USA Today: Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ Series Sweeps Top Four Spots

USA Today is recognizing the amazing sales accomplishments of the Twilight Saga novels. According to USA Today (in what  is sure to raise a few eyebrows and draw some pitchforks):

“For the second year in a row, Meyer swept the top four spots. No other author — not even J. K. Rowling— has done that in the list’s 16-year history.

Meyer’s coattails pulled 16 other vampire titles onto the list of the year’s 100 most popular books.”

They further expand upon the idea that the Twilight Saga novels are responsible for the current vampire resurgence in another article as well.

“We have Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight vampires to thank, in part, for the fact that at least 17% of all book sales tracked in 2009 were related to vampires (and assorted other undead creatures, including zombies) or the paranormal (including paranormal romances). That was up from 14% in 2008, which in turn was way up from 2% in 2007.”

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  1. This is something that’s not surprising !!!

  2. I heart Stephenie Meyer says

    WOOHOO! The Twilight books are the biggest selling books for ANOTHER year! Stephenie, you deserve this!


  3. Lots of 30-year-olds and above (like me) have read and loved the Twilight Saga and mark my words, there are more joining our ranks everyday…trust me! 🙂

    • No kidding. I’ve been spreading the Twilight love into my adult girlfriends and they had been falling for it half way through it.
      My goal?
      Eclipse breaking The Dark Knight records! I’m still pissed off at the fanboys saying that we ruined Comic Con. I had been a fan for Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, HP…for everything and now I’m annoying because I like Twilight too?! Not fury in hell like woman scorned. 😉

  4. Oh…and I have three versions of the books viz:

    1) hardcover (in pristine condition)
    2) soft cover (well-read, creased, underlined and annotated for my frequent reading pleasure)
    3) movie stills cover…now waiting for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to complete the collection.

    And THAT’S why the books are selling so well… 😉

  5. While I agree that there are some books that I never would hove read had I not hoped they’d be like twilight, it seems a little rude to other paranormal authors to credit Stephenie for their success just because of genre. I’m sure that whether twilight wasn’t as popular as it is that these other books would still have done well.

  6. This is ones series like HP that will be a classic. Everyone I know has already traded up their paperbacks for hardbacks like myself to add to their personal library. Thank you Stephenie for the Twilight Series.

    • Aubrey, The Twilight series will not be a classic. To be honest, it will fade away like most teen fads. On the other hand, Harry Potter could be deemed a classic someday, due to it’s good writing, inventive characters, and entertaining storylines. Twilight is nothing like this, and shouldn’t be compared to any other book. The main character is a Mary Sue, honestly, the storylines are poor, and the writing becomes worst and worst by each book. The books are not selling well become of great writing, but because, like I stated earlier, it is a fad. It will not join up in the ranks of books like Dracula or the like.

      • I understand your line of thought & respect your opinion… but I don’t agree with you that these books are bad written, I’d say they was written in a simple way… maybe that explain all the success… don’t get me wrong, but, (no offense, seriously!!!!) nobody need to be a snob to enjoy a good story.

        • M.P., I do enjoy a good story, but I am not a snob for thinking Twilight is badly written. Realize the fact that most people that actually enjoy great literature (eg. Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis) frown upon the overhype of the Twilight series. It doesn’t make any sense how Twilight can sell well just because “it was written in a simple way.” It is because it is a teenage fad blown out of proportion. Also realize this, if Mrs. Meyer’s final book in the series, Breaking Dawn (which was written terribly, by the way) was the first book she ever wrote, she wouldn’t be accepted by publishers, and if she was, it would not sell well.

          • Yep, I agree that the “teen” fandom most of time is overwhelming. & to be honest, it’s not fair to compare SM’s writing with those you cited… they are massives. The job of an author -to me- is decribe & expose the raw human feelings… & Ms Meyer did – in her way, anyways-. What I really don’t get, why ppl like you, really have this dismay to these books… why? I am curious????

