Hillywood: The New Moon Parody

The wait is over. The masters of parody, the Hillywood Show, have come out with their New Moon parody. They wrote in to tell us that:

“This production will have you howling! NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ soars to a whole new level! Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob this production (actually filmed in LA PUSH & FORKS, WA) takes you through a ride of exciting, different moods without the help of Jasper! See for yourself why NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ has been the most anticipated parody in all things TWILIGHT.

NOTE: Bella’s truck in this production is the OFFICIAL screen-used truck seen in SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT’S: TWILIGHT! Special thanks to Sterling Beigert!”


  1. Catherine says:

    This is awsome!!! The people look so much like the real thing- except!- if only the girl playing Bella looked a bit more like Kristen Stewart, It would be amazing then.

  2. Chloe Marie says:

    They always make awesome parodys!

  3. The detail in this is amazing. I’m actually in love with The Hillywood Show. Big thumbs up 😀

  4. Where do they get the funding for this parody!?!?! It was so damn gorgeous!

  5. Jake's girlfreind says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the end with the ring and Jake being all flabbergasted

  6. That was HILARIOUS. My kids and I were cracking up! Cant wait to see them in Mar at Twitour. Loved it!

  7. While yes I thought the Twilight parody was more funny, it must have been so much harder to make New Moon funny…I mean it is a depressing story. I can’t wait for Eclipse. Great job guys, I loved hard core Bella, and I loved the boxing part

  8. Wow! I loved the whole thing! But it seriously irritates me that the parody had waaaaay better sparkle effects than in the movies. The sparkle effects in the parody were what I imagined they would look like when I was reading to books. In the movie, Edward just looks like a human sugar cookie when he sparkles. I wish someone in the makeup and special effects department had figured this out for the actual films. The Hillywood Show nails it again!!!

  9. i love jacob hey how wolf yeah moon love movie yes

  10. I didn’t like this one as much as the Twilight parody. While the costumes and scenery were again perfect, I didn’t much like the songs chosen… or the mishmash effect of throwing three or four songs together in a random order.

    Unlike everyone else, I wasn’t a fan of the sparkle effect in this. They threw glitter on them… and? I can achieve the same effect by visiting Hot Topic and buying a couple supplies. Also, he had glitter in his eyebrow. That just… bugs me. Random glitteries from an eyebrow? No, thank you.

    This just felt very jumbled and disorganized. I’m a bit disappointed, honestly. 🙁 Still gorgeous… but just not that good.

    – E

  11. pami11195 says:

    i jst hav one question is this video supposed to be team jacob?? cuz it seems like they both are


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