Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson: Interviews 20 Most Beautiful People

Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson are featured as part of Interview magazine’s retrospective on the 20 Most Beautiful of the last decade.

See all the details here.


  1. Robert’s words brings so much joy to me! And Kristen should have been included imo.

  2. Hey hey hey now. Where is Kristen?
    She is breathtakingly beautiful!!

  3. michelle matus says:

    im mad that i cant see the pics of Rob or Tom Brady. 🙁

  4. michelle, ditto that! WHY???

  5. I went to a diff site and saw it. Not sure I like the Rob pic. Eyes are weird… and hair…

  6. Kristen and Taylor should’ve been included!!

  7. Happy for Rob and Ashley but I thought Kristen and Taylor should have been

    in list. but I guess Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

  8. Cullen5643 says:

    kristin is gorgeous but i think ashley beats her out and i think Taylor would be to young to be in this list…just saying.

  9. Couldn’t see the picture of Rob.

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