Melissa Rosenberg: The Writing Process

Melissa Rosenberg talks with Making Of about the writing process, the importance of feedback from other writers, and trying to work on “Twilight” in the midst of the writer’s strike


  1. Now I can understand why the script of twilight the movie was a mess! She wrote it in 5 weeks! Anyway, she did a great job with new moon. Lets wait for Eclipse

    • i agree. i always wondered why the script for twilight was so horrible, but then the script for new moon was so much better. i guess it was a result of the time constraint.

    • lol, I was thinking the same thing, to bad she never got anything out of that writing group after 19 yrs. time for a new group cause if they thought those scripts for the saga were good…..I think Melissa is delusional.

  2. I think she writes horribly. She totally makes the script corny and then the movies are almost painful to watch.

  3. I’m really concerned about Eclipse because there is a lot of things she wrote that aren’t from the book.

  4. oh god, she teaches people how to write like her? that’s just tragic! They needed to replace her a year ago. sure the script has improved, but it’s nowhere NEAR the calibur it could be. No, just no…

    • TWIFRIENDS!!!I agree saw the movie last week and said what the??? This script was not to good at all.. The things that she missed and then replaced them with things our characters would never say..She made the script immature.Im afraid for eclipse as well..Please no more crappy teachers!!! That ending was horrible and wait my fav No jacob dont make me choose, ill always choose edward. GOOD JOB MELISSA!!!! Ah poor b.dawn ..The actors were great though………..

  5. Yisel_Cullen says:

    I just can’t stand her…I wish she won’t write BD script…New Moon is better than Twilight not because she did better but because it had a better DIRECTOR who is actually an academy award nominee for his script in About a Boy. Yesterday I was reading a Q & A section on SM’s website and she tells how Chris wrote the scene of Jacob and Bella in her bedroom…she did not put that pivotal scene (where Bella gets the clue about Jacob and his werewolf side) in the original script, nor she wrote the Mike Newton movie scene…the actors did change some things on the script so it would work better…I mean…she is awful. As much as I love New Moon I can’t stand some of the lines in the movie that could have been so much better and weren’t thanks to her…for example: When Bella tells Jacob “Hello Biceps” and that steroids are bad for him in front of Edward…or when Jacob calls her Loca (crazy in Spanish) or the cougar thing on the garage dialogue….or when they are back from Italy and Edward suggest he is not breaking any rules by entering thru the window…what rules?….the whole thing about Charlie not wanting Edward was eliminated….and so many things that make the people that have not read the books ask questions and questions because they don’t understand this and that….if I had 3 wishes right now..I would gladly invest one of them making sure she does not write BD! I fear for Eclipse…I really do.

    • Yisel, I couldn’t have said it better. is Summit so overwhelmed with the profits on these movies they are willing to overlook the quality. New Moons visual I loved, but they could burn the script and start from scratch.

    • Zookie Monster says:

      You explained that so well. I hope future authors learn from this huge mistake: Never, never, never, give movie rights to Melissa Rosenburg, or maybe even Summit, because Summit hasn’t done that great with recent movies either :/

      Chris is fantastic. He seriously…I am so happy he did New Moon. I really want him to re-do Twilight. I know he’d do fantastic. He captured the romance, he captured the intensity, he captured everything. He directed the cast well (even Kristen Stewart improved o_O)

  6. seriouslysirius says:

    I actually agree with the comments above about Melissa doing a horrible job. May I mention when Aro saw Alice´s vision, everybody in the theater laughed. Also some of the dialogue was awful and cheesy. The flow of the movie was also too slow, although you could blame it a little bit to the book which was a little bit too slow for my taste.
    I actually liked the scenes that Chris wrote better, I think that he was a much better director than Catherine.

  7. It’s good to see I’m not the only one thinking she did a terrible job, especially with Twilight… a lot of scenes were just sooo embarrassing to watch!!!
    New Moon is a lot better, though, thank god!

  8. Lily Cullen says:

    I don’t think she did a bad job with Twilight or New Moon. Both of them were pretty good, especially New Moon. Making a book into a movie it’s easy. Sometimes things do need to be changed because they have to be very visual.

