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Jimmy Fallon has a new poll going. According to the site, “In the spirit of our Which Band Has The Best Fans poll (which resulted in an all-out war between Juggalos and Phisheads), we’re now asking an even more important question: which teen idol has the very best, most dedicated, loyal, dare I say rabid, fans? That’s because this Friday, Nick Jonas will be on our show, performing with his new solo project, Nick Jonas and The Administration!!! In preparation for the inevitable flood of fans to 30 Rock, I was thinking, which young star has the the most loyal legion of superfans?”

Well, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are all eligible for your votes.  However, at the moment, they are losing to the Jonas Brothers. The poll closes this Friday, so vote now!

Vote your choice here!

And while we are at it, when is Jimmy going back in the tree? We miss his Twilight/Rob parodies! Jimmy just opened a website dedicated to that series of parodies.


  1. CantanteDiEdward says:

    RPattz is at 37%, just 5% below Jonas Brother as of now. I know he can pull through C’mon Rob!

  2. mschicklet says:

    Ew. I like Jimmy Fallon, but the Jonas Brothers? Really?

  3. alwaysedward says:

    well,its 43% to 34% now, R Patz leading!!

  4. Yep, Rob is in the lead. Keep it up!!

  5. Love Robert is Bothered.I think Fallon is up to 405 Robert entries-all funny. I LMAO everytime he lets out a growl that sounds more like an angry cat hiss.

  6. Robs well in the lead now…yay

  7. Jake's girlfreind says:

    I love the boy band thing-they totally should make the wolves into a band.

  8. i feel sorry for Efron. RPatzz voice “Where’s Efron?!” then again this is a good opportunity to pull a Johnny Depp after 21 Jump Street and take up non-heartthrob roles and aim for the indie-quirky-under-the-radar roles.

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    woo rob! he’s up by 17!

  10. R Pattinson 42%, Jonas Bros 26%! C’mon folks, let’s put the Twi-Trifecta (Rob, Taylor, and Kristen) in spots 1, 2, 3! We can do it! Go TEAM TWILIGHT!!

  11. MaleTwilightFan says:

    HAHA! Too funny. 🙂

  12. Robert is 35% and Jonas Broas 31% Just vote for Rob!

  13. i love Twilight but i’m more of a Jonas superfan so they’re getting my votes

  14. kristen is under Justin Bieber??? WTF?

  15. I don’t like how they split the Twilight actors. That splits the votes for all the fans and I don’t think it’s fair but oh well. I know Justin bieber ? haha ..

  16. Leslie Lawson says:

    omg tht wus hilarious!!! i love jimmy fallon!

  17. switzy4ever14 says:

    i’m pretty sure you can vote more than once. i just did to check rob’s status and it let me.

    and we need to- he’s only up 2% on jonas

  18. Oh no!! Rob is losing to the JoBros now!!! Rob=33%, JoBro=35%!!!

  19. I voted over 50 times last night and over 20 times so far tonight for RPatz…Come on people…We need to really start voting! :)The Jonas yo-yo’s can’t beat our guy!

    • Ditto!! I did too! Voted on and off for about 3 hours!!! (While I was watching the PCAs haha)

      Right now he’s tied with the JB… Seriously! We did some good work, but we can do better!


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