FearNet: What New Moon Means For Hollywood

Jen Yamato over at FearNet explores what New Moon may mean for Hollywood movies. Unlike other reporters, Jen knows a lot about the series and because of that here analysis makes sense because she truly understands the product in more than just a cursory way.

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened with $142M its first weekend, earned over $230M in less than two weeks ($473M, if you count the global box office), and broke records previously held by male-oriented tent pole releases like The Dark Knight (in Single Day Sales). So now that other studios have taken note of the vampire saga as a legit and bankable franchise and not a one-off fluke, how could New Moon change Hollywood?

That’s a question pundits have been asking since New Moon’s numbers started rolling in two weekends ago, indicating that the sequel had bigger potential than anticipated. By opening day, it had already topped the entire opening weekend take of the first film ($72M over $69.6M a year ago). By yesterday, the LA Times had deemed success a “problem” for Summit Entertainment, a studio whose stock has risen as fast as the quickening pulses of a theater full of tweeners and Twilight Moms watching Taylor Lautner take off his shirt.

So how could the increasing successes of Twilight and New Moon affect how movies are made and sold? We consider what New Moon’s popularity could mean for Hollywood.”

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  1. “theater full of tweeners and Twilight Moms watching Taylor Lautner take off his shirt.”

    I resent that statement. Very condescending on their part.

    • Donna:

      I TOTALLY second that!

      The shirtless guys are only there ‘cos that’s the way Stephenie wrote the book. It’s the story that’s gotten to the female readers and struck a DEEP chord with us.
      We love Edward and Jacob, no matter what. 🙂

      • cheering4twi says:

        I completely agree too. I read the books when I didnt know a single thing about them and did not know anyone else reading them. They struck a deep chord and go down with my all time favourite classics. They will be treasured stories forever. Jacob and Edward are such multidimensional deep characters I couldn’t care less what they wear or dont wear it definately has not been the reason why I have so far seen New Moon 6 times!!!I mean they are hot and all but its not exactly making up for a lack of story line or anything…Thanks Chris Weitz New Moon Rocks!!

    • I agree completely.

  2. Yisel_Cullen says:

    Overall it is an interesting article….I have to admit that the male beauty in the movie is refreshing and a great plus…but I’d have seen New Moon even if they were wearing Jedi Style robes! I find Rob attractive wearing a suit as well as shirtless and ultimately what I really care is the story itself that is so beautiful and the excitement of seeing the book alive. So, like Donna..I resent that Taylor comment too. On the other hand, I agree that Summit’s marketing campaign for New Moon is genius and as much as many fans…and I include myself in that group…complain about Summit..I wouldn’t want another studio behind the franchise…they are really aware of what we want and keep an eye on us…they make mistakes ***cough*** Rachelle Lefevre ****cough*** but they do listen to us the majority of the time and the fact that Stephenie Meyer is closely involved with the making of the films proves it…I mean…I’ve never been so obsessed with a book before and I’ve never followed very close other book-to-movie adaptations…but I don’t think the majority of the authors are that close with the production of the films and the cast.

  3. I resent that statement, too. Please. I couldn’t care less about shirtless factors…what I wanted to see was one of my favorite books come to life. And it did! That’s why I love New Moon the movie.

  4. I could have gone with out the beefcake comments… however, that aside, I thought the article was well written and should strike fear into the hearts of the fanboys.

    “We are fangirls (well fan women? since some many of us are well over the age of 18) hear us roar! And we brush our teeth!” heh.

    And quite frankly, while I didn’t get addicted to the books because of beefcake, I gotta say there is nothing wrong with some minor ogling from time to time. I’m just saying… they have their Princess Leia in a gold bikini I can have my Rob and wolf pack. I am not afraid to admit it.

    What really excites me is what this movie can do for books and getting YAs to read and to exposing new people to potentially new genre. I have had so many female friends tell me that they read Twilight, loved it and now what else can I recommend to them since Fantasy/UF/SciFi have always been my favorite genres.

  5. ’bout this statement: “the shirtlessguys”, we are united. SM has written NM this way, & I’m very satisfyed that they didn’t change that… they really stuck with the book. Overall, it’s a good article (apart this unfortunate statement).

  6. I don’t like the ‘beefcake’ thing either. Come on, that is not the reason people see the movie. If that would be the reason, then i don’t know what that says about you as a human being.
    Look at people watching the movie several times, it’s for the romance, the drama and the actors.
    I LOVED seeing Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (not for his biceps, i mean COME ON! You can see biceps in every gym, it’s not that big of a deal!!) and the rest of the cast. I wanted to see the movie because i LOVE the books. Why isn’t any of that written in the article?

  7. And everyone seems to forget there are huge numbers of guys who love the books and movies and most of us certainly don’t go to the movies just because some good looking actors are in it.
    Lots of articles are trying to say only guys go to see Transformers and Darknight and only girls go to see Twilight. We all know that is certainly not true.

  8. Biochemist says:

    I’m still heavily disappointed about how most people think that the Twilight movie series is only good and doing well on the Box office because of it’s massive fanbase.

    It is a nice pop culture, and it’s actually worth more than what I paid to watch it

  9. The article started well, but it ended with an absolutely false statement which really got on my nerves. Fans didn’t go to the theatres to see Taylor take off his shirt. I’m really glad Chris Weitz stayed true to the book. The poeple who say stuff like this don’t know anything about the books.

  10. switzy4ever says:

    ummm.. strange perspective. i don’t agree that the fandom is so strong because of the “makeouts and shirtless guys.” seems like a stereotype, doesn’t it? everyone wants to put that label on us. we are a fandom because we love the books and the movies and will stand by them.

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