    Is anyone here a Harry Potter fan? If you’ve seen the Order of the Phoenix, you know how bad movie adaptations can go. I think we should be happy to have Melissa Rosenberg. And remember, she doesn’t call all the shots. The big bosses are part of the blame for crappy movies, not just writers.

  9. KaraMiaBella says:

    She TOTALLY screwed up the scene where Bella goes with Alice and leaves Jacob behind. There is SO MUCH emotion between them in the book. As I was re-reading it the week prior to the movie I told my sister this is THE SCENE. They have to get it right. And what did they do? They had Jacob leaning in the car talking over Alice. TOTALLY ruined it for me. Go back and read pages 420-423 and you’ll see.

  10. I have seen New Moon 4 times just to try and scrape together what little intimacy scene they gave us between Edward and Bella .

    I felt cheated. It was beautifully shot and grand which really gave me so much excitement to see how Chris and Melissa where going to handle Bella and Edward’s RECONCILIATION… it was almost an after thought at the end of the movie; and in the book it was clearly one third of the story (3 chapters flight, truth, vote). The dialogue the quotes in these three chapters was amazing. Melissa and Chris didn’t even have Edward on the bed holding her, after their arrival from Italy, he’s sitting on the bed then kneeling on the floor speaking. Ugh!!!!
    Catherine had more intimate scene in Twilight.

    I LOVE the Twilight Saga as written by Stephenie Meyers. Twilight is a 21 century Love Story…please respect the character dynamics from the book and reflect it in the screen play and in the movie direction. IT’S BELLA AND EDWARD, NOT Bella and Jacob. You wouldn’t try and change Romeo and Juliet to Paris and Juliet, or Cathy and Heathcliff to Cathy and Edgar (Wuthering Heights), or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth and Mr. Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice) great love stories.

    The RECONCILIATION of Bella and Edward was AS IMPORTANT as the breakup scene. It should have had that same respect at the end of the movie. It is the second ARC in the story for these characters. I was waiting for the emotional climax when they both reunite, with all the wonderful dialogue. I wanted to see the heat and hear the beautiful words on screen that Bella and Edward say to each other, it explained the whole reason for his leaving and he explains what Bella means to him and that HE WAS COMING BACK and Bella has her EPIPHANY that Edward LOVES her “THE BOND FORGED BETWEEN US WAS NOT ONE THAT COULD BE BROKEN BY ABSENCE, DISTANCE OR TIME. AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH MORE SPECIAL OR BEAUTIFUL OR BRILLIANT OR PERFECT THAN ME HE MIGHT BE, HE WAS AS IRREVERSIBLY ALTERED AS I WAS. AS I WOULD ALWAYS BELONG TO HIM, SO WOULD HE ALWAYS BE MINE, “YOU LOVE ME, “TRULY, I DO.” it sets up the story in Eclipse they could given another 15-20 more minutes.

    In this regard I was left TEASED and UNSATISFIED wanting more. Chris Weitz and Melissa so dropped the ball on this. I SOOOO hope David Slade gives us all the intense scenes between Bella and Edward that was in the book. As a fan of Twilight I don’t want to see another (30 Days of Night, Blade, Interview with a Vampire, Underworld) the typical vampire movie, we have those. Just DO THE BOOK…..PLEASE. Don’t disguise Eclipse or Breaking Dawn as an action movie and sacrifice a wonderful love story. You have a HUGE audience keep us happy. We will keep coming back for the emotional love story scenes. Remember the 47 second kissing scene leaked on U Tube, It got millions of hits. SHOW US THE LOVE…..

    • You have said that so perfectly I want to copy, paste, and send to Melissa herself, and Sumitt. I hope I live long enough for some amazing company to buy the rights and hire a real script writer to read these books and adapt them into the love story they were always intended to be.

      • Thanks K for the validation. I realize that you can’t translate the book word for word and you have to write for screen but the dialogue was right there a no brainer for Melissa she still could have quicken the pace without sacrificing the story I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt this way. If you have the email addresses of Summit and Melissa and Chris if he is directing Breaking Dawn be my guest and copy and send. It feels good just to get my feelings out there. Too bad Catherine is not in the running to direct, with a bigger budget I am sure she could hire the right CGI people I just hope David Slade does the right thing even though Eclipse is in the can.

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