The Wolfpack Auditions: A Parody

Tinsel Korey shared this via her Twitter.

New Moon Wolf Pack Auditions from sterlinharjo on Vimeo.


  1. the guy that kept saying “how” was hilarious

  2. Ummm…. I’m torn, 1/2 of me found it amusing while the other 1/2 is cringing internally.
    “My spirit says you’re screwed.”

    • After watching again- it’s not amusing it’s degrading and depressing. I’m sure that’s not what they were going for and maybe I’m not viewing it in the light they wished. I just don’t get what they were going for.
      BTY, Did Tinsel preface the posting or add any comments for/against? I’m wondering what she thought

  3. More humor at the expense of Indian stereotypes. In the light of the professionalism and respect to Native American actors that Chris Weitz brought to NM, this is crude and obnoxious.

  4. Ummmm, I really didn’t know what to think about this. It was funny at times, but then there were times I didn’t quite get why they chose to do this. It seems there were some Native Americans involved in this, but I’m not quite sure what they were trying to get across here. Perhaps how Native Americans are stereotyped in the movie industry? Not sure. And then the African American dude at the end…. I think they hired him? Was that taking a swipe at how sometimes non-Native Americans are hired to play NAs? Maybe I’m trying to read way too much into it….I’ve had the same cold for 3 weeks now, so maybe I’m not thinking clearly right now. Anyone else venture a guess?

    • Nah, this is not your cold or any meds. influencing your thought processes-I’m right there with you- I wish it was a drug induced haze- that would explain so much. I thought–Well, it’s posted on Tinsel’s Twitter acct. so I kept watching even after I felt uncomfortable hoping that it would get better, resolve itself…
      The whole time wondering, “Where are they going with this”?

      I’m curious what Chaske, Alex, Bronson and Kiowa think…

      • Right. I thought the same thing, what with it coming from Tinsel and all, but I am not getting it and the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I become. I hope it can be taken down.

      • Yes, I am curious to know what Tinsel thought about this.

  5. dlphnmolly says:

    This wasn’t even funny. I found it a bit offensive. The idea was there but it really wasn’t done right. The timing was off and it got uncomfortable. Not liking this video

  6. Hey Lex. How about taking it down?

  7. missbluejuju says:

    Hello?! It’s a PARODY. They’re parodying themselves, their culture and its stereotypes using Twilight. It’s not like it was done in a spiteful manner by a bunch of WASPs.

    Do you all take Saturday Night Live this seriously?

    As for whether it’s appropriate for the Lexicon, that’s not for any of us to decide, is it?

    • Saturday Night Live is known for it’s sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor and yes, a lot of the time it’s in bad taste. Gotcha’ and yes, I watch it and laugh my a** off. SNL pokes fun and takes aim at a variety of topics-this is different-it feels different, to me. I didn’t see it coming. I find it cringe worthy.

      As for whether or not it should be removed is not for me or anyone else to decide except the site that posted it. Everyday we have a choice to add a comment to a number of topics posted here at the Lex. good or bad. That’s just what I did.
      It’s called an opinion and in the case of finding something questionable and letting the posting site know- it’s called feedback.

      • Well said, Arazcal. And let me just add this. I’ve seen plenty of really awful SNL skits/parodies and they are pitiful and go on for way too long because they don’t have a point and somehow things get lost in translation. Even SNL cast members have admitted to this. They know they’ve bombed when no is laughing because folks don’t “get it.” It ain’t parody unless others get it and understand that it is parody; otherwise, you have failed in whatever you were trying to accomplish with it. I have tried to view this several times and still don’t get the point. I even had my sister view it. She didn’t get the point. Perhaps if we understood the point, I could better appreciate their attempt at parody. Until then, I am sorry to say, it misses the mark (whatever that might be) and loses its potential. I thought it had real potential, and I really wanted it to work, but it didn’t.

    • “It’s not like it was done in a spiteful manner by a bunch of WASPs.”

      Did you mean to say a bunch of White Anglo Saxon Protestants?

      It seems you’ve illustrated my point perfectly.

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  10. Stupid…even for a parody.

  11. bl8erballa says:

    its like a nativesploitation

  12. I find this offensive and stereotypical. It is not at all humorous. I would be curious to see what the opinions of the Natives Americans in the cast think. These types of things only serve to make racism acceptable. Remember, there are lots of young, impressionable fans to consider. Please take it down.

  13. midnightlove says:

    I agree with many of the other people who commented before me. I watched it since it said Tinsel Korey tweeted about it, but I didn’t get it and wasn’t so funny. I enjoy parodies and shows like SNL but this was in my opinion not in good taste.

  14. I DON’T think it’s offensive. People need to lighten up. It was a PARODY…yah know, a joke? Have a little fun. Coming from the Coast of Canada when there are Native American tribes and bands everywhere, even they know how to laugh at themselves

  15. I know its a parody, but it just didn’t seem funny at all. I thought it was really weird and made little sense.

  16. Well people have different sense of humors, chill out people. I think the guy in the pigtails was hilarious when he kept pretending to stab the other guy. Other than that it wasn’t too funny.

  17. hahahah this is pretty funny…but i do agree…its rather degrading!

