MTV: Bryce Dallas Howard, the Continuity of Victoria

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  1. any transcripts of what was said?

  2. RockinRobbin says

    I’m just glad she won’t be in ‘Breaking Dawn’. At least this way she can only ruin one of the moives in the series, unless of course, ‘daddy’ talks summit into changing the storyline so Victoria doesn’t get killed at the end of Eclipse. Just because your daddy was ‘Opie’ does not mean you can act honey!

  3. Amanda, she was just saying that it’s important to the fans that the Eclipse version of Victoria stays true to the description of the character from the book, rather than an “interpretation” of the character. And that it’s important to Bryce as well as the filmmakers to make her look as close to the character that was already created as possible (I’m guessing she means Rachelle).

    Now, how they’re going to make Bryce look like Rachelle is beyond me because psshhhh! They look nothing alike. Good luck, Scummit!

  4. Well, they should have let Bryce give her own interpretation of Victoria and not bother with continuity because we are all aware that she isn’t Rachelle.

  5. Yeah, it’s ridiculous they even try to make BDH look like Rachelle. The pics we got from the set were awful, the wig they gave to Bryce is horrendous. Because Summit chose to switch actors, it doesn’t matter what BDH looks like, her Victoria is going to be a totally different character anyway.

  6. I posted this under the other BDH video, but I wanted to share it on this link, as well.

    I think it’s unfortunate that people are deciding whether to like a person or not based on the character they were cast for. First of all, the role was given to Rachelle (possibly as a second choice, but that’s just rumor). Rachelle became “unavailable” and we will never know the real story as to why. They HAD to cast the part, guys. What would you have felt like if they completely re-wrote the book so they didnt have to recast the role? Don’t be angry at Bryce because the role became available and she took it. Acting and roles are these people’s livelihoods. If Bryce initially thought the movie was going to flop then she protected her time/money by not taking the part. Obviously it’s not flopped and it’s huge now, and anyone would be plainly dumb to decline a role with the franchise.

    Rachelle being let go was really sad. I’m also sad that it happened to her.


    Don’t be angry with Bryce for taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity. It’s not like Bryce walked up and said, “Hey guys!!! Fire Rachelle, ok?! I want the part now, thanks!”

    What’s more sad than Rachelle losing victoria is the fans turning against bryce for something she isn’t to blame for. We all care about the character Victoria. She will always be victoria, regardless of whose face is showing on the movie. Let’s all show a little bit more respect for Bryce, because she didn’t ask to be hated. It’s terrible that she even has to deal with those questions.

    Paparazzi:”Congratulations on the part, Bryce! How does it feel to know that the fans who love everyone else are pissed at you for filling an empty role?”
    Bryce: “=( …i’m… really excited….”

    • I completely agree. I feel people are overly critical and when they try to control the outcome of something they clearly cannot, and then berate the people involved, they are only sullying the experience for themselves. I have loved the movies as they are, instead of saddling them (the cast, the director, the screenwriter) with all my expectations and requirements. Just letting go and placing trust in the ones involved in making this book come to life on film. Perhaps it will be misplaced, perhaps it won’t. But I for one plan on waiting for the finished product before making any judgement calls.

      BDH is handling this as well as she can and I feel like its the RPattz debacle all over again. I support her.

    • What about the comment I read elsewhere that BDH was the first choice for Victoria in the first film but turned it down because it was “too small a role”? If this is true, then I can completely understand the wrath. I suppose this needs more backtracking to find out if it’s true or not.

      • If you go into the Archives, under “Catherine Hardwicke: Bryce Dallas Howard Original Choice” posted in August, it sounds pretty much like the part was too small for BDH to consider. But now that it’s a Big Deal, she’s interested. It’s not her acting ability that’s in question here, but her motives. I have little regard for someone like this.

        • Yep, my sentiments about her from the beginning! Thanks for looking that up in the Archives Luthien:)

    • I’m not angry at Bryce at all. I’m sure she had nothing to do with the Rachelle incident. I don’t think many of us, who blame Summit for what happened to Rachelle, hate Bryce. Most of the comments posted about this subject clearly state that the posters have nothing against BDH. It’s still true that Rachelle was the victim here, and because of that, Bryce will always be compared to her and unfortunately for Bryce, the Twilight fans are incredibly loyal. I don’t think we will ever discuss this topic without Rachelle coming up no matter how great a performance Bryce delivers.

  7. Amanda Dubs says

    I will miss Rachelle a lot. She was fantastic in New Moon. But I won’t hold it against Bryce that she got the job after Rachelle was fired.

  8. Most of the fans don’t have anything against Bryce. It was the way Summit handled this unfortunate incident. I really don’t feel anything for Bryce, it’s just that I find it weird that she went along with the Victoria continuity crap–she should’ve put her own spin on the character. But, let’s see what she brings to Eclipse.