Saoirse Ronan Talks About Twilight

Saoirse Ronan the star of The Lovely Bones who first gained widespread attention in her role in Atonement talks about the Twilight Saga and her recent work.  Rumor has it that the Lovely Bones pushed back its release date at the last minute until January in order not to compete with the Blind Slide and Twilight which were both dominating the Thanksgiving-Christmas female market.

“When reading a novel, most of us develop our own images of its characters based upon our interpretation the text. It must have been a bit surreal for you, having already played Susie, to picture yourself within the context of the book.

SR: Yeah, it’s weird. I really sympathize with the likes of Kristen Stewart, who’s playing Bella in Twilight. I think teenagers can make their points more well known than adults, and they feel quite strongly about things — [especially] with a book like Twilight, which I read and loved and that everyone just was sort of obsessed with. And if anyone has their own image of what Bella should be like and then they see Kristen, everything is blamed on her, you know? Luckily, that hasn’t happened for me, but because I’ve done about four movies now that have been based on books, I can see how people would be like that — and even how I would be like that. But I wouldn’t blame the actor or anything. I felt a little bit of pressure, not only because [The Lovely Bones] was a book but because the whole movie was, in a way, on my shoulders. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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  1. Book was good!! I’m watching this movie tonight 🙂

  2. Love Saoirse (and her name). I see big things in her future and can’t wait to see The Lovely Bones this weekend. She should be in Breaking Dawn. Denali clan anyone?

    • Speaking of the Denali clan, there is something that I have been worried about. They haven’t even introduced them yet and they are about to become very important!
      In (the movie) Twilight Edward never said that he went to stay with the Denali clan, and Laurent didn’t go to stay with them either. Which meant that Laurent didn’t form an attachment to one of the girls, and didn’t get inside information for Victoria. Without this information Victoria won’t be able to sneak up on Bella.
      There also won’t be anyone wanting revenge for Laurent’s death, so now they have to invent some other reason for a different vampire to go to the Volturi. And the vampire has to be old enough to know about the Volturi and to have seen the child vampires before.

  3. I CAN TOTALLY SEE HER AS TANYA IN BD! 😀 i looooove her name and i am thrilled to see this movie i been waiting so long to see it! I thought it came out after christmas not realizing they changed the date and when i got to the theater i was pissed! Lol! I saw the previews and thought it looked good so i read the book, thats what i did with Twilight. I saw the movie before i read the books so i already saw the actors as the characters, even so i couldnt picture anyone else as Bella or Alice or even Edward *blush* ok im shutting up now heehee! TWILIGHT/EDWARD&BELLA FOREVER!

  4. She is Irish or from Ireland. I say she would be a great Maggie. She would be amazing in BD.

  5. yeah maggie

  6. Can’t wait to see this movie. I read the book and liked it. It was sad but I’m dying to see this movie. They got a good director for it too.
    How do you say Saoirse?

  7. Saoirse = Sear-sha (although she says her name like Sur-sha), it means freedom.

  8. buttercupdaisy says:

    loved lovely bones too! can’t wait to see the movie. she could totally play a vamp in breaking dawn! altho..i dont know how she would look with bright red eyes instead of her beautiful blue ones!

  9. Saoirse could be Irina!

    • I think she’s more a Maggie than an Irina. In BD she’s described as “Little Maggie with the curly red hair”. Plus, Maggie’s Irish.

  10. no offense to those who said that she would be perfect as tanya or irena. i myself can’t see that happening. the girl is only fifteen years old, how would she be able to play an eighteen/nineteen year old looking vampire? but i do see the irena bit, thin long face and burgandy eyes, just straighten and trim the hair(white blonde) and there is a perfect irena IF SHE WASN’T SO YOUNG.

    but i agree, she would be the perfect maggie (from the irish coven) she wouldn’t have to conceal her accent at all and she would only have to curl her hair and add a more red tint and crimson contacts. she would be perfect!!

  11. Mckenzie says:

    Agreed! She would be a perfect Maggie. If they gave her contacts and worked on her hair a bit, she could definitely pull Maggie off! I’ve always like The Lovely Bones, and I love the Irish coven, so I think Saoirse could most likely be Maggie! She’s perfect!

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