Rachel Weisz: Movie With Robert Pattinson May Not Happen

You’d think that New Moon being as successful as it is and Robert Pattinson being a HUGE part of that success would be incentive enough for people to back Robert’s next project, especially when it is written by Madeline Stowe and co-stars Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman and winner Rachel Weisz. Not so, according to MTV:

“It’s an independent movie, and they are raising the money, so hopefully it’ll happen,” Weisz said of the flick, which will mark the writing and directing debut of veteran actress Madeline Stowe. “I don’t know if it will [be made], but yeah, I’m very excited.

“It’s a great screenplay, and [Pattinson and Jackman] are both great actors,” Weisz added of why she is attached to the film. “I like to work with all kinds of talented people, whatever the age.”

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  1. Judy Bradley says:

    Sorry I am a MAJOR fan of Twilight saga, not Robert Pattinson. I love Edward, not Robert. He is a different person who is not someone I would particularly like to know.

    • I agree with some of you. I’m a fan of the Twilight saga, not a Robert Pattinson fan. I actually don’t like him that much as an actor, although I love his music, and I like what he has shown us about himself and his personality.
      But I’m not a fan of his acting skills at all, sorry! And he definitely isn’t the Edward I see inside my head when I read the books. Not at all.

  2. AnnieCullen says:

    I hope it does get made, 3 great Actors in one movie! I am a Fan of Rob and I have been since before Twilight, so far I’ve loved all his movies outside of the Twilight world, so I’m pretty excited for this one to happen!

  3. Interesting comment from Judy…OK. So, I’m also a fan of the Twilight saga, I don’t scream and cry over the actors. But I don’t know enough about any of them other than tabloid fodder. Personally, I would enjoy spending time with any of them to get to know them better. I would also enjoy watching any of them in other movies to see how they do. I hope this project is a “go”, I’ve heard comments made and would enjoy seeing it and all of them, Rachael, Hugh, and Rob.

  4. If Unbound Captives gets made, I will appreciate it even more because Robert is that kind of actor who immerses himself in his works. I love it when I forget that Robert plays Edward, Art, Salvador, Cedric, etc. It just goes to show that he really becomes that character in a film. That takes real talent. Rambling over 😛

  5. Haha I love it how she is completely clueless about his fame.

  6. I’m a huge Twilight/Edward fan but I still like Rob and will watch his stuff sometimes if it interests. But all in all I’m sorry I’m just a Twilight fan.

  7. Why do so many of you feel the need to say that you’re not fans of Rob but only Twilight? I don’t get it. If you don’t have anything relevant to say about this topic, why do you bother? Anyway, Unbound Captives hasn’t at any point been a done deal, so this isn’t really news. In addition to the financing problem, I think the actors’ schedules are pretty busy and therefore the filming dates difficult to settle.

  8. The only reason I would think they’d have trouble releasing and/or filming it based on Rob’s audience is that he doesn’t have a huge role to play. I also, like Cathryn, love how when I watched “Little Ashes” and “How To Be” that I forgot all about the whole Twilight thing and just enjoyed him as an actor.

  9. I love Robert, although I don’t necessarily like him as Edward. I’m not complaining about it-they could have done so much worse. But if you’ve seen his other films, ones that fit his acting style a little more, you might learn that he is actually quite a phenomenal actor. Of course, just my opinion ^_^

    Just on a side note, it would be nice on these posts to clarify certain things-what movie are we talking about? I’m sure I’m not the only one ever confused by this. Also, in other articles (for example), when we’re talking about an actor in one of the films who doesn’t necessarily play a major part, it would be nice to reiterate what their character is. I love the Lexicon, and I think this would make it a little more user friendly, for people who don’t necessarily check it every day as well as for newcomers. 🙂

    • Are you referring to what posters are talking about HERE? The film is “Unbound Captives.” I think several posts have mentioned the film’s title. Rachel is set to star in it, as is Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson. Madeline Stowe is to direct.

  10. Where has this actress been, under a rock? I’m amazed how clueless she is about Robert. She must not be exposed to any media at all.

  11. midnightlove says:

    I hope the project is picked up because the actors in this seem very professional and I love Rachel Weisz, looking forward to see her in ‘The Lovely Bones’ the book is amazing!!=]

  12. I am a super fan of twilight en newmoon and a huge fan of robert patterson and as edward.its still the same
    person.and i think that every one does not matter how you look are act.everybody gets a chance to do something if your an actor are writer.i like robert patterson the way he is and i wish him all the best in all his next movies
    we love you here in surinam

  13. Rachel Weisz should have been always the leading lady of the Mummy movies because she really fits that role ::

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