Robert Pattinson on UK Radio

Via RPatz News


  1. I love love robs accent its amazing.

  2. Does anyone else find it extremely annoying that people still use this “poster” even when it’s fake? I find it really irritating.

  3. Yeah, it’s impossible not to like Rob! And his voice… 🙂 I’m glad he refused to be ‘topless’ the whole Volterra part, it would’ve been ridiculous and the movie already gets enough bashing about the werewolves running around half-naked. Mel, I find the fake poster irritating as well, I mean come on, we have tons of pics of Rob without his shirt on, why not use them? He looks absolutely gorgeous in real life, no need to use photoshopped pics.

  4. AliceKikiCullen says

    Rob has such a warm deep voice…sigh…lol. Boy, he must not have very understanding friends…it can be a shock 4sure but gee…Lol. And I concure with what the others said, get a real pic please lol.

  5. i love hearing robs voice LOVE HIS ACCENT AND YEAH HOW CAN WE NOT LIKE ROLE

  6. I found it exceedingly odd that he said don’t take steroids after the interviewer mentioned Taylor. I guess Taylor taking steroids was never something I really had considered but looking back, he sure did pump up fast…unnaturally fast. Joking or not, Rob should know by now that he needs to be careful with the things he says and luckily no one has taken that tid-bit and run with it- yet.