot mijn grote spijt inderdaad, heb ik hem nog niet gezien.

        Maar ik dacht dat Oorlogswinter een vertaling was? Ik bedoel, Jamie praat toch Engels en die film is toch in het Nederlands?

        Translate in English:
        Me too from the Netherlands, and it’s too bad I didn’t see this movie yet.
        But I thought Oorlogswinter was translated? I mean, Jamie speaks English and the movie is Dutch?

        • Aaah, maar volgens mij kwamen er ook engelse soldaten oid in het boek voor; dus waarschijnlijk spreekt ie gewoon engels πŸ˜›
          Verder zijn het allemaal nederlanders in die film idd

          …volgens wikipedia en imdb speelt ie een gewonde Engelse piloot. Moest het even opzoeken haahha

          • Hahaha alle Nederlanders komen hier samen x’D Ik doe het bericht maar even in het engels aangezien iedereen dat ten minste begrijpt ^^

            Jamie plays the British pilot Jack who has an accident and then the lead character hides and nurses him. Jamie speaks English all the time but the lead character’s English isn’t that good so there is a lot of miscommunication, which is very funny. The most awesome part of it was that Jamie says ‘klootzak’, which is a Dutch swearword πŸ˜›

            You really should watch it! It’s the movie of one of the best Dutch books πŸ™‚

    • geweldige film, ben met het boek grootgebracht!!

  2. *holding thumbs for Oorlogswinter*

  3. Great movie, based on a great book. I hope they’ll win, but I think with movies like Das Weisse Band on the list the competition is very tough.

  4. Nog meer Hollands glore hier, ik hou niet van Nederlandse films maar deze vond ik toch echt goed. Geweldig gedaan πŸ™‚

    More Dutch pride here, I don’t like dutch movies but this one I did like. Great job! πŸ™‚

  5. Hello! It’s a very good film. It was presented at the film Roma festival in october 2009 and it received an award. Good luck to Jamie!

  6. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I think it’s hard when Jamie had to act with all Dutch cast members. He had to talk in English, but they talk Dutch to him.
    He must have thought: What the heck are they saying!?

    But.. Jamie is Jack in Oorlogswinter. So that means… He was in the Netherlands? =|

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