          • M.P., did you read my previous comments? I stated why people like me dislike the Twilight series. It is because the story is unoriginal, it has been done tons of times already, the characters, as I stated before, are unrealistic and Mary Sue-ish (Bella Swan is described to be very clumsy, but nonetheless all the boys in her school are attracted to her.) And I am not the one comparing Mrs. Meyer to great authors like Charles Dickens. Your fellow Twilight fans, as I have seen in these comments, want the series to be put on a high pedestal already. The problem is- it’s just not good.

          • It doesn’t matter that it’s been done dozens of times before! ALL plotlines have been done over and over again! What matters is the WAY in which Stephenie Meyer wrote the story. It’s very personal…almost like a diary. All an author has to do is write it in just a little different manner and style for it to hit a chord with people. Example in point: Lee Smith did it several years before SM with her Vampire Diaries. But if you read Diaries, there is nothing near the depth in those books. They’re very superficial.

          • You said yourself as a non snob person… are you?? I have my doubts, though. & I am not a teen, & I am not trying to put this serie in a pedestal either. What I’m talking ’bout is -believe or not- this serie have depth: unconditional love, devotion & faith. Unimaginative characters??? Really??? I don’t think so… Have you really read these books???

          • M.P., do you mean by “unconditional love” stalking somebody, and watching them while they’re sleeping? This is not a romantic person, this is a creep.

          • Reader, you -like I said- sound like the average ppl who only reads the review of some critics… no offense intended.

          • Here is a question for everybody: Do any of you think Breaking Dawn was a good book? I don’t. I read it, and it was terrible. The story was over-the-top laughable, the dialogue was bad, there was the absence of Mrs. Meyer’s rules for her vampires (she stated the vampires have no fluid in their body except their venom. So I wonder what got Bella pregnant then…) and all the build-up for the Volturi coming to kill Bella’s baby ended anti-climatically, which was a total waste of time for me.

          • Reader face it you just didn’t like the series. I hate to brake it to you it has nothing to do with the quality of stephs writing. it only reflects on your personal opinion on what you like and do not like in story. She is a very good writer and told a magical story. But if this same story was witten in diffrent littary style (like dickens writing style) I still doubt you would like it. There many stories that people like or don’t like and has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. I have read poorly written stories and Steph is miles way from anyone in that class. So leave her writing style alone and just come to realize that you did not like the series and there is nothing wrong with that.

          • Hmmm… You know, you are rather repetitive… I get that you don’t like these books. So, why are you wasting your precious time in something you don’t like it? Nobody is forcing you to read or even like these books. I love these books & I don’t really care for ppl like you who doesn’t like it, but I wanted to know the reason that you don’t like it… &,to be honest (no offense, really!!!!), you sound like the others.

          • this is a fantasy genre and should be remembered when reading a book about aliens, vampires, ghosts, wizards, etc. It’s hard to say there are rules for these types of books or characters.

          • Why the hell are you on this site. You just can’t accept Meyer’s success, well you know what you should do. FACE IT, DEAL WITH IT, AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Simple.

          • And I forgot to mention M.P., remember: You fans should stop confusing quantity with quality. Just because a book makes alot of money does not mean it is a good read. Anything will make a quick buck nowadays.

          • Now my dear friend you are being rude… Is that why you are so pissed off ’bout these books?

          • it’s amazing the amount of energy you spend on something you so dislike, maybe you should examine why that is.???

      • I must disagree with you wholeheartedly!!! I speak from a professional point of view. I’m a middle school librarian trained to recognize good literature, and this series will be read for years and years to come!! It’s the love story in it that touches people, not necessarily the vampires/werewolves. The depth of the love story is timeless.

        • Another thing Donna, the relationship between Edward and Bella is not a very good thing for teenage readers to admire. If you read the details, Edward is very controlling, abusive, to the point where Bella Swan becomes almost suicidal. That is not a very healthy thing for girls to read.

