CNN: Yes, Hollywood, Women Do Go To Movies

CNN talks about how New Moon and films like The Blind Side surprise Hollywood executives with their success. It’s an interesting tale of history repeating itself on Valentine’s Day and then amnesia striking. The stats on the decline of women’s roles and directors is particularly telling.

“There’s an old Hollywood tale, and it goes like this: Open a female-led movie around Valentine’s Day. Watch women go in droves and drive up box office numbers.

Then let Hollywood executives call it a fluke, since everyone knows that women don’t go to movies.

Over the past few weeks, that tale has been told with a twist.

Two female-led movies have earned astronomically high box office numbers — like “third best opening weekend” high — on fall weekends typically dominated by blockbuster movies aimed at men. “New Moon,” the second film in the “Twilight” vampire series, has grossed more than $230 million since its opening, while “The Blind Side,” about a white family that takes in a homeless African-American boy, is already past the $100 million mark.

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This holiday season The Blind Side, New Moon, and The Lovely Bones are all poised to do well. Why? In no short measure, plots that appeal to women!

By the end of this weekend New Moon should be in 5th and possibly 4th place for 2009 movies taking the place of the heavily male dominated audiences for Star Trek and The Hangover.


  1. What annoys me is when certain males act like a female-driven audience should be discouraged. Males have their specific interests. Why can’t females do the same without being subjected to derision?

    • Thanks Matt. I always enjoy reading your comments. It seems that women really haven’t come that far in society after all is said and done. We’re still considered the weaker (read ‘inferior’)gender, somehow seen as a minority group, with the intellectual capacity of a 12 year old (girl of course, a 12 year old boy would obviously be a rocket-scientist in the making). What irks me is the condescending tone of most of the articles that talk about the Twilight audience, especially when referring to the ‘older'(over 13?)females in the audience. And like Donna said below, no doubt there will be plenty of inferior Twilight rip-offs to come in films. I say inferior because it’s obvious most corporate heads (corporate guy heads)have no understanding of the subject matter or the demographic. Maybe they’ll do an animated film? sneer!

  2. mschicklet says:

    These “whoa women like movies?!” articles always make me lolsob.

    You know, in addition to New Moon and Sex and the City, we also like action movies, character-driven dramas, thrillers, comedies, etc. Who knew?!

  3. It’s about fricking time!!! I rarely go to the movies because frankly,I’m sick to death of car crashes, heads being chopped off, and so much action-driven scenes that my head feels like it wants to explode right in the theater! We want good stories like in the old movies. Stories with good plots that make you care about the characters, good acting, good music, and a balance of action with intense emotional scenes!

    Hollywood is so dense sometimes. MY PREDICTION: WATCH FOR A BUNCH OF STUPID RIP=OFF MOVIES TO COME. HOLLYWOOD’S EFFORT TO “CASH IN” ON THIS FEMALE DRIVEN BOX OFFICE CASH COW. We’ll be lucky if one or two good movies come out the inevitable trash to come.

  4. Yisel_Cullen says:

    Generalizations are always wrong…going to the movies is one of my favorite hobbies…there are certain movies that appeal more to women than to men and vice versa but in general crowds at the movie theater are usually mix. I went to se Wolverine and I liked it…I own all the X-Men movies…I like those. I’m also huge fan of The Lord of the Rings…I own all those movies (extended-deluxe-you name it editions)..I’m a Star Wars fan… and I also love Sex and the City and How to Loose a Guy in 10 days, and The Proposal and of course Twilight Saga….I also went to see Transformers (I want my money back)…that one I regret…so…if the movie is good…the acting is good…the story is good…everybody will go see it.

  5. Did Ninja Assasin even rank on the charts? Booyah take that Twi-bashers! Can’t wait for Eclipse! <3

  6. I agree w/ what Donna and Luthien said…
    I personally think there are many of us thar are sick and tired of lousy movies that are geared towards guys that have no decent plot line. I rarely go to movies, since there are rarely any good movies to see. Im not going to waste my money. But when a movie that I really enjoy comes out, like New Moon, ill go see it 3-4 times.

  7. Seriously? I can’t believe Hollywood is this dumb. I go to the movies more than any guy I know with the exception of my one co-worker who likes things like Batman, Avatar, Star Wars, Star Trek type of movies.

  8. Women DO watch action-type movies, but we want a good storyline and characters that we can connect with…hell…I loved Star Trek…watched it three times!
    Also watched LOTR three times; enjoyed X-Men, Wolverine, Harry Potters, and the first Transformers movie was really good!
    Can’t say the same for the second one tho’…actually fell asleep in the midst of all the Bayhem…and Megan Fox simply got on my nerves+++… and Shia LaBoeuf is juz no RPattz!

    Twilight is something VERY SPECIAL, however…and Hollywood will have a hard time if it wants to ‘replicate’ somthing like it.

  9. Hollywood didn’t know that women go to movies? That’s just ridiculous. It’s not just fighting and blood spilling that makes a good movie. You need a lot more than that. And New Moon had everything in it.

  10. Safina you are so right. New Moon was great!

  11. This is great, now that they finally realized it haha.. hoping for better movies to come

  12. Hollywood is dumb and I’m sick of movies having to have action all the time. It’s about time people take the female movie watchers more seriously !

