Sundance Coverage: Movieline The Pro’s and Con’s of The Runaways

Movieline is doing a series on the Sundance Film Festival. There are several Twilight Stars with films that are going to be at the festival, and some that have more than one.  This video featurette is the first one where Movieline will  “Countdown to Sundance, where the Movieline staff (and some special guests) will break down all the notable films and events Park City’s got to offer this year.” Here they talk about three things that Kristen Stewart’s and Dakota Fanning’s the Runaways has going for it.


  1. I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m a huge Kristen fan no matter what she’s in. You rock girl!

  2. frozenfire2001 says:

    I have to be honest, I’m really not interested at all in the idea of the movie. I don’t like Joan Jett’s voice or music very much and I’m not about to waste $10 to see a movie about something I don’t care about; I’ve got other, more necessary things to be spending money on(like food). Good luck to K.S., D.F., the cast and new director with this one; it’s just not for me.

  3. kehacakes says:

    I am totally interested in it! I’ll gladly pay my $10 to see it, then again I have always liked Joan Jett, even back in the days of Crimson and Clover with The Runaways, so I can’t wait. I want to see if they stay true to the times, like clothing and things happening around them, (So many movies screw that up!) and I can’t wait to see Kristen’s portrayal of Joan. I respect that it isn’t for everyone, and with the rating and content that I know of, I know I won’t encourage my younger niece to see it. But I hope it does well.

  4. I think this movie is going to do good even if Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart werent in it. Actually I would have liked it if their werent in it because know theres all this talk about twilight twisted into it and I would have liked to see a new actress come out of this movie.

  5. well new actress are on the film and it is Kristen. I really like her, If you dont it’s find watch other movies.

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