          • Yep… you talk ’bout these books like an average ppl who’s only read the review of some critics… but is nice to have your opinion though

          • alwaysedward says

            Wow, you have a really strong opinion regarding the quality of Meyer’s writing. I am an English Lit major, I have a passion for reading – from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment to Bronte’s Wuthering Heights to the contemporary Year of Fog (beautiful writing by the way)by Richmond to Rutherford’s great historical fiction. Yet I can enjoy the Lightning Thief series (which is good but very simple in writing) and have just decided to read the very popular and very “faddish” Harry Potter – enjoying it, am on 2nd book, but though an awesome story, the writing is not “amazing,” it does not stun with superiority, but the books are enjoyable, the characters reach you and make you want to know them better – however, I see really no comparison to the Twilight series because they are very different. Twilight is much more personal and emotional which contributes to its success. People did not just jump on the bandwagon of Twilight’s success, it was spread mostly by word of mouth AND PEOPLE ENJOYED IT – not everyone obviously. I have recommended it to many of my friends. Only two did not “get it,” and that’s fine – but it wasn’t the quality of the writing, it was just they weren’t romance books oriented. Reading is very personal and if Twilight is popular its because it reached a lot of people in a personal way.

          • alwaysedward says

            And that’s what makes a writer good.

          • No, Twilight is not Wuthering Heights or the Iliad, but Meyer has a way of writing that engages the reader and draws him/her in. I don’t need drawn out flowery prose to have me deem a book good. I have a Master’s in journalism and my minor was English so it’s not like I’m the ‘uneducated tween’ that so many want to label Twilight fans as. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have ended a sentence with an adverb. 😉 However, there is something about how she wrote these characters that draws readers in and that requires a talent of some sort.

            BTW: Does anyone else agree that Steph’s hair in that picture is awesome?

          • alwaysedward says

            well said 4string. As you see by the “book” I wrote, I agree. In fact, I said exactly the same thing to a friend who said she’d heard the writing of Meyer was poor – and I said not every book has to be written like an Austen to be enjoyed. There’s a reason that even Pride and Prejudice is usually the most favored Austen book or Jane Eyre is the most favored Bronte book – there’s just something about the stories of those particular books that are compelling (even if the themes are not original). The same with the Twilight Saga – Meyer wrote a compelling story.

          • alwaysedward says

            And yes, her hair looks awesome!!!

          • I agree :), sometimes you don’t want to read flowery prose.. that’s what keeps us going back to Twilgiht 🙂

  7. Twilight- according to Encyclopedia Dramatica:

    • Twilight_News says

      OK anyone who need two names (reader and writer are the same person according to IP) to make their point and cites the Enclyclopedia Dramatica as their primary source…draw your own conclusions.

      As others have pointed out we are here because this is something we like. Thousands of people like Harlequin, S & M novels, horror novels, and any number of other things that people have deemed questionable to mind numbing mush. As a result we haven’t seen a mass psychosis of women surrendering their ideals. The real problem here is that Twilight dares to be popular, and that is driving you crazy.

  8. yay for Steph!

    The Twilight series has definitely increased the popularity of other Vampire/Mythological series – I agree that some of the other series would have achieved success in their own right, but I also think that the Twilight Series has put a widely applicable front on the genre, introducing a lot of people to the myth/romance story. This is a type of story that, for most people, is read for escapism:
    – Vampires/mythology is seductive and different, the stories usually involve an utterly normal person (someone a lot of women, both young and old, can relate to) who becomes exposed to something exciting, taking them away from normalcy to a much more interesting life.
    – The Romance in a vampire/myth. story is also, due to the large difference between the protagonist (usually a normal girl, at least at the beginning) and the male lead (a vampire/werewolf/ghost/demon/etc) rather epic. Despite what the non-twilight (and idiotic twilighters) may think, this does not cause unrealistic expectations for romance in the readers lives, but focuses instead on Love as a real thing for the normal girl, as well as allowing for the romantic fantasy (note: this is a FANTASY genre – readers ARE AWARE of this!!!).
    – A third point (one not necessarily to do with myth/romance but escapism in general) is that the appeal of these stories lies in their simplicity. Simple words, simple style, fairly simplistic, fairly predictable plot, that are able to paint pretty vivid pictures that can, in the space of a few sentences, take you somewhere else. {Hard-core *rock :P* readers (like myself) have at least 2 books on the go, one “classic”/literary fiction, (something that makes you think and look at things deeply, or something with an average plot but with very pretty sentences), AND one that is simple, for those moments when you don’t want to have to think, you just want to relax and escape with a guaranteed happy ending.}

