Bryce Dallas Howard on ABC Talk Radio

Bryce talks about castmates Taylor Lautner and her take on Victoria. Give or take the 4 minute mark is where it starts.


  1. she’s annoying and knows that fans would rather see Rachelle continue in the role of Victoria not her !!

    • Well if Rachelle didn’t just assume that summit should automatically give time off smack dab in the middle of filming their movies that she contracted for, she would be in this film as well, but Rachelle made a poor decision and opened on the spot for Bryce. Don’t be such a hater

  2. This is the first interview I have watched with her and I have to say she was very gracious and kind when speaking of Rachelle.

  3. I am going to try to be objective about the Bryce vs Rachelle controversy. Sadly, Rachelle broke her contract; however, this is the fault of her agent for not checking the legality of her doing another movie between New Moon and Eclipse. Victoria’s presence is the essence of Eclipse; she drives the plot. Of course, we all hoped Rachelle could have done the role. However, Bryce is an accomplished actress. Summit would not have cast her otherwise. So, we need to think in terms of the Harry Potter franchise. When Richard Harris died, fans who are just as passionate about HP as we are about Twilight, worried that another actor might not be able to pull off Dumbledore. Michael Gambon was hired, and the franchise did not miss a beat. Let’s have some faith in Summit, some faith in Bryce, and know the franchise is safe in this faith.

  4. I like Rachelle better too. she victoria better than wats her face. Too bad she broke her contract.

  5. I like Bryce’s voice better for Victoria, she can pull off the whole young girl-like tone that was described in the books. Rachelle (while I LOVED her) had more of a sinister low voice. I think some of you may be pleasantly surprised. the rest of you won’t be able to look past your prejudices to even give Bryce a chance. Which really is your issue, hope you enjoy it!

  6. Barbara has a good point The HP fans couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role of Dumbledore,because Richard Harris had established the character so well onscreen. We were devastated when we heard Rachelle was not going to reprise her role for Eclipse. We couldn’t imagine any other actress could pull off the menacing prescence of Victoria the way Rachelle had established in both films.She doesn’t even have any lines in New Moon,yet her scenes are just as powerful. From what Bryce Dallas Howard has said in previous interviews,she’s tried to play Victoria as close as possible to how the character has already been established. Victoria is the leader of the newborn army,so we’ll have to see if Bryce pulls off Victoria’s manipulation of Riley and the other vampires. I think the third film is going to be really interesting,despite the casting changes.

  7. I think Bryce will do a great job as Victoria. Rachelle was good but she was only in Twilight for like 30 secs and didn’t have any acting role in New Moon – just an action sequence. So it’s not like they are replacing Bella, Edward, Jacob or one of the Cullens. In Eclipse, Victoria will actually have some lines and I think Bryce will do just as good a job as Rachelle. And it comes down to is it’s business and her agent messed up. It’s not Bryce’s fault. She is taking advantage of a great opportunity and is being incredibly gracious and professional. So let’s all give her a chance 😉

  8. I agree with Barbara. When I first heard that Rachelle was not going to portray the role of Victoria, I was heartbroken [</3]. I could not imagine anyone else playing Victoria. But then I thought about how much I love the Twilight world, and I knew that nothing could stop me from absolutely falling in love with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ( Eclipse is my favorite book in the series). So let's have faith that Rachelle will do great in the movie. Summit would not have cast her if they didn't believe that. The franchise will be more than fine with us TwiHards standing loyally behind it.

  9. I’m sorry. I meant let’s have faith that Bryce will do great in the movie.

  10. I like Bryce Dallas Howard, but then, I have a thing for red-heads so…
    The only thing that may SLIGHTLY bother me about this recasting may not even be true. I heard a rumor that Ms. Howard was offered the part originally but turned it down. Now that Twilight has become such a monster (no pun intended) she gladly (and humbly) takes the part. I really don’t know if this happened, but if it did…I don’t know, it just wouldn’t be that cool.

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