Stephenie Meyer is ALIVE!

Apparently some idiot (who we are going to refrain from giving web traffic to) started the rumor that Stephenie Meyer is dead. She’s alive and well folks.

As for the idiot who started the rumor and the media sources that repeated it without checking it out…you can imagine our thoughts.

EDITED: And in case you doubt us, Stephenie has just called her brother to update her website to that the  same.


  1. Didn’t this happen before? Or maybe I’m thinking of another author. People really are stupid, whoever started that rumor is in for a lump of coal in his or her stocking this year.

  2. What irresponsible journalism. The number one rule is CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!! Do you realize the irreparable damage done not just to Stephenie’s immediate family, but to the cast, crew, and fans alike? This is a travesty. If the perpetrator is looking for his/her 15 minutes of fame, I truly hope it involves criminal charges, incarceration, community service, and an apology broadcast on all networks and print sources. These types of pranks are not funny; they are self-serving and the person must be held legally and morally accountable.

  3. WOW must be some stupid Twilight hater that did that. That’s down right mean and uncalled for. geez some people hate the series/saga so much that they’d stoop this low to get attention and divert attention from the saga.

  4. oh god, it was ebaumsworld wasn’t it?

  5. Why does this keep happening? It’s the strangest rumor to spread…

  6. freakinloon says:

    How did this get started? I read news off and on ALL DAY and this post is the first I’ve heard of it.

  7. kittykat47 says:

    You may as well post who originally reported this. I was curious about who these idiots were so I Googled it. Was it really the BBC?

  8. O_o
    REALLY? News sources? Realllyy?
    Ugh as a semi-journalist this is sad. haha.

    Oh well, at least she’s not dead! 😀

  9. Didn’t hear that one….must be some bored goober with nothing better to do…sorry about the name calling.

  10. loon…jealous loon i say 🙂

  11. Stephenie Meyer says “Because I wrote Twilight for my twenty-nine-year-old self and not for a future YA audience, it always made sense to me that women my age would get it the same way I did. Are you ever too old to remember falling in love for the first time?”

    I knew the Twilight series was for an older group! HA 🙂

    • Being part of the “older group,” I am so thankful this is not just aimed at a young adult audience. I’m 59 and a HS librarian. It’s a love story. We all read “Romeo and Juliet” at some point in our lives. Juliet was 12. Twilight is ageless. Hallelujah!

  12. This rumor just makes me shake my head… Whoever started it and/or spread it should be ashamed. Ridiculous.

  13. This is so ridiculous. The person who spread this rumour is a total idiot.


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