Bryce Dallas Howard: Victoria is a Juicy Bloodsucker

Check out more details in MTV.


  1. Urgh!! hate her!

  2. Why? Bryce is a terrific actress and a very nice woman.

  3. If you can’t produce a valid reason to dislike her, then I’m going to assume that you’re the type of blind, disrespectful fan who passes judgment on anything new without even knowing what you hate.

    • Actually, she can have her own opinion no matter the reasons behind it. I like Bryce but remember reading she turned down the role of Victoria because it wasn’t big enough. For that reason I question the validity of her taking the role now. Personally I think she’s an terrific actress, but why is the role suddenly not as small as before? Makes you wonder….

  4. i don’t hate Bryce i just wish they could have worked with Rachelle! Bryce was good in Lady in the water, and the village but i like what Rachelle dd for Victorias character. It was about her eyes and her facial expressions that made her believable. She was cat like yet feminine, i just think Bryces Victoria is gonna be to feminine and not catty enough. But i will wait and see…i will always love Rachelle as V 🙁

  5. but there’s no point in whining and complaining about her having the part over rachelle. we obviously have no say-so in the matter. eclips is already done anyway, and we only have to deal with BDH once, and that’s it. just chill out.

  6. Catherine Hardwick asked Bryce to play Victoria, and she turned it down because it “wasn’t big enough”.. I think Summit did the dirty on Rachelle – why do they think the franchise needs a big name like Bryce – these days it doesn’t get bigger than Robert and Kristen really! She will never have my support – because she should have said no twice!

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