MTV Man of the Year

Both Taylor Lautner and Robert pattinson have made MTV’s Man of the Year list.  Rob came in at number 6  and Taylor in at number 4.

In talking about Rob’s wild year MTV stated, “We all know Rob had a busy 2009, and everybody had their own thoughts on what he should do after “Twilight.” Few saw his first move coming, however, as he dropped out of the indie flick “Parts Per Billion,” leaving producer/star Rosario Dawson sad but promising the show would go on. In February, he showed up at the Oscars and stole attention away from stars as big as Brad and Angelina. Despite expressing fears that he might become “Twilighted out” while shooting “New Moon” and “Eclipse” back-to-back, he nevertheless got back to work as Edward Cullen”

As far as Taylor went, MTV said “As the calendar page turned to 2009, there were few entertainment stories as compelling as Taylor Lautner’s crusade to convince the “Twilight” powers-that-be to employ his buff new bod for “New Moon,” with co-stars like Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser and Kristen Stewart among those firmly in his corner. The 17-year-old “Twilight” star spoke extensively about his dedication to the material and his workout regime, which delighted fans and convinced Chris Weitz that his casting search for Jacob was over before it really began.”

See all the details on MTV for Taylor and Rob.


  1. When you look at 2009 Taylor’s made one hell of a journey; I can’t imagine him not placing on this list.

    From spending a year completely transforming his body and maintaining that regime 24/7/365 while not knowing or having any guarantees he’d keep the role he’d originated, filming 3 films,criss-crossing the earth for promotional/press tours for New Moon, hosting SNL(and making it the season’s top-rated episode)and becoming an action hero…
    Whew, it’s mind boggling how he accomplished it all.

    The definition of classy, hardworking, determined, dedicated, loyal, humble, down-to-earth and single mindedly focused=Taylor Lautner. Congratulations! 😉

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