It’s Cookie and E-commerce day.

This weekend is a big shopping blitz for those trying to make sure thing get to where they are going. If you are looking for Twilight items, here are where you can find them (and some coupon codes because who wants to pay full price!)

CafePress (ATTICSINROAD=coupon code for $5.00 off an order of $50 or more) You can use the coupon at any cafepress shop, but in a blazing display of self-promotion we are going to feature our and our current best selling item. 🙂

Right now the Billy Burke inspired Charlie Swan homage is a popular one. No offense to Robert Pattinson but some of us are caught up in the charms of the more seasoned actors.

So check out our CafePress shop and others featuring all sorts of Twilight themed merchandise!

The Infinite Jewelry site that has the official Bella’s bracelet and ring is having  a 10% off Christmas sale until Dec. 18th. So if you’ve been wanting the ring or the bracelet, you can get them at a discount.

The ring matches the description of the turn of the century-style ring that Edward gives Bella in Eclipse. It was designed in consultation with Stephenie Meyer. You can either have it in a white gold or yellow gold look.

The bracelet has a durable wolf charm that was also co-designed with Stephenie Meyer to make sure it was a true replica.

You can also snag official merchandise at Hot Topic and Borders. You can snag 30% off of one item with this Borders Coupon Code, and over at Hot Topic you get $20 off on an order of $75 or more, click here for that deal.

And if you’re done go see New Moon again and maybe bake some Christmas cookies!


  1. my mom told me she got my twilight figures from i’m very happy with everything =)