  18. Pretty strange, but I don’t think it was ment as anything but fun, Saturday Night Live does wayyyyyy
    worse and no one says anything.

  19. Kay, as a native, I found it hilarious…every one in my world thinks it’s funny, it’s linked all over facebook. I don’t think any of the members of the wolfpack would find it offensive, have you seen their interviews? They’re constantly teasing each other…it’s part of our culture. You have to realize that it’s not a bunch of non-natives doing this. They’re poking at the way Hollywood perceives us and that sometimes no matter how authentic you are, they go for someone waaay outta left field…maybe tongue in cheek about Taylor Lautner being cast as Jacob since he has native blood in his “distant background?” Also, the director, Sterlin Harjo, plays the casting agent and is a respected native film maker who has had a film screened at Sundance, so come on, lighten up people, it’s all in fun.

    • Yes, I am native too (my mother). I’ve heard of Sterlin as well. I figured that was part of the reasoning behind this video ( I alluded to this in an earlier post on here). And, actually to drive the point home further, the makers of this clip aren’t making fun of themselves, they are trying to drive home a message. Powerful message, but next time drive your point home with better clarity. As I said before, IMO, not very good. Point taken, but it just wasn’t done very well. Sort of like an “inside joke.”

  20. Hmm….

  21. I understand where everyone is coming from but, personally, I found it very amusing. Yes, there were parts that came across as on the edge between acceptable humor and mockery/racism, but they were few, far between, and short. Overall I found it really funny.

  22. Ahhhh, people need to get over stereotyping and racism. In order for people to get over that in history, we need to keep moving forward and stop calling it out. This was a PARODY, they’re supposed to make fun of people and ideas, that idea being the Native Americans in New Moon. They obv. weren’t doing it for the purpose of hurting others, so get over it. It was a JOKE

  23. Wow. That was just embarassing. I didn’t even finish the whole video and honestly I don’t think it deserves that. All offensive vs “not intended that way” arguements aside, it just wasn’t that funny.

  24. Wow, it’s just a joke. Maybe you don’t get it cause you’re not native. They are making fun of sterotypes. Jeez

  25. Sheesh. Calm down, people. I’m madly in love with a full-blooded Navajo who grew up in the New Mexico part of the Navajo Rez, and one of the reasons that I love him so madly is his amazing sense of humor, which, I found out when I got to spend 10 days out there with his family, comes from his awesome relatives and the entire tribe and culture that he grew up in. Yes, they like to tease each other and do indeed poke fun at each other constantly. Honestly with the poverty they live in and the harsh realities they live with from day to day humor is one crucial way they stay sane. That and laughter is amazing for the mind and soul.

    If you’ll notice many of the people in the video are fully Native, you can tell by the Rez accents they have, thus it’s really not a big deal to poke fun at the stereotypes they’re portraying. There’s really nothing wrong with that, it’s their right to poke fun at themselves.

    That being said, who gives a crap what Tinsel Korey thinks of this, if you do a little research on her you will find she isn’t Native in the slightest. Not even close and I find the fact that she runs around accepting awards for being a “Native” actress and pimping herself out by using a culture that she has no connection to way more offensive than a funny, slightly awkward clip.

    Anyway, just trying to give some perspective here.

    • What's Real says:

      ^ Yeah, Jackers’ comment. All the way. (Except the mention of your s.o.’s “full”-bloodedness was pretty cheap and typical and made me LOL for a variety of reasons.)

      “Tinsel Korey” is married to a Navajo, too. It’s pretty funny stuff. He’s “from” AZ, though – I’m sure your loved one could tell you some jokes about the Navajos over there. (Or, really, just ask a Hopi!) There’s obviously something up with him and his background, he’s kind of just scraps for the non-Native (and, mostly, non-Navajo) girls he prefers. Obviously prefers foreign chicks. Hard to believe someone could be stupid enough to aid in her game-playing, but these types who thirst for recognition for petty contributions will do anything. It’s so gross that there’s all these urban Indians my age that are too stupid to even know their asses from a hole in the ground, it’s like they have no respect. They should just start identifying as white, they’re as privileged as white people and act just like them. The most they know about being “Native” is eating frybread, “Native Pride” (LOL) and going to powwows. AKA nothing at all.

  26. Bella Collins says:

    I guess you people that beat yourself up over this video just don’t get it. If you were Indian and got the humor in the things that Indians call humor then you would have got it. If you didn’t just move over and go on. To say the least I love the Twilight movies and I am so proud that we have real Indian actors in the New Moon movie, but the video that Sterlin did on wolfpack auditions was just that a little bit of Indian humor. So have a laugh and go on with your life it’s not the end of the world and no one cares what you really think. To Sterlin Harjo, “guy you do some great movies and videos” Keep up the good work.

  27. I found this parody freaking hilarious. Believe me ‘Indian Humor’ in person with friends and family are far more your ‘so called degrading’. Those of us who are Native understand this and can appreciate our inner most selfish humor. I was glad this was shared. It reminds me of how my brothers and cousins can act crazy and we have a good time. I suggest stop succumbing to past stereotypes and enjoy that these film makers and actors/comics can bring humor and light to how idiotic those stereotypes were.

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