Bryce Dallas Howard On The View

Bryce Dallas Howard was on The View yesterday promoting her new film based on a lost Tenessee Williams script. She mentions Eclipse towards the end of the interview.

Click here for the video. TY Sharon


  1. jeez i hope she didnt look like this in Eclipse ugh! GOD love her shes beautiful but she wasnt right for the movie arg i gotta wait and see!

  2. Bryce said it herself “Rachelle was so gracious.” I think that is all we need to know. I’m sure Bryce did her best and hopefully if the director and all the crew did their jobs (we know the cast did), Eclipse will be a great movie.

  3. Wow she seems like a really sweet woman. I want to see her other movie now :D. I am sure she did a fine job in Eclipse, but we will still miss Rachelle because we love her!!

  4. She seems nice. I like her voice. Her dress is so sweet looking. I wish I saw how it looks while she was standing.

  5. I can’t help but feel we’re being force fed BDH! I don’t really care about BDH and her other ‘BIG’ projects. It’s not going to change how I view her. Team RACHELLE!!!

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