Kellan Lutz on Jimmy Kimmel


  1. Rosalie's Pain says

    Way to go Kellan! You don’t have to live in the middle of Manhattan or Los Angeles just because you are famous. Stick to the place where you are happy, that’s what matters.

  2. this is why he makes such a good Emmett….he is truly just happy to be here…..along for the ride.

  3. Where can I sign up to be his Mrs Garrett? Id do it for free….

  4. He was also on Bonnie Hunt yesterday. Went to the taping on Tuesday and he brought Kola with him. She is just adorable and loved being in front of the audience and camera!!

    • okay…silly me, if I had just scrolled down, I would have seen that you already posted the clip from BH 🙂

  5. Did Jimmy say 4 billion in ticket sales, is that right???

    • Haha I heard that too! I was like what, wait?! I think he got something wrong and mixed up.

  6. omg ha ha my name is casey. everybody pronounces it wrong.

  7. i love him! i’ll be mrs. garrett for u sweety!

  8. I also heard 4 billion dollars in ticket sales. He definitely got that wrong, but I wish it would come true.

  9. I love Kellan, I think he’s my favorite actor from the saga. Gorgeous, down to earth, and a Christian! Wow! He’ll make some girl wonderfully happy some day.

  10. omg i love him hes so down to earth

  11. Love Kellan, I went to this taping and I didnt understand some of the things he said, haha. Glad I DVRed it. Maybe I was too excited…but I see myself in the audience. Woo hoo! I screamed for a hug since those girls in the green shirts were a couple rows in front but I dont think he heard me :). Lucky girls got hugs and pics with Kellan!