    As this is FANTASY, it is not meant to be taken as fact (Vampires, for example, are not real *gasp*), and so Bella/Edward, and pretty much every other myth/human romance (from Meg Cabot to JR Ward), are not supposed to be taken as healthy examples of love (I don’t see anyone out there claiming Romeo and Juliet is literary trash just because it has the gall to call itself “romance”, while being an extremely unhealthy example of love – NB>that was not me comparing Steph and Shakespeare so don’t get your knickers in a twist). This is explicitly stated again and again throughout the books, by Bella and pretty much every other character. However, no one (well at least I don’t) reads to hear about reality, if you wanted to do that you might as well go outside and live your life because reading about reality is just sad; instead you read in those moments when you need a break from reality, it relaxes and comforts you, and that’s why, as escapism goes, Twilight is an excellent series.

    On saying that, though, this is a concept hard to grasp for some young people (namely the psychotic, eg. who squeal and chase after Robert Pattison yelling “Edward”) or adults (namely those who bash on Stephenie’s stories as immature/simple – I’ve already covered this)…. These people should not be reading at all until they grow a mental filter that allows them to differentiate between fact and FICTION!!!…. emphasis on the fiction…

    Personally, Twilight did not begin my love affair with the vamp-romance (Buffy gets that credit :)), nor is it necessarily my favorite story in the genre. However, it has, like Harry Potter, introduced a lot of people to reading (I feel this is the only time HP and Twilight should be mentioned together, comparisons are a pet peeve) and this, in conjunction with a higher education (so people interpret what they read), can only result in smarter/nicer/happier/more worldly and generally better people.

    • Finally someone with a decent argument that has more logical evidence than personal opinion to back it up. Brilliant! And very well said!

      • lol thanks for reading it… sorry for the essay, it’s not terribly concise or sensical, but sometimes you just need to vent 🙂

    • VERY WELL-SAID, Luana! Thanks for taking all the words out of my mouth. 🙂

    • Great comment indeed. I often said that if I wanted to read about the reality of a harsh world I would be watching the news 24/7. Or write a diary.

  9. congratulations Stephenie, just in case some of these reach her ear. couldn’t be happier for her, she deserves all the accolades and kudos she gets. I love her writing, she has a wonderful way of writing relationships between her characters that is lost on many writers, that is what has drawn and kept my attention with these books. (I’m not a crazed teen either)

  10. Twilight was Steph’s debut novel, you won’t expect her to write like Austens of the Dickens. She has room to make her writing better and she has shown she can grow as a writerif you read “The Host” which is another brilliant book by Steph. Twilight is so successful because of the personal impacts on people and she told such a great story. She deserves all the success she has and Reader, while you’re critizing Meyer about her writing, she’s probably taking a bath full of cash right now (kidding).

  11. I love this new picture of Stephenie!


    If you don’t like the books, why are you here squashing our good time.

    Lex, Is there a way to keep these repetitive rants from appearing in the future? I mean, it’s great to respectfully disagree, but this person’s posts (because I believe “reader” and “writer” are one and the same) are getting nastier and more frequent.

    We get it. You don’t like the books. Point made. Nothing further needs to be said. Please LEAVE!