College Humor Spoofs Twilight

Keep in mind it is the college humor site so there’s some of what you might call R-rated, locker room humor leading up to a pretty funny ending. TY to Anne Marie for the heads up.


  1. i love it!! Haha..

  2. that is soo funny


  4. Heh great!

  5. hilarious!

  6. livetoride316 says:

    this is so funny!

  7. LOL! Good job guys!

  8. That was pretty funny. Made my day. They’re like my cousins. They try to pretend they don’t know anything about Twilight, but then the more they talk, the more I sense they know almost as much as I do. Funny. I’m always like, “Come on, just admit it, you like it.”

  9. “What are you guys fighting about?”
    “Football” Haha…

  10. Ha ha, that was funny! xD

  11. WOW! haha “What are you guys fighting about?”…*pause and looks at each other* “Football!”
    LOL That just how real twilight haters are. They say they hate the book and how “gay” it is but for some strange reason they know everything about it. LOL

  12. BeyondReproach says:

    That’s so funny! Football.

  13. BAhahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!

  14. Mollyblume says:

    Brilliant!! Wasn’t sure at first… but they were very good!

  15. Not So Impressed says:

    This was funny

    And about the twilight haters comment…they know so much about the book because they read it and realized they hated it.

  16. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ooohhh this is so true…
    “Football” lol

  17. Taylor Lautner's girlfreind says:

    O MY JACOB!! Thats hilarious!!!!!!

  18. Twilight Nymph says:

    “Football!” That was absolutely hilarious, this is the best spoof by so far because it is so true. No matter how hard they try to deny it, they know just as mush as we do, if not maybe more. LMAO

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