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If you live in the UK you are eligible for this one. Twilight is up for the Audiobook download of the year. Vote and you could be the winner. Prizes include a SAT Nav.

Alex Meraz is appearing in Michigan on December 12th at the Grand Rapids Griffins Twilight Night. The Griffins are a local hockey team.  Michigan Live has details on how you can win tickets.

This one isn’t so much of a contest as it’s a chance to lend a helping hand. Cameron Bright has donated a signed New Moon movie poster to raise money for a Canadian girl’s battle against compartment syndrome. A Q&A with Cameron appear in the local papers and you can find the auction info here.

Along the same lines, there’s a signed Twilight Script up for auction that benefits homeless youth.


  1. YEA! We’re going to see Alex!!! got our tickets…

  2. Ahhh! Finally someone is coming to Grand Rapids!!! Can’t wait to finally meet a Twilight Star!!! This makes me so happy!

  3. omg someone FINALLY in MICHIGAN!!!!! its a couple hours away but i could care less!

  4. OMG!!!!!! Cameron Bright is soooo sweeeeeeet…..hes awesome and funny and cool and cute and nice and sweet and awesome and perfect

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