  13. I think they should make more movies like the one Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to – where everyone blows everone’s freakin’ heads off. That’s pretty awesome. Clearly, the world needs more of that.


  14. I loved how “Face Punch” and “Love spelled backwards is love” were used as stereotypes for exactly these two extremes: the supposed male taste and female taste. Honestly, Hollywood has tried to sell women brainless chick flicks and equally brainless action films to guys. It’s about time they figure out that neither “Face Punch” nor “Love spelled backwards is love” would be our choice…but New Moon!!

  15. This is, I believe, another time when Hollywood still doesn’t get it. The message being sent isn’t really that women don’t like action movies and that guys don’t like anything else. I like SWAT. I also like An Affair to Remember. I can see one with a few people. I can see the other with everyone.

    When I went to see New Moon and Blindside that was abundantly obvious. There were Moms with kids, Dads with kids, Moms and Dads with kids, groups of guys, groups of girls and dating couples. My husband arranged date night so we could go see New Moon as a couple on opening night. I went back Saturday night with a bunch of girlfriends. The next weekend we went to see Blindside as a family.

    So many movies could be sold to and enjoyed by almost everyone with some small thing left out that is hardly ever pivotal to the plot. We leave nothing to the imagination anymore and as a result we don’t imagine much of anything anymore.

    Blindside taking everyone by surprise shouldn’t have. It’s all about real content that can be shared by the majority of the population.

    One of the hottest shows on TV right now is “White Collar”. It comes on at 10 p.m. on Friday nights. It doesn’t need to. It’s cleaner and more light hearted than most shows that come on during the “family hour”. But, it’s a good show. It has twists and turns and love and action. And lots of people from lots of demographic groups are watching it. Together.

    A movie or show doesn’t have to have terrible language, blood and guts or scenes that leave nothing to the imagination to be successful.

    The message that Hollywood needs to get from all of this is that we want good material and good filming that more than one demographic set can watch. It’s about buying what we want to see rather than being sold what they want us to see. If you make a film for a small group of consumers, you get a small group to buy it. The larger the group of consumers, the larger the sell. It’s about doing the math.

    It’s not about blowing stuff up or chick flicks. It’s about a good story to be told that you don’t have to censor or feel uncomfortable seeing with anyone you know. That sells more tickets to more people.

  16. Yeah! and why must older women be labeled a “Twilight mom” or “cougar” just because they like a book and movie series that someone thought had to be geared toward teens? It’s a good series that is ageless. It has a good story that is why it sold, Duh Hollywood!

    • Oooh! Good point! I’m in my 30’s and absolutley LOVE this Saga, books and movies. I’m not a mom though, and don’t always like to be categorized as a “TwiMom” because I’m older. Older women love this story just as much, as the teens. I wish us “older” women would get recognized for that instead of always saying this movie/books is for teens, because it’s not.

      • I’m in my 40s and have been interviewed by our local top-selling women’s mag for a feature about adult female Twilighters; and the newspapers have done quite a few stories about our demographic as well….so the realisation that this Saga is hitting more than teens is definitely there. 🙂

        • HEY girls!!Good points with what you are all saying!Just saw the movie with sister and loved it but felt it was written for a younger audience…I felt we lost alot of eds character and the dramas that all the characters face.The ending i did not care for…Just feel even though all ages love this book it was marketed towards a tween market…I didnt really feel like this when i saw twilight sure some things were missing but felt they just played the characters down to much..

  17. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Wow, hollywood I knew u were dumb but really? I am an ACTION chick u twits. Twilight is one of the few romance movies/books I like. I am a StarTrek, Last Airbender, Star wars, Harry Potter, etc. I love action but it has to have a good bloody plot. Did anyone see the crappy vampire movie trailer attached to New Moon?! THEY HAD YELLOW EyeS For the love of twilight if that’s not jumping on the band wagon I don’t know what is. They still don’t get it plot=money. Idiots. I am sick of everyone putting down twilight! Imean anyone see that newest article in EW (hits on friday)? The women wrote an article about the fans/series is a idoit/jerk. Oh and one last thing Hollywood, My b.f.f is the manist of men and he was the one who got me INTO TWILIGHT! HE EVEN RIGHTS FANFICS MEN LIKE IT TOOOOO. hollywood doesn’t have enough i.q points to swipe a match on a match book.

  18. I feel like one problem is that when a “male” movie does well “Hollywood” does not usually account for the fact that lots of women went to support the movie as well (like a lot of people before me have said). Lots of women went to see movies like Watchmen and Star Trek and enjoyed them. I think the difference lies in what draws men and women to theaters. The thing that usually gets men into theaters is action (not necessarily a good plot). The things that usually get women into theaters are a decent plot, action, and it doesn’t hurt if there is a little romance. I don’t mean to sound offensive, but I just feel like it may be a little harder to please women because we expect more. AT THE MOVIES-(Stereotypical) Woman: Cool…a car explosion…great effects…um, why is that women almost naked all of a sudden…how does all of this fit into the movie exactly? (Stereotypical) Man: Cool a car explosion! Yeah, take it off baby!

    Men and women just care about and pay attention to different things sometimes. That is not to say we cannot enjoy similar things though. Anyway sorry if this sounded sexist in any way (notice I typed “stereotypical” because obviously not all men and women think like that during movies. Maybe only a minority do.)


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